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Kovalick A. Ч Video Systems in an IT Environment: The Essentials of Professional Networked Media
Kovalick A. Ч Video Systems in an IT Environment: The Essentials of Professional Networked Media

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Ќазвание: Video Systems in an IT Environment: The Essentials of Professional Networked Media

јвтор: Kovalick A.


Audio/Video (AV) systems and Information Technology (IT) are colliding. Broadcasters and other AV professionals are impacted by the transition to IT components and techniques. This is the first book to focus on the intersection of AV and IT concepts. It includes technology reviews and the tools to understand and evaluate key aspects of hybrid AV systems. Twelve chapters encompass a broad range of information including: IT integration, AV networking, storage systems, file and metadata formats, software platforms, reliability, element management, security, workflow improvement, AV technology, transition issues, and real-world case studies. Each chapter weaves together IT and AV techniques providing the reader with actionable information on the issues, processes and principles of seamless AV/IT systems integration.

* Explains Tapeless Workflows
* Packed with 225 illustrations
* Supported with 11 Appendixes covering interesting and diverse topics

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√од издани€: 2005

 оличество страниц: 600

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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$4F_{SC}$      486
.NET remoting      211
.NET, Active Server Pages      213
.NET, ActiveX Data Objects      213
.NET, description of      18 213Ч214
.NET, J2EE interoperability with      217
1080      477
2N computation      513Ч514
32-bit architectures      222
3:1:1      484
480      477
4:1:1      484Ч485
4:2:0      484Ч485
4:2:2      484Ч485
4:4:4      484Ч485
4:4:4:4      484Ч485
525      476Ч477
576      476
625      476Ч478
64-bit architectures      222
720      477
8B/10B line coding      525Ч526
AAF      see УAdvanced authoring formatФ
Accounting Management      403t
Active picture area      478f
ActiveX Data Objects      213
Address filtering      42
Address mapping, for virtualization      104
ADO.NET      212
Advanced authoring format, definition of      339
Advanced authoring format, edit-in-place methods      340 340f
Advanced authoring format, file interchange      340Ч341
Advanced authoring format, import/export methods      340 340f
Advanced authoring format, MXF and, similarities between      341
Advanced authoring format, operations provided by      339
Advanced authoring format, reference implementation      341Ч342
Advanced Televisions Systems Committee (ATSC)      489
AES      see УAudio Engineering SocietyФ
AES/EBU audio link      493
Aggregate array I/O rates      123Ч125
Analog broadcast standards      488Ч489
Analog signals, composite video      485Ч488
Analog signals, description of      469Ч470
Analog signals, digitization of      470f
Analog signals, YPrPb      483
Analog-based systems, description of      3 469Ч471
Analog-based systems, illustration of      26f
Ancillary data      29 31t 492f
antivirus software      377 384Ч385
Application clients, definition of      50
Application clients, description of      39Ч40 97
Application functionality      21Ч22
Archive storage, devices for      136
Archive storage, holographic      140
Archive storage, magnetic tape systems for      136Ч138
Archive storage, massive array of inactive discs      139Ч140
Archive storage, optical systems for      138Ч139
Archive storage, overview of      135Ч136
Arrays, access density of      121
Arrays, description of      100
Arrays, file striping effects on      124Ч125
Arrays, hard disk drive      241 242f
Arrays, RAID      240Ч244
Arrays, storage      114Ч118
Arrays, striping      124Ч125 252
Aspect ratio      479f 479Ч480
Asynchronous data links      75
Asynchronous serial interface (ASI)      66
ATA hard disk drive, AV applications      151
ATA hard disk drive, failure rate analysis for      237Ч238
ATA hard disk drive, I/O convergence      152Ч153
ATA hard disk drive, overview of      16Ч17
ATA hard disk drive, SCSI hard disk drive vs.      150Ч152
ATA hard disk drive, serial attach      147Ч153
ATA hard disk drive, service life of      238Ч239
audio      493 501 502
Audio Engineering Society      46
Automatic telephone system      9Ч10 10f
AV application client      50
AV bit rate reduction, overview of      499Ч501
AV bit rate reduction, techniques for      501Ч502
AV bit rate reduction, video compression      501
AV connectivity      174Ч175
AV data, direct-to-storage real time access to      24
AV data, methods of moving      24Ч26
AV data, streaming      24
AV delay      29 31t
AV lip-sync      28 30
AV media client, class 1      51
AV media client, class 2      51Ч52
AV media client, class 3      52Ч54
AV media client, class 4      54
AV media client, description of      50
AV probe      407Ч408
AV processing      30 31t
AV processor      43
AV production projects      356Ч367
AV signals      90Ч92
AV storage      30 31t
AV stream taps      411
AV stream, description of      24
AV stream, monitors      418
AV systems, law of inertia applied to      1
AV systems, motivation toward      4
AV systems, performance metrics for      28Ч30 30tЧ31t
AV systems, traditional      30Ч31t 34
AV systems, workflows for auxiliary data      362Ч363
AV systems, workflows for classes of      359Ч362
AV systems, workflows for definition of      356
AV systems, workflows for description of      28Ч29
AV systems, workflows for methods      356Ч363
AV systems, workflows for practices necessary for      363Ч365
AV systems, workflows for tools      362
AV timing      25Ч27
AV/IT systems, design parmeters, top 10      465
AV/IT systems, FAQ concerning      463
AV/IT systems, hybrid      27f
AV/IT systems, infrastructure, forces that enable      5 6f
AV/IT systems, performance metrics for      28Ч30 30tЧ31t 32Ч35
AV/IT systems, schematic diagram of      462f 462Ч463
AV/IT systems, transition to      26
Availability      228Ч229
AVC      see УH.264Ф
Avert period, of security prevention      376
Bandwidth, aggregate connection      537
Bandwidth, changes in      7
Bandwidth, controlled      306
Bandwidth, Fibre Channel      160Ч161
Bandwidth, QoS      69Ч70
Beowulf clusters      520
blade servers      98Ч99 545Ч547
Block size      114
Broadcast inventory management system      459
Buffer      181
Buffering      89Ч90 181
BWAV format      501Ч502
Byte striping      245Ч246
CA      see УCertificate authoritiesФ
Cache coherency      181
Cache efficiency      183
Cache hit      181
Cache in shared storage system      182f
Cache location      181
Cache, AV data      182Ч183
Cache, buffer vs.      181
Cache, definition of      181
Cache, description of      173
Case studies, KQED      448Ч451
Case studies, PBS      451Ч457
Case studies, Turner Entertainment Networks      457Ч461
Cell chip      12
Centralized computing      192 208
Centralized enterprise reporting stations      416Ч418
certificate authorities      396
CFS      see УClustered file systemsФ
Chroma, decimation      483Ч485
Chroma, signal      486Ч487
CIM      see УCommon information modelФ
CIM Object Manager      428
Circuit routing      277f
Client local caching      260Ч261
Client transactions      112Ч114
Client(s), application, definition of      50
Client(s), application, description of      39Ч40 97
Client(s), edge      261
Client(s), media      see УMedia clientsФ
Client(s), remote      261
Client(s), servers vs.      195
Client/server systems, description of      193Ч196 208
Client/server systems, features of      195Ч196
Client/server systems, scalability of      196
Cluster computing      98 520
Cluster(s), definition of      517
Cluster(s), RAID      250Ч252
Cluster(s), scaling of      251Ч252
Clustered file systems, description of      79 105Ч106 156 179
Clustered file systems, distributed file systems vs.      109
Clustered file systems, networked attached storage with      176
Clustered file systems, storage area networks with      168
Clustered file systems, virtualization vs.      110Ч112
Color burst      486
Commercial off the shelf      444Ч445
Common information model      427Ч428 428f
Common Internet File System      171
Component, color difference signals      482
Component, YТCrCb signal      483
Component, YТPrPb signal      483
Composite video signal      481 485Ч488
Compound growth rate of storage density      14
Compressed domain processing      498Ч499
Compression, methods of      45
Compression, packing density affected by      45
compression, video      see УVideo compressionФ
Computing power for video processing      10Ч11
Computing power, doubling trend in      8Ч9
Computing power, societal demand for      9
Computing, centralized      192 208
Computing, cluster      98 520
computing, distributed      see УDistributed computingФ
computing, grid      see УGrid computingФ
computing, peer-to-peer      205Ч208
Computing, SMP      521
Computing, utility      261 517 521
Computing, virtual      261
Concealment      67 263Ч264
Configuration Management      403t 433Ч434
Congestion management      307Ч308
Connected services framework      218
Connectivity, direct attached storage      147f
Connectivity, I/O      148Ч152 149t
Connectivity, storage      52
Connectivity, WAN, digital hierarchy      527
Connectivity, WAN, network      302Ч304
Connectivity, WAN, overview of      299Ч300
Connectivity, WAN, point-to-point form of      301
Connectivity, WAN, topologies      300Ч302
content management      348
Continuous file flow      359
Control layer      83
control plane      316Ч317 318Ч324 540Ч541
CORBA middleware platform      217 218f
COTS      see УCommercial off the shelfФ
COTS storage      127
CPUs, clock speed increases for      11
CPUs, computing power of      8Ч13
CPUs, doubling trend in      8Ч9
CPUs, future of      12Ч13
CPUs, parallel operation of      11
CPUs, specialized types of      12
CPUs, trillion operations per second by      11
CPUs, workflow improvements secondary to advancements in      12
Cryptography, digital signatures      397Ч399
Cryptography, encryption methods      389Ч392
Cryptography, history of      389
Cryptography, Kerberos      396Ч397
Cryptography, keys      392Ч396
Cryptography, overview of      388Ч389
Customer period, of security prevention      377
CXFS      110Ч111
DAS      see УDirect attached storageФ
Data center markup language      434Ч435
Data Encryption Standard      390Ч391
Data Essence Technology committee      49
Data layer      82
data plane      84 540
data rate      see УBandwidthФ
Data routing      257 257f
Data seek      114Ч115
Data wheel file transfer      64Ч65
Data/user plane      325Ч326
Database connectivity      211Ч212
DAVIC      64
DCML      see УData center markup languageФ
DCT      see Discrete cosine transform
Deinterlacing      496Ч497
Delay in QoS      69 305Ч306
denial-of-service attacks      370
DES      see УData encryption standardФ
Descriptive metadata      331Ч332
Deterministic control      29 31t 320
Deterministic frame forwarding      280
Device management      405
DFS      see УDistributed file systemsФ
Diffe-Hellman      386 396
DiffServ      310
Digital asset management      348
Digital broadcast standards      46 489Ч490
Digital Cinema Technology committee      49
Digital hierarchies      527Ч529
Digital raster image      475Ч476
Digital rights management      354Ч355
Digital signal processors      221
Digital signatures      397Ч399
Digitally based systems      3 26
Direct attached storage, connectivity examples for      147f
Direct attached storage, description of      85 143Ч146
Direct attached storage, protocols      146Ч148
Direct attached storage, SCSI      144Ч146
Direct attached storage, types of      147Ч148
Direct attached storage, USB      148 148f
Direct memory access, definition of      154
Direct memory access, remote      154Ч155
Direct R/W transaction      112
Direct to storage, concepts regarding      78Ч82
Direct to storage, description of      56
Direct to storage, real time access      24
Discrete cosine transform      506Ч507
Disk storage systems      100
Distributed computing, client/server class      193Ч196
Distributed computing, description of      193
Distributed computing, environment for      200f
Distributed computing, peer-to-peer computing      205Ч208
Distributed computing, service-oriented architecture      197Ч198
Distributed computing, Web services model      see УWeb services modelФ
Distributed file systems, clustered file systems vs.      109
Distributed file systems, description of      109
Distributed file systems, Microsoft      109
Distributed management task force      426
DMA      see УDirect memory accessФ
DMTF      see УDistributed management task forceФ
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