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Van Der Heijden M. (Ed), Taylor M. (Ed) Ч Understanding WAP: Wireless Applications, Devices, and Services
Van Der Heijden M. (Ed), Taylor M. (Ed) Ч Understanding WAP: Wireless Applications, Devices, and Services

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Ќазвание: Understanding WAP: Wireless Applications, Devices, and Services

јвторы: Van Der Heijden M. (Ed), Taylor M. (Ed)


Learn all the basics of how the Wireless Application Protocol is able to deliver Internet-based services to all types of mobile devices with this comprehensive new resource. It examines every aspect of WAP, helping you with hands-on development of WAP applications, an area critical to the success of WAP in the consumer marketplace. You learn the technical details behind this new protocol and the critical business issues related to its implementation. What's more, it delivers an in-depth review of the technical specifications and security issues associated with WAP. Unlike other books on the subject, this handy reference is more than just an explanation of the standards. You get useful information on how WAP is impacting existing business models and value chains of telcos, and information and service providers.

Software Included! Features a CD-ROM containing the complete WAP standards, selected software and sample WAP applications, and more.

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 256

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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Adaptive user interfaces      61Ч62
Adaptive user interfaces difficulties      61Ч62 See also User interfaces
Adaptive user interfaces, defined      61
Applications, banking      232 233
applications, building      223Ч32
Applications, financial WAP      229Ч32
Applications, horizontal      180
Applications, information retrieval on Internet      7Ч8
Applications, mobile electronic commerce      8
Applications, multichannel      226Ч229
Applications, notification      8
Applications, positioning, in WAP gateway protocol stack      101
Applications, provision of      102
Applications, push      111
Applications, scaleable n-tier      220Ч223
Applications, serviceperson      8
Applications, telephony      8Ч9
Applications, using      7Ч9
Applications, vertical      180
Applications, WAP      7Ч9 223Ч226
Applications, wireless environment for creating      15Ч42
Applications, WTA      88Ч95 See also Services
Attributes      19
Authentication schemes      151 152
Banking application      232 233
billing      185
Billing, interface      111Ч112
Billing, unified messaging      202
Business models      182Ч185
Business models, closed      182 184
Business models, open      183 184
Business models, table      184
Byte-encoded WML      30
Cell broadcast      171
Channel definition format (CDF)      119
Channel, abstract element      82
Channel, defined      80 81
Channel, installation steps      83
Channel, loading/unloading      83Ч84
Channel, resources      82Ч83
Channel, title element      82
Channels      80Ч83
Content, formats      6
Content, negotiation      36Ч37
Content, providers      10 13
Corporate unified messaging systems      202Ч206
Corporate unified messaging systems, calendar      205
Corporate unified messaging systems, ERP applications      206
Corporate unified messaging systems, meeting agent      206
Corporate unified messaging systems, network layout      203Ч205
Corporate unified messaging systems, phonebooks, address books, contact lists      206
Corporate unified messaging systems, public folders      205
Corporate unified messaging systems, task lists      206
Corporate unified messaging systems, WAP and      205Ч206 See also Unified messaging
Critical success factors      175Ч178
Critical success factors, generic      175Ч177
Critical success factors, WAP -specific      177Ч178 See also Services
Cryptographic algorithms      162Ч163
Cryptographic hash function      152
Cryptography      146Ч154
Cryptography, data confidentiality      146
Cryptography, data integrity      146
Cryptography, data origin authentication      146
Cryptography, device/entity authentication      146Ч147
Cryptography, hybrid solutions      151
Cryptography, nonrepudiation      147
cryptography, public-key      148Ч151
Cryptography, role      146
Cryptography, schemes      151Ч152
Cryptography, summary      154
Cryptography, symmetric-key      148
Cryptography, types      148 See also Security
Customer, expectations      170
Customer, psychological user barriers      171
Customer, relation management (CRM)      235
customer, requirements      170Ч175
Customer, satisfaction      49Ч50
Customer, value      138
Data, confidentiality      146
Data, entry minimization      230Ч231
Data, integrity      146
Data, origin authentication      146
Data, subscriber      112Ч113
Data, WMLScript types      26Ч27
Decks      19Ч20
Decks cards      18
Decks content      19
Decks, defined      18
Dialogs library      29
Digital certificates      153
Directory Services      196Ч199
Directory services, architectural perspective      197Ч98
Directory services, defined      196
Directory services, illustrated      197
Directory services, technical flow      198Ч199
Directory services, user perspective steps      196Ч197 See also Unified messaging
Discrete logarithm problem      150
E-mail message access      194Ч196
E-mail message access, architecture      195
E-mail message access, e-mail server perspective      195
E-mail message access, technical flow      196
E-mail message access, user perspective      195
Elements      39Ч42
Elements, abstract      82
Elements, alt      25
Elements, anchor      22
Elements, b      24
Elements, big      24
Elements, card      24
elements, defined      19
Elements, do      22
Elements, em      24
Elements, head      20
Elements, i      24
Elements, img      25
Elements, input      20
Elements, onevent      22
Elements, option      20
Elements, overriding      20
Elements, p      24
Elements, postfield      21
Elements, resource      82Ч83
Elements, select      20 21
Elements, small      24
Elements, strong      24
Elements, summary      40Ч42
Elements, td      25
Elements, title      82
Elements, tr      25
Elements, u      24 See also WML
Elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem      150Ч151
Encryption schemes      151 152
End users      See Users
end-to-end security      136
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)      206
Entertainment services      173 174
Event bindings      84
Event bindings, defined      84
Event bindings, global      84 87Ч88
Event bindings, temporary      84 87
event handling      84Ч88
Event handling, illustrated      86
Event handling, procedure      84Ч86
Events, WML      22Ч24
Events, WTA      79Ч86 86Ч87
Extensible markup language (XML)      17 35Ч36
Extensible markup language (XML) for n-tiered applications      222
Extensible markup language (XML), features      35Ч36
Extensible markup language (XML), information store example      36
Extensible markup language (XML), intermediary presentation definition      228Ч229
Financial WAP applications      229Ч232
Financial WAP applications, data entry minimization      230Ч231
Financial WAP applications, error handling      231
Financial WAP applications, security      231Ч232
Financial WAP applications, unified messaging      230
Float library      29
Form-based navigation      56Ч57
Functions, WMLScript      27
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)      236
Global event binding      84 87Ч88
GSM markets      165Ч167
GSM markets, development curve      166
GSM markets, development stages      166
GSM markets, German      167 See also Operators
GSM modems      208
GSM phones, applications on SIM of      214
GSM phones, SMS messages on      212Ч213
GSM phones, USSD messages on      213
High-speed circuit switched data (HSCSD)      236
Holistic approach      48Ч49 52
HTML      117
HTML, content availability      102
HTML, conversion to WML      33Ч34
HTTP      117 124
HTTP headers      37Ч38
HTTP, push access protocol over      125
Incoming-call handler service      88Ч95
Incoming-call handler service, activating accept option      94Ч95
Incoming-call handler service, activating forward option      92Ч94
Incoming-call handler service, activation illustration      93
Incoming-call handler service, call actions      88
Incoming-call handler service, call detection      88Ч89
Incoming-call handler service, first resource      89Ч92 See also WTA services
Infotainment services      173 174
Input techniques      53Ч56
Integer factorization problem (IFP)      149Ч150
Intelligent terminal transfer protocol (ITTP)      2
Interactive mail access protocol (IMAP4)      190
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)      217
Internet for WAP -based service selection/configuration      235
Internet security      135
Internet, growth of      15Ч16
Internet, information retrieval application      7Ч8
Internet, operator-assisted, sites      235
Internet, operators and      182Ч183
Internet, service providers (ISPs)      183
Interoperability      12
JavaScript, WMLScript conversion and      34
Lang library      29
Libraries, network-common WTAI      77Ч 78
Libraries, network-specific WTAI      78Ч79
Libraries, WMLScript      29
Libraries, WTAI      32Ч33 75 77Ч79
Man-Machine Interface (MMI)      99
Micro-billing      185
Microbrowsers      5
Microbrowsers, HTML-based      214Ч215
Microbrowsers, illustrated      215
Microbrowsers, in smart phones and PDAs      214Ч215
Microbrowsers, types      214Ч215
Microbrowsers, wireless markup language-based      214
Microbrowsers, УWeb clippedФbased      215
Mobile browsers      210
Mobile channel, handset requirements      212
Mobile channel, network costs      211
Mobile channel, previous constraints      209Ч210
Mobile channel, strengths/weaknesses      210Ч212
Mobile devices      212Ч216
Mobile devices, applications on SIM of phone      214
Mobile devices, microbrowser in smart phones and PDAs      214Ч215
Mobile devices, resident applications on      216
Mobile devices, SMS messages on GSM phones      212Ч213
Mobile devices, USSD messages on GSM phones      213
Mobile electronic commerce      8
Mobile financial services      207Ч236
Mobile financial services, existing      216Ч220
Mobile financial services, introduction to      207
Mobile financial services, mobile devices      212Ч215
Mobile financial services, next generation of      236
Mobile financial services, platform choices      216 217
Mobile financial services, possible      232Ч234
Mobile financial services, sample sophisticated application      234
Mobile financial services, users      208Ч209
Mobile financial services, WAP applications      223Ч226 229Ч232
Mobile station integrated international service digital network (MSISDN)      113
MobilSmart      218
Multichannel applications      226Ч229
Multichannel applications, architecture illustration      227
Multichannel applications, next generation platform      229
Multichannel applications, stovepipe solution      227
Multichannel applications, XML-based intermediary presentation      228Ч229 See also Applications
N-tier applications      220Ч223
N-tier applications, component-based server      221
N-tier applications, debugging/maintaining      222
N-tier applications, error handling and logging      222
N-tier applications, principles      221Ч223
N-tier applications, scalability      222Ч223
N-tier applications, security      223
N-tier applications, self-installing client      222
N-tier applications, sourced from server      221Ц222
N-tier applications, topology illustration      221
N-tier applications, XML      222 See also Applications
Navigation form-based      56Ч57
Navigation models      56Ч59
Navigation, question-and-answer      57Ч58
Navigation, user control and      58Ч59 See also User interface design; User interfaces
Network bearer management      130
Network operators      13
Network operators, access to      71
Network operators, benefits      9
Network operators, challenges      10Ч12
Network operators, defined      75
Network operators, GSM specific library      78
Network operators, IS-136 specific library      79
Network operators, PDC specific library      79 See also WTAI
Network-common WTAI      77Ч78
Network-common WTAI, access to      71
Network-common WTAI, call logs library      77
Network-common WTAI, defined      75
Network-common WTAI, functions      78
Network-common WTAI, miscellaneous library      77Ч78
Network-common WTAI, network text library      77
Network-common WTAI, phonebook library      77
Network-common WTAI, voice-call control library      77 See also WTAI
Network-specific WTAI      78Ч79
nonrepudiation      147 163
Notification applications      8
Notification Services      199Ч201
Notification services, defined      199
Notification services, technical flow      200Ч201
Notification services, user perspective steps      199Ч200
Notification services, WAP architecture illustration      201 See also Unified messaging
Operators      165Ч186
Operators, billing and      185
Operators, customer requirements      170Ч175
Operators, data service expectations of      167
Operators, HSCSD/GPRS service introduction      169
Operators, Internet access and      182Ч183
Operators, natural role      184Ч185
Operators, needs      168Ч170
Operators, network      10Ч13
Operators, perspective on WAP business models      182Ч185
Operators, value creation      185
Operators, WAP decision and      170
Operators, WAP service success factors      175Ч178
Operators, WMLScript      26Ч27
Phone smart card      211
Pocket Quicken      220
Post office protocol (POP3)      190
Pricing decision      175Ч176
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