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Schuster A. — An Introduction to the Theory of Optics
Schuster A. — An Introduction to the Theory of Optics

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Название: An Introduction to the Theory of Optics

Автор: Schuster A.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 356

Добавлена в каталог: 08.01.2009

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Предметный указатель
Abbot, measurement of atmospheric absorption      324
Aberration of light      343
Absorption      270
Absorption and conductivity, relations between      282
Achromatic lines      204
Achromatic lines in biaxal crystals      210
Achromatic lines in crystallogyric bodies      295
Airy, Sir George, image of a point      146
Airy, Sir George, property of diamond      51
Allogyric, double refraction      293
Allogyric, substances      287
Angle between optic axes, measurements of      211
Anomalous dispersion      272
Apertures, rectangular      149
Arons, magneto-gyric coefficient for water      310
Aschkinaps      see Rubens
Axes of single ray velocity and single wave velocity      181
Babinet’s compensator      217
Babinet’s compensator principle      97
Balmer series      340 353
Barkla, Eoentgen radiation      343
Becquerel, H., law of photo-gyration      302
Becquerel, H., magneto-gyric coefficient for bisulphide of carbon      305
Becquerel, H., magneto-gyric effects in sodium vapour      305
Becquerel, H., selective refraction of sodium vapour      273
Benoit, comparison of metre with wavelength      136
Bi-plate      84
Biprism      62
Black body, radiation of      359
Bohr, theory of spectra      351
Bragg, W.L., and Bragg, W.H., ultraviolet radiation      343
Brewster’s bands      78
Brightness of image in the spectroscope      162
Brightness star images      155
Cadmium lines, wave-length of      136
Cauchy, Augustin Louis, formula of dispersion      265
Cauchy, Augustin Louis, Historical notice      248 285
Christiansen, discovery of selective dispersion      286
Circular aperture      107
Circular disc, shadow of      108
Circularly polarized light incident on a crystalline plate      217
Cobalt, magneto-gyric property of      305
Colour photography      82
Compensator, Babinet’s      217
Compound prism, resolving power of      160
Compton and Lilly, ionizing potential      378
Concave grating      126
Condensational waves      26 308
Conductivity and absorption, relations between      282
Conical refraction      190
Contractile ${\ae}$ther theory      246
Cornu, A., velocity of light      38
Crystalline media      168
Crystalline plates, observations in polarized light      196 199
Crystallogyric media      294
Crystals, relation between ray velocities      203
Crystals, relation between wave velocities      201
Cyanin, absorption and dispersion      274
Dextrogyric substances      287
Diffraction grating      111
Diffraction of light      88
Direction of vibration at right angles to plane of polarization      243
Direction of vibration in biaxal crystals      178
Direction of vibration in uniaxal crystals      187
Dispersion in transparent media      265
Dispersion of gratings      115
Dispersion of optic axes      212
Dispersion, rotatory      294
Doppler’s principle      343
Double image prisms      189
Double refraction      168
Double refraction, according to electromagnetic theory      235
Double refraction, allogyric      294
Double refraction, magneto-gyric      306
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik and Nernst, observations on stationary vibrations      82
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik, measurements of optical constants of metals      279
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik, quoted      241 263 295 304
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik, transition layers      241
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik, transmission of light through metals      280
Drude, Lehrbuch der Optik, wave velocity in responsive media      262
Du Bois, H., experiments on photo-gyration      303
Earth tides      85
Echelon gratings      123
Ehrenfest’s principle      380
Electric and magnetic forces at right angles to each other      234
Electric disturbance propagated with velocity of light      232
Electric disturbance propagated with velocity of light, force at right angles to plane of polarization      240
Electromagnetic field, equations of      230
Ellipsoid of elasticity      168
Ellipsoid of plane wave propagation      168
Elliptic motion      14
Elliptic polarization, defined      48
Elliptic polarization, observations with      216 277
Elongation, simple      221
Energy emitted in sound waves      303 316
Energy of periodic motion      7
Energy, propagation of      303
Energy, transmission of, in waves of condensation      308
Energy, transmission of, in waves of distortion      312
Energy, transmission of, in waves spreading from oscillating spheres      314
Energy, transmitted from oscillating electric doublet      316
Eolotropy defined      24
Epstein, stark effect      391
Eye, resolving power of      149
Fabry and Perot on homogeneous radiations      339
Fabry and Perot, interferometer      80
Fabry and Perot, measurement of wave-length      136
Fermat’s principle      43
Films, thin, colours of      71
Fizeau, velocity of light in moving water      344
Fluorspar, refractive index      266
Forced vibrations      256
Fourier’s theorem      21
Fourier’s theorem, applications of      331
Fowler, enhanced lines      357
Fowler, spectra of helium      355
Fraunhofer, Joseph, Historical notice      141
Fresnel, A.J., analytical treatment of a rotating plane of polarization      290
Fresnel, A.J., biprism      62
Fresnel, A.J., Historical notice      109
Fresnel, A.J., investigation of double refraction      192
Fresnel, A.J., mirrors      61
Fresnel, A.J., rhomb      55
Fresnel, A.J., velocity through moving bodies      349
Fresnel, A.J., wave-surface tested by Glazebrook      230
Fresnel, A.J., zones      92
Gibbs, J.W., on theories of light      246
Gladstone and Dale, refraction equivalents      285
Glazebrook, R.T., on contractile ${\ae}$ther theory      246
Glazebrook, R.T., test of Fresnel’s wave-surface      230
Gouy, on the nature of light      331
Grating with predominant spectra      122
Grating, analysis of white light      335
Grating, concave      126
Grating, dispersion of      115
Grating, echelon      123
Grating, formed by wires      121
Grating, general theory      111
Grating, resolving powers of      116
Green, George, amplitude of reflected rays      245
Green, George, Historical notice      249
Green, George, reflexion and refraction      249
Group velocity      326
Hagen and Rubens, confirmation of Maxwell’s theory      2S2
Hagen and Rubens, intensity of light reflected from metals      280
Hager and Wind, diffraction of Roentgen rays      343
Haidinger’s fringes      73
Half wave-length plate      213
Helium, fine structure of lines      369
Helium, spectrum of      359
Helium, Zeeman effect      298
Homogeneous, radiations      343
Homogeneous, strain defined      221
Homogeneous, stress defined      224
Huygens, Christian, Historical notice      86
Huygens, Christian, principle      88
Huygens, Christian, secondary waves      31
Illumination of the image of a surface      152
Illumination, defined      39
Illumination, distribution along spectrum      37
Image formed by a lens      145
Imaginary quantities, use of      17
Impulse acted on by grating      117
Infrared, radiations      36 341
Intensity of light defined      39
Interference      56
Interference conditions for experimental illustration      59 62
Interference of polarized light      195
Interference reflexion from plate      67
Interference with thick plates      72
Interference with white light      63
Interferometer, Fabry and Perot      80
Interferometer, Michelson      74
Interferometer, Rayleigh      83
Ionizing potential      377
Iron, magneto-gyric property      305
Isochromatic curves in biaxal crystals      209
Isochromatic curves in uniaxal crystals      207
Isochromatic lines in crystallogyric substances      295
Isochromatic surfaces      201
Isogyric substances      287
Isotropy defined      24
Jamin, J.C., compensator      83
Jamin, J.C., experiments on reflexion      51
Jamin, J.C., Historical notice      285
Jeans, quantum theory      349
Jeans, radiation of a black body      3G3
Kayser and Runge, series of spectra      340
Kelvin, Lord      see also Thomson
Kelvin, Lord, on total reflexion      54
Kelvin, Lord, scattering of light by small particles      325
Kelvin, Lord, theory of contractile ${\ae}$ther      246
Kelvin, Lord, waves diverging from oscillating sphere      315
Ketteler, equations for metallic reflexion      278
Ketteler, formula for dispersion      265
Ketteler, on wave propagation in absorbing media      255
Kirchhoff, propagation of electric disturbance      233
Kirchhoff, waves diverging from oscillating sphere      314
Klemencic, inductive capacities      233
Kopsel, magneto-gyric coefficient for bisulphide of carbon      305
Kramers, H.A., theory of spectra      387
Kundt, A., Historical notice      286
Kundt, A., magneto-gyric property of iron      305
Kundt, A., method of observing selective refraction      272
Laevogyric substances      287
Lamb, H., on group velocity      327 330
Laminar zones      92
Lampa, length of electric waves      36
Langmuir atom      377
Larmor, J., energy emitted by moving electron      320
Larmor, J., general theory of dispersion      264
Laue, wave-length of Roentgen rays      343
Le Roux, discovery of selective dispersion      285
Lens, image formed by      145
Light, nature of      331
Light, velocity of      38
Lines, broadened by velocity      338
Lines, fine structure      368
Lippmann, colour photography      82
Lippmann, Historical notice      87
Lobach, magneto-gyric property of iron, nickel and cobalt      305
Lorentz, H.A., explanation of Zeeman effect      295
Lorentz, H.A., formula of refraction      284
Lorenz, L., formula of refraction      284
Lorenz, L., transition layers      241
Lummer, interference      73
Lummer, plates      81
Lyman, ultra-violet radiations      342 354 356
Macaluso and Corbino, magneto-gyric effects in sodium vapour      305
Maclaurin, effects of transition layers      241
Magnetic and electric forces at right angles to each other      234
Magneto-gyration      298
Magnification of telescopes      153
Mascart, Haidinger’s fringes      73
Mascart’s Optics quoted      85 294 295
Maxwell, J.G., Historical notice      250
Maxwell, J.G., properties of hydrogen atoms      346
Maxwell, J.G., theory of light      231
Merton, photometry      167A
Metallic reflexion      274
Metals, optical constants of      279
Michelson — Morley experiment      345
Michelson’s combination of mirrors      74
Michelson’s combination of mirrors, earth tides      85
Michelson’s combination of mirrors, echelon gratings      123
Michelson’s combination of mirrors, measurement of velocity of light      38
Michelson’s combination of mirrors, measurement of wave-length      132
Michelson’s combination of mirrors, star diameters      167B
Moseley, X-ray spectra      358
Newcomb, measurement of velocity of light      38
Newton, Sir Isaac, Historical notice      80
Newton’s rings      76
Nichols      see Rubens
Nicholson, constancy of angular momentum      350
Nicholson, corona spectium      349
Nicholson, photometry      167A
Nickel, magneto-gyric property of      305
Nicol’s prism      188
Normal oscillations defined      3
Optic axes      171
Optic axes, dispersion of      212
Optic axes, measurement of angle between      211
Optical distance      40
Optical instruments, theory of      144
Optical length      40
Overlapping of spectra      115
Paschen and Runge, observations of Zeeman effect      297
Pendulum, double, periods of      258
Pendulum, simple      5
Periodic motion      1
Periodic motion, time      1
Perot and Fabry, interferometer      80
Photogyration      287
Photogyration in isotropic substances      291
Photogyration in magnetic field      298
Photometry      167A
Pickering, W., spectrum of $\zeta$ Puppis      355
Pin-hole photography      166
Planck, M., law of radiation      350
Polariscope, “Savart”      213
Polarization      47
Polarization, all homogeneous rays arc polarized      47
Pressure of light      325
Preston, Zeeman effect      299
Prisms, double image      189
Prisms, resolving power      158 160
Prliiger, observations on absorption and dispersion      274
Provostaye and Desains, light reflected from pile of plates      52
Purity of spectrum      163
Quantum theory      349
Quarter wave plate      214
Quarter wave plate, application of      216
Quartz, crystallogyric properties      288
Quartz, refraction indices of      266
Quasi-homogeneous light defined      36
Quasi-homogeneous light defined, discussed      63
Radiation of a black body      359
Raman, scattering of light      325
Ray in crystals      203
Ray, defined      40
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