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Peterson L.L., Davie B.S. — Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
Peterson L.L., Davie B.S. — Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

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Название: Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

Авторы: Peterson L.L., Davie B.S.


Computer Networks: A Systems Approach is a carefully focused revision of the best-selling first edition, updated to incorporate user feedback and reflect the most recent changes in networking technology.

Inside, a systems approach focused on the Internet promotes an enduring, practical understanding of networks and their building blocks. Each chapter begins with the statement of a problem that frames the following discussion. The authors then develop complete solutions, illustrate them with real-world examples—including specific protocol references and C code—and address topical issues debated throughout the networking community.

The result? Readers learn the why of network design—not just the facts surrounding current systems but the principles at work in their application and evolution. No other textbook offers a more solid grounding or better preparation for a career in networking.


* The authors bring over 20 years of experience in networking research, development and teaching to the task of describing the principles and practical implementation of computer networks.
* Includes all-new chapters on security techniques and application-layer protocols, and new material on wireless and mobile technology and VPNs.
* Expands coverage of internet routing, ATM, quality of serivice, and multimedia communication.
* Highlights key design principles, probes controversial networking issues, provides the definitive references on each topic, and includes over 100 new exercises.
* Presents implementation examples in easy-to-understand C code.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Computer science/

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Издание: 3rd Edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 813

Добавлена в каталог: 13.01.2008

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