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Hellegouarch S. — Cherrypy Essentials: Design, Develop, Test, and Deploy Robust, Simple Python Web Applications with Ease
Hellegouarch S. — Cherrypy Essentials: Design, Develop, Test, and Deploy Robust, Simple Python Web Applications with Ease

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Название: Cherrypy Essentials: Design, Develop, Test, and Deploy Robust, Simple Python Web Applications with Ease

Автор: Hellegouarch S.


This book covers the CherryPy library for Python web development from its history and installation through its main features and core concepts to its integration with Python and other products to construct, test, and deploy a sample photoblog application. The author Sylvain Hellegouarch is dedicated to the development of free software projects and has been coordinating and administrating the community efforts around the CherryPy project since 2004. The approach based on an example application introduces many other common Python libraries, providing transferable skills also relevant for non-web Python projects.

CherryPy is a Python library for web development that allows developers to build web applications in the same way as any other object-oriented Python program. Enriched by several years of active development, it has become one of the most established toolkits for building solid and high-performance web applications in Python. CherryPy abstracts the complex low-level HTTP protocol into an easy-to-use interface that respects Python idioms. The library aims at being simple to learn for a beginner while offering the most advanced features to fluent Python developers. For these reasons CherryPy was chosen to be at the heart of the popular and feature-rich TurboGears web framework. CherryPy-powered web applications are stand-alone Python applications with their own embedded multi-threaded web server, but can also run behind Apache or IIS for scalability.

CherryPy installation using tarball, egg, and subversion
. The CherryPy library in depth: its design and how to use it
. Using CherryPy with common Python and non-Python products
. Object RelationalMapping with SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, and Dejavu
. Web Services via REST and the Atom Publishing Protocol
. AJAX and client-side scripting via MochiKit
. Unit, functional, and load testing
. CherryPy, Apache, and lighttpd deployment solurions

The book starts with two chapters dedicated to CherryPy itself, its history and installation. Then it moves through a gentle introduction to the main features and concepts of CherryPy to a thorough review of its core capabilities. After laying this foundation the book dives into a real-world example, detailing important steps in the creation of a photoblog application. These chapters cover database manipulation via Object Relational Mapping (ORM), using web services to enhance the application, and client-side scripting through AJAX. Finally, the book covers the need for unit, functional, and performance testing before closing with deployment solutions for a CherryPy-based application.
Who this book is written for This book is principally geared towards Python web developers, who are looking to add the power of the CherryPy library to their existing Python skillset. It assumes a good working knowledge of Python . Although the CherryPy toolkit is at the core of the book, many other common libraries are introduced.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 250

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
AJAX, about      164
AJAX, advantages      165
AJAX, disadvantages      165 166
AJAX, photoblog, applying to      178
Ajax, XMLHttpRequest      166
APP, about      131
APP, Atom XML-document      132 133
APP, implementing      134—136
Application server      25
Application, about      25
Application, configuring      235
application, deploying      240
Application, deploying, on Apache with mod_python      244 245
Application, deploying, on Apache with mod_python WSGI      246
Application, deploying, on Apache with mod_rewrite      241—243
Application, deploying, on lighttpd with mod_proxy      243
Asynchronous JavaScript And XML      See AJAX
Atom publishing protocol      See APP
Atom XML-document      132
Cascading Style Sheets      See CSS
CherryPy, about      7
CherryPy, advantages      10
CherryPy, AJAX      163
CherryPy, APP      1?31
CherryPy, application      25
CherryPy, application server      25
CherryPy, applications, configuring      235
CherryPy, approach      8
CherryPy, basic example      26
CherryPy, built-in server      32
CherryPy, CherryPy, applications, deploying      235 240
CherryPy, community      9 10
CherryPy, configuration file      235
CherryPy, configuring      33—36
CherryPy, core engine, hooking into      59-61
CherryPy, deploying      235
CherryPy, distutils      14
CherryPy, downloading      13
CherryPy, engine      32
CherryPy, engine, configuring      235—238
CherryPy, error handling      44—49
CherryPy, exception handling      44—48
CherryPy, exposed object      36
CherryPy, folder structure      14
CherryPy, functional testing      218
CherryPy, history      8 9
CherryPy, hook points      60
CherryPy, HTTP features      51 52
CherryPy, HTTP methods      124
CherryPy, HTTP server      32
CherryPy, HTTP server, multiple      52
CherryPy, installation, testing      23
CherryPy, installing      13
CherryPy, installing overview      14 15
CherryPy, installing, easy_install used      18—20
CherryPy, installing, from Subversion      20—23
CherryPy, installing, tarball used      16 17
CherryPy, JSON      176
CherryPy, keywords used      25
CherryPy, library      38
CherryPy, library, working of      26—31
CherryPy, load testing      213
CherryPy, multi-threaded application server      54
CherryPy, multiple HTTP server      52
CherryPy, object publisher engine      36
CherryPy, overview      7 8 25
CherryPy, photoblog      91
CherryPy, photoblog, configuring      238
CherryPy, prerequisites      13
CherryPy, presentation layer      137
CherryPy, published object      36
CherryPy, Request-URI      37
CherryPy, REST      122
CherryPy, REST interface      130 131
CherryPy, SSL      246
CherryPy, static resource serving      81
CherryPy, testing      193
CherryPy, toolbox      61
CherryPy, tools, creating      77—81
CherryPy, traditional web development      119 120
CherryPy, unit testing      195
CherryPy, upgrading      23
CherryPy, URI      123
CherryPy, URI dispatching      55
CherryPy, web application server      25
CherryPy, web server      25
CherryPy, web server, configuring      235—238
CherryPy, web services      119
CherryPy, WSGI support      86
CSS      139
DBMS, overview, object oriented DBMS      96
DBMS, overview, relational DBMS      95
DBMS, overview, SQL joints, relational DBMS      96
DBMS, overview, SQL keywords, relational DBMS      95
DBMS, overview, XMLDBMS      97
DHTML, about      141
DHTML, encompassed technologies      141
Dynamic HTML      See DHTML
easy_install, about      18
easy_install, CherryPy, for installing      18—20
easy_install, PEAK      18
Functional testing, about      218
Functional testing, applications      219
Functional testing, Selenium      219
Hook, about      60
Hook, hook points      60
HTML      137
HTTP methods, about      124—128
HyperText Markup Language      See HTML
JavaScript Object Notation      See JSON
JSON, about      176
JSON, deserialization      177
JSON, serialization      177
Kid engine, attributes      144—146
Kid engine, overview      142 143
Library, CherryPy, autoreload feature      39
Library, CherryPy, caching module      39
Library, CherryPy, coverage module      39
Library, CherryPy, encoding/decoding module      40
Library, HTTP module      40
Library, Httpauth module      40
Library, profiler module      40
Library, sessions module      41
Library, static module      42
Library, tidy module      42
Library, Wsgiapp module      42
Library, XML-RPC module      42
Load testing, about      213
Load testing, working      214—218
Mochikit, about      156
Mochikit, components      156 157
Multi-threaded application server      54
Multiple HTTP servers      52
Object-relational mapping, about      97
Object-relational mapping, object-relational mappers      97
Object-relational mapping, python object-relational mappers      98—108
Photoblog design, basic structure      151—156
Photoblog design, design directory layout      149
Photoblog design, developing      157
Photoblog design, developing, CSS, amending      159 160
Photoblog design, developing, end-user actions, handling      158 159
Photoblog design, developing, HTML code      157 158
Photoblog design, developing, link, adding      158
Photoblog design, developing, template, amending      159
Photoblog design, global design goals      148
Photoblog design, template rendering, encapsulating      149 150
Photoblog design, tools      148
Photoblog design, user agent targeted      147
Photoblog, about      19
Photoblog, AJAX, applying      178
Photoblog, AJAX, classes, adding methods to      173—183
Photoblog, AJAX, method, for deleting existing album      190 191
Photoblog, AJAX, method, for new album      183—189
Photoblog, AJAX, method, for updating existing album      190
Photoblog, AJAX, namespace, implementing      179
Photoblog, AJAX, required namespace, defining      178
Photoblog, configuring      238 239
Photoblog, data access layer, extending      114 115
Photoblog, DBMS, overview      95
Photoblog, entities      92—94
Photoblog, entities, mapping      109—111
Photoblog, entity modeling      108
Photoblog, object-relational mapping      97
Photoblog, sandbox interface      112 113
Photoblog, terminology      94 95
Photoblog, UnitProperties      111
Photoblog, units      111
Photoblog, units, associating      112
Photoblog, units, querying      113 114
Presentation layer, about      137
Presentation layer, CSS      139 140
Presentation layer, DHTML      141
Presentation layer, HTML      137
Presentation layer, Mochikit      156
Presentation layer, Photoblog design      147
Presentation layer, XHTML      138 139
Presentation layer, XML      138
Python object-relational mappers, about      98
Python object-relational mappers, access to database, setting up      102
Python object-relational mappers, data, loading      104
Python object-relational mappers, data, manipulating      105
Python object-relational mappers, entities, mapping      98
Python object-relational mappers, tables, manipulating      103
Python object-relational mappers, types      98
Representational State Transfer      See REST
REST, about      122
REST, advantages      123
REST, elements      123
REST, through CherryPy      130 131
Secure Sockets Layer      See SSL
Selenium, about      219
Selenium, core      222—227
Selenium, IDE      227—230
Selenium, packages      219
Selenium, Remote Control      231 232
SSL in CherryPy      248—250
SSL in lighttpd      250
SSL, about      246
SSL, Apache mod_ssl support      251
SSL, certificate, creating      247
SSL, private key, creating      247
Static resource serving, about      81
Static resource serving, directory, Staticdir tool used      83—85
Static resource serving, single file, Staticfile tool used      81—83
Static resource serving, static content, static tools bypased      85 86
Subversion, about      20
Subversion, basic principle      20
Subversion, CherryPy, for installing      20—22
Tarball, about      16
Tarball, CherryPy, for installing      16 17
Templating engines, features      142
Templating engines, Kid engine      142
testing, applications      219
Testing, approach      195
Testing, functional testing      218
Testing, load testing      213
Testing, need for      193
testing, planning      194
Testing, unit testing      195
Toolbox, CherryPy, basic authentication tool      62
Toolbox, CherryPy, caching tool      63
Toolbox, CherryPy, decoding tool      64
Toolbox, CherryPy, digest authentication tool      65
Toolbox, CherryPy, encode tool      66
Toolbox, CherryPy, error redirect tool      67
Toolbox, CherryPy, Etag tool      67
Toolbox, CherryPy, Gzip tool      69
Toolbox, CherryPy, ignore headers tool      69
Toolbox, CherryPy, log headers tool      70
Toolbox, CherryPy, log tracebacks tool      70
Toolbox, CherryPy, proxy tool      72
Toolbox, CherryPy, referer tool      73
Toolbox, CherryPy, response headers tool      74
Toolbox, CherryPy, tool, creating      77—81
Toolbox, CherryPy, trailing slash tool      75
Toolbox, CherryPy, XML-RPC tool      76
Tools, CherryPy, creating      77—81
Tools, CherryPy, setting up      43
Uniform Resource Identifiers      See URI
Unit testing, about      195
Unit testing, doctest      201—204
Unit testing, unittest      196—201
Unit testing, web application      205—213
URI dispatching, about      55
URI dispatching, HTTP method dispatcher      55—57
URI dispatching, Routes dispatcher      57 58
URI dispatching, virtual host dispatcher      58 59
URI, about      123
URI, subsets      124
Web application server      25
Web server      25
Web Server Gateway Interface      See WSGI
Web services, APP      131
Web services, HTTP methods      124
Web services, REST      122
Web services, separation of concerns      121 122
Web services, traditional web development      119 120
Web services, URI      123
WSGI, about      86
WSGI, CherryPy WSGI application, hosting      89 90
WSGI, components      86
WSGI, purpose      86
WSGI, WSGI application, hosting      87
XHTML, about      138
XHTML, features      138
XML      138
XMLHttpRequest, about      166
XMLHttpRequest, attributes      166
XMLHttpRequest, authenticating, basic scheme used      170—176
XMLHttpRequest, authenticating, digest scheme used      170—176
XMLHttpRequest, content negotiated GET request, performing      168 169
XMLHttpRequest, cookies      170
XMLHttpRequest, DELETE request, performing      170
XMLHttpRequest, GET request, performing      167 168
XMLHttpRequest, HEAD request, performing      170
XMLHttpRequest, methods      167
XMLHttpRequest, POST request, performing      169
XMLHttpRequest, PUT request, performing      170
XMLHttpRequest, XML document, POSTing      169 170
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