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Duffy Daniel J. Ч Domain Architectures
Duffy  Daniel J. Ч Domain Architectures

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Ќазвание: Domain Architectures

јвтор: Duffy Daniel J.


Domain Architectures is a comprehensive catalog of the domain architectures essential to software developers using object-oriented technology and UML to solve real-life problems. Providing a unique top-down view of systems, the book also provides quick access to landmarks and references to domain architectures. The ability to describe applications, in terms of the properties they share, offers software designers a vast new landscape for implementing software reuse. The ideal professional's handbook.
Helps readers reduce trial and error and increase productivity by reusing tried and trusted ideas
Models are described and documented using UML (incorporating UML 2.0) models and meta models

язык: en

–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 406

ƒобавлена в каталог: 12.05.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Access control systems (ACS)      147Ч162
Access control systems, applicability      152
Access control systems, background      148
Access control systems, context diagram      153
Access control systems, examples      148Ч151
Access control systems, goals, processes and activities      152
Access control systems, introduced      147
Access control systems, reference models      148
Access control systems, relationships with other systems      162
Access control systems, requirements for ACS      154Ч155
Access control systems, specializations of ACS      157Ч161
Access control systems, system decomposition      153
Access control systems, UML artefacts      155Ч156
ACS vocabulary      152
Agent technology      104Ч105
Alexander, Christopher      346
Analogical reasoning      321Ч333
Analogical reasoning, motivation      321Ч322
Analogical reasoning, relationship with domain architectures      322Ч325
Analysis classes in UML      355Ч357
Architectural styles      365Ч366
Aristotle      371
Barrier options      81Ч82
Best practices      379Ч382
Bioreactor      80
Booch, Grady      197
Boundary classes in UML      355Ч357
Business Graphics System      132Ч134
Carroll, Lewis      41
Categorization      325Ч330
Categorization, defining attribute view      325Ч327
Categorization, exemplar-based view      329Ч331
Categorization, prototype view      327Ч329
Collaboration diagrams, for drink vending machine      280
Collaboration diagrams, in a nutshell      278Ч280
Compiler as system      130
Complexity of object-oriented systems      17
Control classes in UML      355Ч357
Control engineering      86Ч88
Datasim development process, overview      8Ч9
Datasim development process, scope of DDP in this book      25Ч26
Datasim development process, software lifecycle      24Ч25
DDP key terms, business processes      26
DDP key terms, concept maps for keywords      28
DDP key terms, customer requirements specification (CRS)      26
DDP key terms, requirements      27
DDP key terms, software development process      26
DDP key terms, system architecture      27
DDP key terms, UML artefacts      27
Deming, Dr.W. Edward      264 309
Descartes, Rene      11
Design patterns      366Ч367
Discrete manufacturing (as RAT instance)      115
Documentation issues in DDP      41Ч56
Documentation issues in DDP, goals and processes      48Ч50
Documentation issues in DDP, relationships with ISO      9126 44Ч48
Documentation issues in DDP, requirements and use cases      54Ч55
Documentation issues in DDP, shortcomings of use cases      55Ч56
Documentation issues in DDP, stakeholders and viewpoints      50Ч53
Documentation issues in DDP, steps      43Ч44
Domain architecture and cognitive psychology      7
Domain architecture, comparing and contrasting      315Ч318
Domain architecture, definition      5Ч6
Domain architecture, relationships with other methods      7 359Ч369
Drink vending machine (DVM)      264Ч280
Drink vending machine, class architecture      269Ч270
Drink vending machine, description and customer features      264
Drink vending machine, goals, processes and context      266Ч267
Drink vending machine, sequence diagrams      271Ч278
Drink vending machine, summary      278
Drink vending machine, use cases      267Ч268
Elevator control system (ELS)      215Ч236
Elevator control system, class architecture      230Ч231
Elevator control system, definitions      235Ч236
Elevator control system, description      216Ч217
Elevator control system, reengineering: goals and processes      220Ч223
Elevator control system, requirements      225Ч227
Elevator control system, stakeholders      223Ч225
Elevator control system, summary      235
Elevator control system, system decomposition      227Ч229
Elevator control system, traditional requirements approach      217Ч220
Elevator control system, use cases      232Ч235
Emerson, Ralph Waldo      359
Entity classes in UML      355Ч357
GOF      see design patterns
Graphics applications      132
Hatley Ч Pirbhai Method      364Ч365
Hello World example      371Ч377
Help desk system      113
Home heating system (HHS)      194Ч213
Home heating system, creating statecharts      209Ч211
Home heating system, generalizations      212Ч213
Home heating system, other solutions to problem      194Ч197
Home heating system, processes and context      197Ч200
Home heating system, requirements and use cases      201Ч207
Home heating system, summary      213
Home heating system, system decomposition      200Ч201
Home heating system, validating use cases      207Ч209
Human memory models      134
Imai, Masaki      237
Information hiding      360Ч361
Inquiry cycle method      335Ч343
Inquiry cycle method, applicability      340Ч341
Inquiry cycle method, background      336
Inquiry cycle method, interviewing techniques      338Ч340
Inquiry cycle method, overview of model      336Ч337
Inquiry cycle method, summary      342Ч343
Instrumentation and control systems      62
Ishiwaza, Kaoru      59
ISO 9126 product quality characteristics, defined      44Ч48
Jackson, Michael      116 363Ч364
Jacobson, Ivar      111
Joyce, James      163
Kolb Learning Loop      341Ч342
LCM vocabulary      164
Learning by analogy      331Ч333
Leveson, Nancy      102
Lifecycle systems (LCM)      163Ч175
Lifecycle systems, applicability      168
Lifecycle systems, background      164
Lifecycle systems, context diagram      171
Lifecycle systems, examples      164Ч168
Lifecycle systems, goals, processes and activities      170
Lifecycle systems, introduced      163
Lifecycle systems, relationships with other systems      174
Lifecycle systems, requirements for LCM      171Ч172
Lifecycle systems, specializations of LCM      174
Lifecycle systems, summary of LCM      175
Lifecycle systems, system decomposition      171
Lifecycle systems, UML artefacts      172Ч173
MAN vocabulary      128Ч129 137
Management information systems (MIS)      59Ч76
Management information systems, applicability      63
Management information systems, background      59
Management information systems, context diagram      65
Management information systems, examples      61Ч63
Management information systems, goals, processes and activities      64
Management information systems, introduced      59
Management information systems, reference models for MIS      60
Management information systems, relationships with other systems      74
Management information systems, requirements for MIS      67Ч69
Management information systems, specializations of PCS      71Ч74
Management information systems, summary of PCS      76
Management information systems, system decomposition      65
Management information systems, UML artefacts      69Ч70
Manpower control system (MPC)      181Ч192
Manpower control system, class architecture      189Ч192
Manpower control system, description      180
Manpower control system, processes and context      181Ч183
Manpower control system, requirements and use cases      183Ч187
Manpower control system, summary      192
Manpower control system, validating use cases      187Ч188
Manufacturing systems (MAN)      127Ч145
Manufacturing systems, applicability      137
Manufacturing systems, background      128
Manufacturing systems, context diagram      138
Manufacturing systems, examples      130Ч136
Manufacturing systems, goals, processes and activities      138
Manufacturing systems, introduced      127
Manufacturing systems, relationships with other systems      144
Manufacturing systems, requirements for MAN      139Ч140
Manufacturing systems, specializations of MAN      143
Manufacturing systems, summary of MAN      144Ч145
Manufacturing systems, system decomposition      138
Manufacturing systems, UML artefacts      141Ч142
Message patterns in PCS      108Ч110
Multi-threading basics      298Ч305
Multi-threading basics, models      301Ч305
Multi-threading basics, overview      298Ч301
Noise control engineering      72
Novak, Joseph      147
Object alignment systems      311Ч312
Object behavioural systems      312Ч315
Object creation systems      310Ч311
Order processing system (OPS)      237Ч262
Order processing system, class architecture      250Ч252
Order processing system, customer requirements      239Ч240
Order processing system, description      237Ч238
Order processing system, design      252Ч259
Order processing system, OPS as a lifecycle model      240Ч245
Order processing system, requirements      245Ч248
Order processing system, stakeholder viewpoints      248Ч250
Order processing system, summary      259
Order realisation system      0
PAC Model      see Presentation-abstraction-control
PAC Pattern      see PAC model
Parnas, David      77 102
PCS vocabulary      83Ч84
Plastic manufacturing system (PMS)      281Ч305
Plastic manufacturing system, description      282Ч284
Plastic manufacturing system, design      291Ч297
Plastic manufacturing system, PAC model      289Ч290
Plastic manufacturing system, system architecture      286Ч288
Plastic manufacturing system, system features      285Ч286
Plastic manufacturing systems      20
Polya, George      163 179 281
Portfolio management systems      15
POSA      see System patterns
Presentation-abstraction-control model      347Ч367
Presentation-abstraction-control model, decomposition and UML activity diagrams      350Ч352
Presentation-abstraction-control model, motivation and background      346Ч347
Presentation-abstraction-control model, PAC and object-oriented analysis      352Ч355
Presentation-abstraction-control model, relationship with UML Analysis classes      355Ч357
Presentation-abstraction-control model, strategies for decomposing a system      348Ч350
Presentation-abstraction-control model, summary      357
Problem frames      363Ч364
Process control systems (PCS)      77Ч108
Process control systems, applicability      88
Process control systems, background      78
Process control systems, context diagram      90
Process control systems, examples      78Ч81
Process control systems, goals, processes and activities      89
Process control systems, introduced      77
Process control systems, reference models for PCS      83
Process control systems, relationships with other systems      106
Process control systems, requirements for PCS      96Ч101
Process control systems, specializations of PCS      105
Process control systems, summary of PCS      125
Process control systems, system decomposition      90
Process control systems, UML artefacts      101Ч104
Project Cultures      33Ч38
Project Cultures, architecture-driven      36
Project Cultures, calendar-driven      34
Project Cultures, documentation-driven      35
Project Cultures, process-driven (DDP)      37
Project Cultures, quality-driven      36
Project Cultures, requirements-driven      34
Proxy pattern      159
Proxy pattern and ISO      9126 162
Proxy types      160Ч161
RAT vocabulary      114Ч115
Reference monitor model      148Ч151
Rent-a-machine system      164Ч168
Resource allocations and tracking systems (RAT)      111Ч126
Resource allocations and tracking systems, applicability      117
Resource allocations and tracking systems, background      112
Resource allocations and tracking systems, context diagram      118
Resource allocations and tracking systems, examples      112
Resource allocations and tracking systems, goals, processes and activities      118
Resource allocations and tracking systems, introduced      111
Resource allocations and tracking systems, relationships with other systems      125
Resource allocations and tracking systems, requirements for RAT      120Ч121
Resource allocations and tracking systems, specializations of RAT      124
Resource allocations and tracking systems, summary of RAT      125
Resource allocations and tracking systems, system decomposition      118
Resource allocations and tracking systems, UML artefacts      121Ч123
Rummler Ч Brache method      361Ч362
Shaw, Mary      132
Simple digital watch      61
Swift, Jonathan      359
system patterns      366Ч367
VAR (variance at risk)      125Ч126
VAX/VMS Operating System      148Ч152
Viewpoint-based requirements engineering      367Ч369
Watchdog systems      105Ч106
Water level control      79Ч80
Web, security models for the Web      157Ч159
Web, security models for the Web, direct access control      158
Web, security models for the Web, mandatory access control      158
Web, security models for the Web, role-based access control      158
Wright, Frank Lloyd      3 23
Yourdon, Ed      111
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