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Lehey G., McKusick M.K. — The Complete FreeBSD
Lehey G., McKusick  M.K. — The Complete FreeBSD

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Название: The Complete FreeBSD

Авторы: Lehey G., McKusick M.K.


FreeBSD comes with the industry standard X Window system (X11R6) for the PC,XFree86. You also get a rich set of ready-to-run X applications and environments,including Gnome, KDE, Netscape, Open Look, Tcl/Tk and hundreds more.

The system comes with complete source code. FreeBSD provides a tightly integratedbuild system that lets you recompile the entire operating system and support softwarefrom source with just one command.

FreeBSD also comes with complete development environment with GNU C, C++ andegcs compilers and gdb debugger. It also comes with packages such as Perl, Python,Scheme, Tcl and GNU Emacs. For printing you get Groff, TeX, Ghostscript and AFMfonts. The bash, csh, zsh and tcsh shells give you a wide choice of environments.FreeBSD supports ISO 9660, RockRidge and Joliet format CDs.

Walnut Creek CDROM, the publisher of this book, relies exclusively on FreeBSD topower its Web site and its FTP site, ftp.cdrom.com. The busiest site in the worldaccording to independent auditors, it uses FreeBSD to manage 5,000 users, 4 GB RAM,and over 500 GB of hard drive space. It transfers a terabyte of data downloads everyday. And what makes Yahoo! scream? FreeBSD!

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Издание: Fourth Edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 714

Добавлена в каталог: 28.12.2007

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