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Axelson J.L. Ч The Microcontroller Idea Book: Circuits, Programs and Applications Featuring the 8052-Basic Single-Chip Computer
Axelson J.L. Ч The Microcontroller Idea Book: Circuits, Programs and Applications Featuring the 8052-Basic Single-Chip Computer

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Ќазвание: The Microcontroller Idea Book: Circuits, Programs and Applications Featuring the 8052-Basic Single-Chip Computer

јвтор: Axelson J.L.


A hands-on introduction to microcontroller project design with dozens of example circuits and programs. Presents practical designs for use in data loggers, controllers, and other small-computer applications.

About The Microcontroller Idea Book:

Complete circuit schematics and parts lists so you can easily build the circuits yourself

Design theory - with tips on how to expand or modify the circuits shown

Example program listings - for convenient testing of the circuits

Construction and debugging tips - to help you get everything up and running without problems

Vendor listings - so you can find the components and other items you need for your projects
About the 8052-BASIC

Example circuits and programs in the book are based on the popular 8052-BASIC microcontroller, whose on-chip BASIC programming language makes it easy to write, run, and test your programs. With over 100 commands, instructions, and operators, the BASIC-52 interpreter can do much more than other single-chip BASICs. Its abilities include floating-point math, string handling, and special commands for storing programs in EPROM, EEPROM, or battery-backed RAM.

You can use any computer with a serial port as a host system for writing, uploading, running, debugging, and storing programs as you develop a project. When project development is complete, you can disconnect the host computer, and the 8052-BASIC will run your program automatically on bootup. You can also use an 8052-BASIC circuit as a development system for uploading and debugging assembled or compiled programs. As a member of the 8051 microcontroller family, the 8052-BASIC uses a standard, populararchitecture.

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√од издани€: 1997

 оличество страниц: 278

ƒобавлена в каталог: 31.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
7-segment display      129Ч138
8051 family      15Ч16
8052-BASIC, about      11Ч26
8052-BASIC, NMOS versus CMOS      6
8255      98Ч108
ADC      158Ч169
Address bus      27Ч28
Address latch disable      22
Address latch enable      21 29
Alarm circuit      178Ч184
ALE      21 29
ALEDIS      22
Algorithms, programming      56
Altair 8800      2
Analog-to-Digital Converter      158Ч169
ASCII Hex format      223
Assembly language, defined      8
Assembly language, interfacing      217Ч238
BASIC compilers      247
BASIC-52 in external memory      239Ч24
BASIC-52, booting      35Ч38
BASIC-52, customizing      233Ч235
BASIC-52, enhanced versions      245Ч24
BASIC-52, keywords      72Ч86
BASIC-52, manuals      14Ч15 251Ч252
BASIC-52, programming tips      65Ч71
BASIC-52, running programs      39Ч40
BASIC-52, source code      250
Basikit      247
BBS's      254
Binary numbers      272
Binary, file format      223
Books      251Ч253
Bootup options      54Ч55
Breakpoint      10
Bus      See address data
calendar functions      174Ч184
Capacitors, decoupling      30
Chip, choosing      5Ч6
Clock, real-time      42 171Ч184
CMOS, compatible logic      29
CMOS, versus NMOS      6
Code memory      21 88
COM port      36
Command mode      66
companies      255Ч262
Comparator      157Ч158
Compilers, BASIC      246Ч247
Compilers, defined      9
Computer, host      3 15Ч16
Construction, materials      14
Construction, tips      31Ч32
Control circuits      185Ч198
CONTROL+C      40 44Ч45
CPU      17
Crashes, program      40
Cross assembler      219
Crystal accuracy      172
Crystal, choosing      26 See also XTAL
DAC      227Ч228
Data bus      27
Data memory      21
Debugging      9Ч10 37 70Ч71
decimal numbers      271Ч272
Detector      153
Development system      9Ч10
Digital-to-Analog Converter      227Ч228
Disk storage      63Ч64
displays      125Ч152
EA      22 25
EEPROM      7 49Ч56
Embedded controller      1
Emulator      10
Environments, programming      247Ч248
EPROM, about      6Ч7
EPROM, adding      56Ч60
EPROM, programming      236Ч238
EPROM, testing programs in      9
Erasing NVRAM, EEPROM      55
Errors, finding program      9Ч10 70Ч71
Executable file      219
External memory, accessing      21Ч22 42
External memory, circuits      25Ч29
Flash EPROM      7
Formats, file      222Ч224
FPROG, circuits      60Ч61
FPROG, simulating      243Ч244
FPROG, using      53 55
Gain control, op amp      189Ч191
get      44Ч45
HEX2RAM.BAS      264Ч265
hexadecimal numbers      70 272Ч273
HEXLOAD.BAS      266Ч269
History of microcomputers      2Ч3
Host computer      3
I/O ports in 8052      20Ч22
I/O ports, adding      89Ч108
I/O ports, Port 1      40Ч41
Infrared      199Ч215
Input/Output      see I/O
instruction set      6
Intel Hex format      220 224
Interface chips      98
Interfacing to a port      93Ч96
interpreters      9
Interrupts in 8052      22
Interrupts, assembly language      232Ч233
Interrupts, types      112Ч114
Keypad      116Ч124
Keywords, BASIC-52      72Ч86
keywords, defined      65
Kilobyte      273
Languages, programming      8Ч9
Latch, octal transparent      26Ч27
LCD      135 152
LED      125Ч135
Lenses      215Ч216
Level translating, analog      167Ч168
Level translating, digital      93Ч96
Light-Emitting Diode      125Ч135
Liquid-crystal display      135Ч152
Logic, families      29Ч20
Logic, unused gates      34
Machine code      8
Manuals      14Ч15
Matrix, switch      187Ч189
Megabyte      273
Memory, 8052's      6
Memory, accessing external      20Ч22 42
Memory, check      38
Memory, decoding      91Ч91
Memory, map      87Ч89
Mercury switch      155
Microcontroller, defined      1
Microprocessor      2
Mnemonics      8
Modules, program      66Ч67
Motor control      191Ч198
MTOP      38 53 55
Multiplexed address/data bus      20
NMOS, compatible logic      29
NMOS, versus CMOS      6
Nonvolatile memory      47Ч61
number systems      271Ч272
NVRAM      48Ч56
Object file      219
oe      29
On/off switch      33
Op amp, gain control      189Ч191
Orientation, component      32Ч33
Oscillator, design      203 See also crystal XTAL
Output enable      29
pc boards      248Ч249
PGM EN      22 58Ч60
PGM PULSE      22 52
Photocell      157
Port      See I/O
Port 1      40Ч41
Power supply for 8052-BASIC      14
Power supply, connections      22
Power supply, EPROM-programming      61Ч62
Power supply, system      30
Power supply, wireless link's      207
Powering up      35
Ppi      98Ч108
Printed-circuit boards      248Ч249
Procomm Plus      36
PROG commands, about      53Ч60
PROG commands, simulating      243Ч244
Program enable      22 58Ч60
Program pulse      22 52
Program status word      231
Program store enable      21 26
Program, assembly-language      217Ч238
Program, crashes      231
Program, documenting      67
Program, exiting      44Ч45
Program, saving      47Ч64
Program, storage      6Ч7
Programmable peripheral interface      98Ч108
programming commands      22 53Ч60
Programming environments      247Ч248
Programming languages      8Ч9
programming tips      66Ч68
PSEN      21 26
PSW      231
PWM      195Ч198
Radio link      216
RAM in 8052      20
RAM, choices      28Ч29
RAM, use      7
RD      21 26
RDANY      26
Read of port      96Ч97
Read, cycle      29
Read, signal      21
references      14Ч15
relay      187Ч189
Reserved words, BASIC-52's      72Ч86
Reserved words, defined      65
Reset      22 26
ROM command      54
ROM in 8052      17
ROM, about      7
RS-232      30 34Ч35
Run mode      66
Sample and hold      169
SBC      3
Schematic, reading      31
Schematic, system      24Ч30
sensors      153Ч170
Serial port, 8052's      22
Serial port, RS-232      30 34Ч35
Simulator      10
Sine-wave generator      226Ч229
Single-board computer      3
Single-stepping      10
SmartSocket      48Ч49
Software for uploading programs      221
Software, terminal-emulation      15
Solar cell      165Ч166
Source code, BASIC-52      250
STACK      231
Stepper motor      191Ч195
subroutines      66Ч67
Switch, matrix      187Ч189
Switch, power      185Ч187
Switch, press, detecting      45
Switch, sensor as      155
Switch, toggle and slide      109Ч115
Target system      3
Task, defining      4Ч5
Temperature sensor      163Ч165
Terminal Accessory, Windows      36
terminal emulation      15
Test equipment      16
Timekeeper, watchdog      174Ч184
Timers and counters in 8052      21
Timers and counters, use of      171Ч184
Transducer      153
troubleshooting      9Ч10 37 70Ч71
TTL compatible logic      29
Vendors      255Ч262
Watchdog timekeeper      174Ч184
Windows terminal accessory      36
Wireless link      199Ч216
WR      21
Write signal      21
Write to a port      97
Write, cycle      29
XFER      54
XTAL      38 See also crystal
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