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Davies G. — Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks
Davies G. — Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks

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Название: Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks

Автор: Davies G.


Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks takes a “real world” approach to the issues that it covers. The discussions within this book are rooted in actual designs and real development, not theory or pure engineering papers. It recognises and demonstrates the importance of taking a multi-vendor approach, as existing network infrastructure is rarely homogenous and its focus is upon developing existing IP networks rather than creating them from scratch.
This global book based on the author’s many years’ experience of designing real scalable systems, is an essential reference tool that demonstrates how to build a scalable network, what pitfalls to avoid and what mechanisms are the most successful in real life for engineers building and operating IP networks. It will be ideal for network designers and architects, network engineers and managers as well as project managers and will be of particular relevance to those studying for both JNCIE and CCIE exams.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 302

Добавлена в каталог: 12.05.2005

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Предметный указатель
802.11      41
802.11b      18
802.11g      18
802.11i      41
802.17      13
802.1p      128
802.1x      40
AAA      see Authentication authorization
ABR      see Open shortest path first Area
Access Control List      44
ACL      see Access control list
Address Resolution Protocol      10—11
AH      see IPsec authentication
Application Specific Integrated Circuit      1
ARP      see Address resolution protocol
AS      see BGP autonomous
ASIC      see Application specific integrated circuit
Asynchronous Transfer Mode      11 104 128
Asynchronous transfer mode, available bit rate (ABR)      128
Asynchronous transfer mode, constant bit rate (CBR)      128
Asynchronous transfer mode, non real-time variable bit rate (VBR-NRT)      128
Asynchronous transfer mode, quality of service (QoS)      128
Asynchronous transfer mode, real-time variable bit rate (VBR-RT)      128
Asynchronous transfer mode, segmentation and reassembly      12
ATM      see Asynchronous transfer mode
Authentication, authorization and accounting      36—39
Authentication, authorization and accounting, DIAMETER      38
Authentication, authorization and accounting, local      37
Authentication, authorization and accounting, RADIUS      38
Authentication, authorization and accounting, TACACS/TACACS+      37
Auxiliary port      22
BECN      see Congestion Notification Backward
BGP      see Border gateway protocol
Border gateway protocol      63—69
Border gateway protocol, AS path      75
Border gateway protocol, authentication      67—68
Border gateway protocol, autonomous system      49 75
Border gateway protocol, communities      78—80
Border gateway protocol, confederation (eiBGP)      66
Border gateway protocol, confederations      66—67
Border gateway protocol, customer      64
Border gateway protocol, damping      81—83
Border gateway protocol, exterior (eBGP)      63—64
Border gateway protocol, graceful restart      68—69
Border gateway protocol, interior (iBGP)      63—65
Border gateway protocol, local preference      80
Border gateway protocol, multi-exit discriminator (MED)      80
Border gateway protocol, multiprotocol      69 149 162
Border gateway protocol, next hop      49 61
Border gateway protocol, next hop self      100
Border gateway protocol, origin      65
Border gateway protocol, peer      64
Border gateway protocol, policy      71—94
Border gateway protocol, route reflectors      65—66
Border gateway protocol, transit provider      64
CA      see Certificate Authority
Certificate authority      39. See also Public key infrastructure
cGMP      see Cisco Group Management Protocol
Cisco Group Management Protocol      137—138
Class of Service      119—131. See also Quality of service
Concurrent Version System      27
Congestion      121—124
Congestion, avoidance      122—124
Congestion, notification, backward explicit      122
Congestion, notification, forward explicit      122
Congestion, notification, implicit      121
Console port      22
cos      see Class of Service
CVS      see Concurrent version system
Denial of Service      46—47
DHCP      see Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Differentiated services      129
Differentiated services, code point      129
Differentiated services, integration with MPLS      131
Differentiated services, per-hop behaviour      130
DiffServ      see Differentiated Services
Distance vector multicast routing protocol      138—141
Distance vector multicast routing protocol, Downstream dependencies      140
Distance vector multicast routing protocol, Snooping      136
DOS      see Denial of service
DPT      see Spatial reuse protocol
DSCP      see Differentiated services code
Dual      see Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol diffusing
DVMRP      see Distance vector multicast routing protocol
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol      154 158
EAP      see Extensible authentication protocol
eBGP      see Border gateway protocol exterior
eiBGP      see Border gateway protocol confederation
EIGRP      see Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol
Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol      60—62
Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol, diffusing update algorithm      61—62
ESP      see IPsec encryption
Ethernet      9—11
Ethernet, management      22
Ethernet, MTU      7—9 11
Extensible Authentication Protocol      38 40
FECN      see Congestion notification forward
File Transfer Protocol      42
Filter based forwarding      see Policy routing
Firewall filters      45 75 76
Forwarding      2—6 49
Forwarding, flow-based      4—5
Forwarding, module      3
Forwarding, non-stop      3
Forwarding, separation from Routing      2
Frame Relay      128
Frame Relay, BECN      122
Frame Relay, FECN      122
Frame Relay, permanent virtual circuit      128
Frame Relay, QoS      128
FTP      see File transfer protocol
Generic router encapsulation      111
GMPLS      see Multiprotocol label switching generalized
GRE      see Generic router encapsulation
iBGP      see Border gateway protocol interior
IGMP      see Internet group management protocol
IGRP      see Interior gateway routing protocol
Interior gateway routing protocol      59—60
Intermediate system — intermediate system      56
Intermediate system — intermediate system, authentication      57—58
Intermediate system — intermediate system, graceful restart      58
Intermediate system — intermediate system, hello authentication      57
Intermediate system — intermediate system, traffic engineering      102
Internet Group Management Protocol      135—136
Internet group management protocol, snooping      136
Internet Protocol      43 104 129 130
Internet protocol, addresses      51 154—158
Internet protocol, precedence      129
Internet protocol, private addresses      see RFC 1918
Internet protocol, type of service      121 129
Internet protocol, version 4      153 157 160
Internet protocol, version 6      153—163
Internet routing registries      77
IP      see Internet Protocol
IPS      see Spatial reuse protocol intelligent
IPsec      43—44 112
IPsec, authentication header      43—44 162
IPsec, BGP authentication      67—68
IPsec, encryption security payload      43—44
IPsec, security associations      43 162
IPsec, VPN      112
IRR      see Internet routing registries
IS-IS      see Intermediate System — Intermediate System
L2TP      see Layer 2 tunnelling protocol
Label distribution protocol      99—101
Label distribution protocol, graceful restart      101
Layer 2 tunnelling protocol      117
Ldp      see Label distribution protocol
LSP      see Multiprotocol label switching label
LSR      see Multiprotocol label switching label
Maximum transmission unit      7—9 11
Maximum transmission unit, path MTU discovery      8
MIB      see Simple network management protocol management
MPLS      see Multiprotocol Label Switching
MSDP      see Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
MTU      see Maximum transmission unit
Multicast      84 133—151
Multicast source discovery protocol      148
Multicast, layer 2      133—138
Multicast, layer 3      134 136
Multicast, reverse path forwarding      138
Multicast, source specific      148
Multiprotocol label switching      97—107
Multiprotocol label switching, fast reroute      103
Multiprotocol label switching, generalized      105—107
Multiprotocol label switching, label switched path      97
Multiprotocol label switching, label switching router      98
Multiprotocol label switching, traffic engineering      98
Network management systems      26—27
Network Time Protocol      23
NSSA      see OSPF not
NTP      see Network time protocol
OOB      see Out of band network
Open Shortest Path First      51
Open shortest path first, area border router      51
Open shortest path first, authentication      53
Open shortest path first, graceful Restart      55
Open shortest path first, not so stubby area      54
Open shortest path first, stub area      54
Open shortest path first, summarization      51
Open shortest path first, totally stubby area      54
Open shortest path first, traffic engineering      102
Open shortest path first, version 2      56
Open shortest path first, version 3      56 161
Open shortest path first, virtual link      52
OSPF      see Open shortest path first
Out of band network      21—23
Peer, BGP      64
PHB      see Differentiated services per-hop
PIM      see Protocol independent multicast
PKI      see Public key infrastructure
Policy      see Routing policy
Policy routing      84
pos      see SONET/SDH packet
Power      23
Power, remote, management      23
Power, uninterruptible, supply      23
Protocol independent multicast      136 141 142 144 147
Protocol independent multicast, assert      141 142
Protocol independent multicast, dense mode      141—142
Protocol independent multicast, designated router      147
Protocol independent multicast, forwarder      141 147
Protocol independent multicast, graft      140 143
Protocol independent multicast, prune      138—151
Protocol independent multicast, prune override      142 148
Protocol independent multicast, rendezvous point (RP)      143—145
Protocol independent multicast, snooping      136
Protocol independent multicast, sparse mode      143—148
Public Key Infrastructure      39 44
QoS      see Quality of service
Quality of Service      119—131
Quality of service, classification      120
Quality of service, marking      127—130
Quality of service, random early detect      122
Quality of service, rewrite      120
Queueing      124—127
Queueing, fair queueing      124
Queueing, priority      127
Queueing, round robin      126
Queueing, weighted deficit round robin      127
Queueing, weighted fair queueing      125
Queueing, weighted round robin      126
RADIUS      see Remote authentication dial-in user service
rcp      see Remote copy
red      see Quality of service random
Redundant packet ring      13—15
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service      38
Remote authentication dial-in user service, vendor specific attributes      38. See also Authentication authorization
Remote copy      41
Remote execute      41
Remote login      41
Remote shell      41
Resource reservation protocol      101—107
Resource reservation protocol, graceful restart      102
Resource reservation protocol, traffic engineering      101—102
Reverse path forwarding      138
Reverse path forwarding, multicast      138
Reverse path forwarding, unicast      83
Rexec      see Remote execute
RFC 1918      45
RIP      see Routing information protocol
RIPng      161
Rlogin      see Remote login
RMON      see Simple metwork management protocol remote
Routing Information Protocol      58
Routing policy      71—94
Routing policy, action      74—75
Routing policy, BGP      71—94
Routing policy, customer      84
Routing policy, match      74
Routing policy, peer      85
Routing policy, side effects      91
Routing policy, transit      85—91
RP      see Protocol independent multicast rendezvous
RPF      see Reverse path forwarding
RPR      see Spatial reuse protocol
rsh      see Remote shell
RSVP      see Resource reservation protocol
SAR      see Asynchronous transfer mode segmentation
SCP      see Secure copy
Secure copy      42
Secure Shell      42
Secure Sockets Layer      39
Service level agreement      6 24
Simple Network Management Protocol      24—26
Simple network management protocol, management agent      25
Simple network management protocol, management information base      25
Simple network management protocol, management protocol      25
Simple network management protocol, management station      24 25
Simple network management protocol, remote monitoring      26
Simple network management protocol, security      25
Simple network management protocol, version 1      25 26
Simple network management protocol, version 2c      25
Simple network management protocol, version 3      25 26
SLA      see Service level agreement
SNMP      see Simple network management protocol
Software      28
Software, IOS      75 165—262
Software, JUNOS      27 45 75 165—262
Software, release cycles      32
SONET/SDH      13 16
SONET/SDH, packet over      13
Spatial reuse protocol      13—16
Spatial reuse protocol, intelligent protection switching      15. See also 802.17
SRP      see Spatial reuse protocol
SSH      see Secure shell
SSL      see Secure sockets layer
SSM      see Multicast source
Stateful Failover      3
TACACS/TACACS+      see Terminal access controller access control system
Tag distribution protocol      100
TDP      see Tag distribution protocol
Telnet      42
Temporal key integrity protocol      41
Terminal access controller access control system      37. See also authentication authorization
TFTP      see Trivial file transfer protocol
TKIP      see Temporal key integrity protocol
TLS      see Transport layer security
TOS      see Internet protocol type
Traffic engineering      98
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