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Jones D. Ч VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed
Jones D. Ч VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed

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Ќазвание: VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed

јвтор: Jones D.


If youТre a Windows administrator, scripting expertise can liberate you from boring, repetitive workЦso you can take on the sophisticated, high-value projects you really want. Top scripting guru Don Jones has written the definitive administratorТs guide to getting results with MicrosoftТs key scripting technologies: VBScript, WMI, and ADSI.

Jones draws on his unsurpassed experience training Windows administrators in conferences, classes, and from his enormously popular site, ScriptingAnswers.com.

YouТll learn how to use VBScript, WMI, and ADSI to gain administrative control over nearly every aspect of every recent Windows server or client, including Windows Server 2003, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT. As you gain experience, Jones introduces more advanced techniques, ranging from modular scripting and script encryption to integrating VBScript with HTML code.

Jones concludes with a full section of ready-to-run, real-world examplesЦfrom logon/logoff scripts to automated domain and network administration, from querying WMI to creating Active Directory groups. Every script is explained line-by-line, with challenging techniques described in even greater detail.

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 505

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
.NET Framework      18
Abort button      107
abs( ) function      126
ACEs (access control entries), WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      300
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)      see УADSI (Active Directory Services Interface)Ф
Active Server Pages (ASPs)      384 410
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)      see УADO (ActiveX Data Objects)Ф
ActiveX scripting languages      16Ч18
AD (Active Directory) scripts, logoff scripts      451Ч454
AD (Active Directory) scripts, logon scripts      440Ч446 453Ч454
AD (Active Directory) scripts, logon scripts, specific logon scripts      446Ч451
AD (Active Directory), attributes      260
AD (Active Directory), classes      260
AD (Active Directory), OUs (organizational units), creating      260Ч261
AD (Active Directory), OUs (organizational units), deleting      263Ч264
AD (Active Directory), OUs (organizational units), modifying      261Ч263
AD (Active Directory), OUs (organizational units), querying      263
AD (Active Directory), users and computers, targeting      477Ч479
AddPrinterConnection method (Network object)      177
Addresses, IP addresses, third octet      63
Addresses, local IP addresses, attaining      61Ч63
AddUsers.vbs listing (28.1)      456Ч463
AddUsersFromXLS.vbs listing (3.2)      49Ч50
AddUsersFromXLS.vbs listing (3.3)      50Ч53
AddWindowsPrinterConnection method (Network object)      177
ADLogon1.vbs listing (27.3)      446Ч448
ADLogon2.vbs listing (27.4)      448Ч451
Administrative scripts, domains      455 480
Administrative scripts, inactive users, finding      464Ч469
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts      481 495
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, listing hot fixes      492Ч495
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, listing software      492Ч495
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, open file monitoring      486Ч488
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, remote computer shutdowns      481Ч483
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, remote MSI package uninstalls      489Ч492
Administrative scripts, network administrative scripts, remote share listings      484Ч486
Administrative scripts, system information, collecting      469Ч474
Administrative scripts, templates      474Ч479
Administrative scripts, user creation, automating      455Ч463
ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)      384 455
ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), Excel spreadsheets, queries      455Ч463
Adobe Dreamweaver      410
ADOs (ActiveX Data Objects)      422
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface)      168 173 247 257 335 355 497 508
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), domains, manipulating      269
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), domains, OUs (organizational units)      260Ч264
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), domains, preloading      264Ч269
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), domains, querying      257Ч259
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), domains, reconfiguring      259
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), functions, writing      340Ч342
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), mass password changes, executing      503Ч505
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), object creation scripts, creating      500Ч502
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), object deletion scripts, creating      502Ч503
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), object query scripts, creating      502
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), objects      247Ч249
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), provider names      248
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers      254Ч255
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, GC (Global Catalog)      254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, IIS      254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, LDAP      248Ч254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, NDS (NetWare Directory Services)      254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, NWCOMPAT      254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, OLE DB      254
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), providers, WinNT      248Ч252
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), queries, debugging      366Ч370
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), remote shares, listing      484Ч486
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), scripts, debugging      357Ч358
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), scripts, designing      335Ч340
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), scripts, testing      351Ч355
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), scripts, writing      343Ч350
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface), subroutines, writing      340Ч342
ADSIDebug.vbs listing (21.2)      368Ч370
ADSystemInfo object      179Ч180
Advanced arithmetic, VBScript      118Ч121
Advanced VBScript for Windows Administrators      409 420
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)      299
AND Boolean operator      156
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)      299
antivirus software      406
AppActivate method (Shell object)      185
Applications, graphical applications      410
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications)      409Ч410 420
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), building      410
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), event handlers      410 418Ч420
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), event-driven scripting      410
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), functional code      411Ч412
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), HTML code conversion      414Ч416
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), Mshta.exe      411
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), scheduled tasks      410
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), script code      416Ч418
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), security context      409
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), user interface design      412Ч413
Applications, HTAs (HTML Applications), writing      411Ч420
Argument method (Shortcut object)      187
Arithmetic, VBScript      116Ч118
Arithmetic, VBScript, advanced arithmetic      118Ч121
Arithmetic, VBScript, Boolean math      121Ч126
Arrays      145 152
arrays, creating      149Ч151
arrays, dynamic arrays      149
Arrays, manipulating      149Ч151
Arrays, multidimensional arrays      149
Arrays, numeric variables, array elements      151Ч152
Arrays, VBScript      149
Asc( ) function      118
ASPs (Active Server Pages)      384 410
Assigning data to variables      82Ч83
Associations, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      319
Associations, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), instances      321Ч325
Associations, WQL (WMI Query Language)      317
ASSOCIATORS OF query, WMI instances, associating      321Ч325
Associators, WQL (WMI Query Language)      303
Atn( ) function      118
Attributes property (Folder objects)      200Ч202
Attributes property (FSO File object)      204
Attributes, AD (Active Directory)      260
Automating, tasks, domains      455 480
Automating, user creation, domains      455Ч456 459Ч463
AvailableSpace property (Drive object)      195
batch files      2 20
Best practices, MsgBox statement      106Ч107
Boolean math, VBScript      121Ч126
Boolean operators      156Ч157
Boolean operators, WQL (WMI Query Language)      301Ч302
Bugs, scripts      421Ч422 435
Bugs, scripts, logic errors, debugging      425Ч435
Bugs, scripts, prevention      31
Bugs, scripts, syntax errors, preventing      422Ч425
Building HTAs (HTML Applications)      410
BuildPath function, FSO (FileSystemObject)      209Ч210
built-in commands      75
built-in functions      42 (see alsoУIntrinsic functionsФ)
Built-in functions, custom functions, compared      88Ч92
Built-in subroutines      see УStatementsФ
Buttons, Abort      107
Buttons, dialog boxes, Cancel button      105
Buttons, Ignore      107
Buttons, message boxes      103
Buttons, Retry      107
bytes      145
Bytes, converting      152
Bytes, VBScript      152
Calculator, Scientific mode      124
Cancel button, dialog boxes      105
Candidate modules, identifying      223
CBool( ) function      126
CByte( ) function      152
CCur( ) function      126
CD-ROM drive type      196
CDbl( ) function      126
certificate rules      400
Characters, double quotation marks, strings      129Ч130
Characters, line continuation characters (_)      79 337
Characters, underscore (_) character      79 106
CheckFolder.vbs listing (12.3)      200Ч202
CheckGroupMembership.vbs listing (16.1)      276Ч277
Checking group membership      61
CheckRoutes.vbs listing (17.2)      297
Chr( ) function      130
CIM (Common Information Model), WMI (Windows Management Information)      284
CInt( ) function      126
Classes, AD (Active Directory)      260
Classes, finding, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      293Ч294
Classes, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      284Ч285 305
Classes, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), associations      319Ч325
Classes, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), interrelated classes      300 317Ч320
Classes, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), Win32_OperatingSystem class      336Ч337 349 482Ч483
Classes, WQL (WMI Query Language), interrelated classes      317
Classid parameter (WSCs)      383
CLng( ) function      126
Code wizards      32
Code, bugs      421Ч422 435
Code, bugs, logic errors      425Ч435
Code, bugs, syntax errors      422Ч425
Code, debug code, adding      236 239
Code, debugging, logic errors      425Ч435
Code, debugging, syntax errors      422Ч425
Code, error-handling code      70
Code, functional code, HTAs (HTML Applications)      411Ч412
Code, HTML code, converting for HTA (HTML Applications)      414Ч416
Code, inline code      45
Code, pseudocode      56
Code, reusable code      31
code, reusing      424Ч425
Code, script code, adding to HTA (HTML Applications)      416 418
Coercion, numeric data types      126Ч127
Collections, COM objects      96
CollectSysInfo.vbs listing (28.3)      469Ч474
COM (Component Object Model) objects      18 20 76 94Ч98 439
COM (Component Object Model) objects, collections      96
COM (Component Object Model) objects, methods      95Ч96
COM (Component Object Model) objects, properties      95
COM (Component Object Model) objects, sample object (Tree object)      97Ч98
COM (Component Object Model) objects, scripting with      98Ч99
Command-line input, message boxes, asking for      109Ч110
Command-line parameters as input      110Ч114
Command-line scripts      23Ч25
Command-line scripts, execution of      110
Command-line scripts, parameters, parsing      111Ч114
Command-line scripts, running      111
command-line utilities      110
Commands, built-in commands      75
Commands, DatePart      224
commands, format      223
Commands, Len      225
Commands, MapPrinter      67
commands, Net      60
Commands, NET TIME      445
Commands, Option Explicit      81
Commands, Right      224
Commands, Sleep      186
Commands, WScript.Echo      213Ч214
Comments      48Ч53
Common Information Model (CIM), WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      284
Comparison operators, WQL (WMI Query Language)      302Ч303
Complex information queries, testing      325Ч326
Complex information queries, writing      325
Complex information queries, writing, VBScript      326Ч333
Complex information, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      300 317Ч319
Complex information, WQL (WMI Query Language)      317
Component Object Model (COM) objects      see УCOM (Component Object Model) objectsФ
CompressAll.vbs listing (19.2)      330Ч333
Computer programming      75
ComputerName method (Network object)      178
Computers, minimum requirements      8
Concatenating, strings      135Ч139
Conditional errors      70
Conditional execution statements, If/Then      156Ч161 170Ч171
Conditional execution statements, Select/Case      161Ч162
Conditional executions, scripts      155Ч162
Conditional executions, scripts, If/Then conditional execution statement      156Ч161 170Ч171
Conditional executions, scripts, Select/Case conditional execution statement      161Ч162
Connections, remote computers, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)      287Ч289
Const statement      80
Constants      466
Constants, variables, compared      80
Constructs, If/Then      69
Constructs, Select/Case      48
Consumers, WMI (Windows Management Instrumention)      285Ч286
Control-of-flow statements      155
Converting, bytes      152
Converting, data types to numeric data      127
Converting, data types to strings      142Ч143
Converting, date and time data      147
Converting, HTML code, HTAs (HTML Applications)      414Ч416
Converting, numeric data types      126Ч127
Copy method (Folder objects)      198
Copy method (FSO File objects)      204
CopyFolder method (FSO)      197
Copying-and-pasting, script      373Ч377
Copying-and-pasting, script, WSCs (Windows Script Components)      378 382Ч384 387
COS( ) function      118
cosines      115
Create method      260Ч261
Create method (objDomain)      248
CreateFolder method (FSO)      197
CreateObject      247Ч248
CreateShortcut method (Shell object)      183
CreateTextFile method (Folder objects)      198 347
Critical icon      107
CScript.exe      23Ч25 114
CScript.exe executable, deleting      405Ч406
CScript.exe, command-line parameters      114
CSng( ) function      126
CStr( ) function      130
Currency number types      116
Custom functions, intrinsic functions, compared      48 88Ч92
Custom functions, main script      45Ч46
Custom statements      see УSubroutinesФ
Custom subroutines, creating      92Ч94
Custom subroutines, main script      45Ч46
Custom subroutines, statements, compared      48
Data coercion      83Ч85
Data types      82
Data types, assumptions      127
Data types, date and time      145Ч148
Data types, date and time, converting      147
Data types, numeric data types, converting      126Ч127
Data types, numeric data types, converting to      127
Data types, numeric data, converting to      127
Data types, strings, converting to      142Ч143
Database Browser      32
Date and time data type      145Ч148
Date and time data type, converting      147
Date( ) function      42 85 227
DateAdd( ) function      147Ч148 223
DateCreated property (FSO File object)      204
DateDiff( ) function      87 467
DateLastAccessed property (FSO File object)      204
DateLastModified property (FSO File object)      204
DatePart command      224
DatePart( ) function      118 146
Dates, future dates, working with      147Ч148
Dates, getting      146Ч147
Dates, past dates, working with      147Ч148
Dates, VBScript      145Ч148
Day( ) function      146
Debug code, adding      236 239
Debuggers      434Ч435
Debugging scripts, syntax errors      422Ч425
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