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Flash: The Future, Pocket PC, DVD, ITV, Video, Game Consoles, Wireless
Flash: The Future, Pocket PC, DVD, ITV, Video, Game Consoles, Wireless

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Название: Flash: The Future, Pocket PC, DVD, ITV, Video, Game Consoles, Wireless


San Francisco, CA-No Starch Press, the leading publisher of cutting-edge technology books, has released Flash: The Future, the definitive guide to developing Flash(tm) applications for handheld computers, wireless devices, and other platforms. Written by a team of expert developers headed by Jon Warren Lentz, Flash: The Futureis the latest and most comprehensive resource for intermediate to advanced Flash developers.

Macromedia Flash has been the primary format for delivering rich, interactive content and applications on the Web. Today, the most exciting area of Flash development is geared towards devices other than desktop computers, such as Pocket PCs, cellular phones, and interactive TV. According to Lentz, "it makes sense for Web creatives to stay on the bleeding edge of technology. Right now, for Flashers, the bleeding edge is Flash on devices."

"Although Flash content can be created with a minimum of fuss on cross-platform desktop computers," says co-author Ian Chia, "when it moves into devices, there are a whole range of hardware and software constraints that come into play. Flash: The Future guides the developer through every aspect of content development for devices, including user interface issues on devices without a mouse, to game development, to advanced Flash applications deployed in an enterprise setting."

Flash: The Future shows readers how to:

* Work with either Flash 5 or Flash MX to design Flash applications and games for Pocket PCs
* Manage sound, button, file size, and other limitations that developers encounter when creating content for devices
* Work with color and optimize for different screen sizes, memory and CPUs
* Work within the limitations of the browser, Pocket Internet Explorer, or build custom standalone players
* Use advanced ActionScript techniques optimized for mobile devices
* Integrate with Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ or eMbedded Visual Basic for advanced business applications
* Prepare Flash animation for video or DVD, and build interfaces for interactive TV (ITV)

Flash: The Future includes coverage of Flash 5 and Flash MX. The CD-ROM contains code and examples from the book plus bonus developer tools for Pocket PC. Available in bookstores or from No Starch Press (www.nostarch.com), Flash: The Future is an essential guide to developing the new generation of Flash.

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Рубрика: Computer science/

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 432

Добавлена в каталог: 22.12.2007

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