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Graf H. — Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 Beta 1
Graf H. — Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 Beta 1

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Название: Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 Beta 1

Автор: Graf H.


Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. However, the information contained in this book is sold without warranty, either express or implied. Neither the author, Packt Publishing, nor its dealers or distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this book.
Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all the companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However, Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 360

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
Album manager, about      200—202
Album manager, as a stand-alone program      203 204
Album manager, integrating      204
Album manager, uninstalling      203
Article manager, about      114—116
Article manager, archiving      117
Article statistics      133
Article trash      127
Back end      Joomla! website
Back end, administrating      61—64
Banners, Joomla! components, about      139 140
Banners, Joomla! components, banner clients      140
Banners, Joomla! components, graphic banners      142—144
Banners, Joomla! components, managing      141—145
Banners, Joomla! components, modules      144
Banners, Joomla! components, text links      144
Cascading Style Sheets      See CSS
Category manager      130
changes      in Joomla! 1.5
Changes, database support      18
Changes, framework      19
Changes, FTP system      19
Changes, Google projects      19
Changes, internationalization      18
Changes, search engine friendliness      19
Changes, user plug-ins      18
Changes, web accessibility      19
Changes, XML-RPC support      18
CMS      See content management system
Component, creating, about      250 251
Component, creating, auto.html.php, front end      255—257
Component, creating, auto.php, front end      254 255
Component, creating, front end      253
Component, creating, installation package, creating      269—271
Component, creating, Joomla!, administrating      258
Component, creating, main menu, integrating into      257
Component, creating, MySQL table      252 253
Component, creating, SQL commands, MySQL table      252
Component, creating, testing      269
Components, Joomla!, banners      139
Components, Joomla!, components menu      139
Components, Joomla!, contacts      145
Components, Joomla!, creating      250
Components, Joomla!, example      250
Components, Joomla!, helloworld      245
Components, Joomla!, news feeds      150
Components, Joomla!, polls      152
Components, Joomla!, sample component      245
Components, Joomla!, web links      154
Contacts, Joomla! components, about      145
Contacts, Joomla! components, category manager      149
Contacts, Joomla! components, contact manager      145—149
Contacts, Joomla! components, content management system, about      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, CRM      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, definition by Wikipedia      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, details, contact manager      146 147
Contacts, Joomla! components, DMS      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, ECMS      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, ERP      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, history      8—10
Contacts, Joomla! components, HRM      7
Contacts, Joomla! components, HTML, disadvantage      9
Contacts, Joomla! components, information, contact manager      147
Contacts, Joomla! components, Joomla!, WCMS      8
Contacts, Joomla! components, LAMP      10
Contacts, Joomla! components, parameters, contact manager      147—149
Contacts, Joomla! components, PHP, advantage      11
Contacts, Joomla! components, WCMS      8
Content menu, about      113
Content menu, article manager      114—116
Content menu, article statistics      133
Content menu, article trash      127
Content menu, category manager      130
Content menu, content, editing from front end      134
Content menu, frontpage manager      132
Content menu, new article, creating      118—127
Content menu, section manager      128
Content menu, sections, editing      129
Corali, about      330
Corali, advantages      333
Corali, customizing      332
Corali, disadvantage      332
Corali, header      332
Corali, structure      331
Corporate Identity, about      207
Corporate Identity, components      207
CSS, about      208
CSS, HTML, integrating into      208
Expose flash gallery, about      194
Expose flash gallery, features      194
Expose flash gallery, installing      195
Expose flash gallery, integrating      196—199
Expose flash gallery, videos      199
Extensions, Joomla!, album manager      200
Extensions, Joomla!, Expose flash gallery      194
Extensions, Joomla!, extensions menu      157
Extensions, Joomla!, install/uninstall      157
Extensions, Joomla!, language manager      187
Extensions, Joomla!, module manager      158
Extensions, Joomla!, plugin manager      175
Extensions, Joomla!, template manager      181
Extensions, WCMS, components      14
Extensions, WCMS, module      14
Extensions, WCMS, plug-ins      14
Extensions, WCMS, templates      14
Fixed size templates, about      210
Fixed size templates, advantages      210
Fixed size templates, disadvantages      210
Formatting, Joomla!, CSS code      313
Formatting, Joomla!, divider lines      315 316
Formatting, Joomla!, menu item      314
Formatting, Joomla!, module title      313
Formatting, Joomla!, schema      312
Front end, Joomla! website, advertising      57
Front end, Joomla! website, banner, advertising      58
Front end, Joomla! website, content, about      55 56
Front end, Joomla! website, content, announcing      56 57
Front end, Joomla! website, decorative elements      61
Front end, Joomla! website, feeds, functions      60
Front end, Joomla! website, functions      58
Front end, Joomla! website, login area, functions      58
Front end, Joomla! website, main menu, menus      54
Front end, Joomla! website, menus      53 54
Front end, Joomla! website, modules      58
Front end, Joomla! website, other menu, menus      54
Front end, Joomla! website, overview      51—53
Front end, Joomla! website, polling, functions      59
Front end, Joomla! website, search field, functions      60
Front end, Joomla! website, top menu, menus      53
Front end, Joomla! website, who is online, functions      60
Frontpage manager      132
Helloworld, components, functionality, adding      248 249
Helloworld, components, helloworld.php, home directory      247
Helloworld, components, helloworld.php, Joomla! framework      247 248
Helloworld, components, home directory      246
Helloworld, components, HTML output, separating      249 250
Helloworld, components, Joomla! framework      247
Helloworld, components, logic, separating      249 250
Help menu, Joomla! Help      67
Help menu, system info      68 69
HTML/XHTML, about      208
HTML/XHTML, tags      208
Install/uninstall, Joomla! extensions      157
Joomla! for business establishment      334
Joomla! for NGO      327
Joomla! for online community      329
Joomla! web installer, configuring      46—48
Joomla! web installer, database, configuring      44
Joomla! web installer, finishing      48 49
Joomla! web installer, FTP, configuring      46
Joomla! web installer, language, choosing      41
Joomla! web installer, licence      43
Joomla! web installer, pre-installation check      42 43
Joomla!, Ada Gaffney Shaff, examples      22
Joomla!, admin password, recovering      342 343
Joomla!, administrating, admin.auto.html.php      265—267
Joomla!, administrating, admin.auto.php      260—263
Joomla!, administrating, article manager, content menu      114
Joomla!, administrating, article statistics, content menu      133
Joomla!, administrating, article trash, content menu      127
Joomla!, administrating, category manager, content menu      130
Joomla!, administrating, component table      258—260
Joomla!, administrating, configuring      65—67 80—96
Joomla!, administrating, content menu      113
Joomla!, administrating, content, editing from front end      134 135
Joomla!, administrating, control panel, site menu      70
Joomla!, administrating, frontpage manager, content menu      132
Joomla!, administrating, help menu      67
Joomla!, administrating, Joomla! Help      67
Joomla!, administrating, main menu, menus menu      98
Joomla!, administrating, media manager, site menu      77
Joomla!, administrating, menu manager, menus menu      97
Joomla!, administrating, menus menu      96
Joomla!, administrating, new article, creating      118
Joomla!, administrating, new menu, creating      107
Joomla!, administrating, section manager, content menu      128
Joomla!, administrating, site menu      69
Joomla!, administrating, system info      68 69
Joomla!, administrating, toolbar.auto.html.php      268
Joomla!, administrating, toolbar.auto.php      267
Joomla!, administrating, tools      135
Joomla!, administrating, trash manager, menus menu      106
Joomla!, administrating, user manager, site menu      70
Joomla!, administration, configuring      65—67
Joomla!, album manager, extensions      200
Joomla!, API      341
Joomla!, as real estate      15
Joomla!, awards      12
Joomla!, back end, website      61
Joomla!, changes from 1.0      18—20 316
Joomla!, client-server-system      27
Joomla!, commercial extensions      21
Joomla!, components      139 245
Joomla!, content for download      337
Joomla!, Corporate Identity, templates      207
Joomla!, CSS, internet technologies      208 209
Joomla!, customizing      65
Joomla!, examples      21—25
Joomla!, Expose flash gallery, extensions      194
Joomla!, extensions      157
Joomla!, features      20 21
Joomla!, fresh installation      346 347
Joomla!, front end, website      51
Joomla!, functionality, extending      192 193
Joomla!, history      11 12
Joomla!, HTML/XHTML, internet technologies      208
Joomla!, installing      27 38
Joomla!, installing, directory, selecting      38—41
Joomla!, installing, on virtual server      36—38
Joomla!, installing, web installer      41
Joomla!, internet technologies      208
Joomla!, Janette Norton, examples      23
Joomla!, Joomla! 1.5 db scheme, modifying      348
Joomla!, Joomla.org, examples      21
Joomla!, local environment, setting up      31—36
Joomla!, migrating      343
Joomla!, migrating from 1.0.x to 1.5, data, backing up      344 345
Joomla!, migrating from 1.0.x to 1.5, files, backing up      346
Joomla!, migrating from 1.0.x to 1.5, migration script      346
Joomla!, modules      272
Joomla!, online resources      337
Joomla!, picture (logo), exchanging in template      341
Joomla!, plug-ins      276
Joomla!, prerequisites      28
Joomla!, requirements, technical      28
Joomla!, roadmap      17
Joomla!, tables, importing      348
Joomla!, templates      327
Joomla!, templates, creating with Dreamweaver      224
Joomla!, templates, installing      321
Joomla!, templates, writing      207
Joomla!, third party components      205
Joomla!, TinyMCE editor      74
Joomla!, unric.org, examples      25
Joomla!, Urth.tv, examples      24
Joomla!, users, adding      76
Joomla!, users, editing      72
Joomla!, versions      16
Joomla!, versions, numbering system for      16 17
Joomla!, web accessibility      240
Joomla!, web installer      41
Joomla!, website, accessing      27
Joomla!, website, building      281
Joomla!, XAMPP for Linux      338
Joomla!, XAMPP for Windows      338
Joomla!, XML, internet technologies      209
Language manager, Joomla! extensions, about      187
Language manager, Joomla! extensions, different language file, installing      187—189
Language manager, Joomla! extensions, menu entry, translating      189—191
Language manager, Joomla! extensions, menu name, modifying      192
Local environment, Joomla!, Debian, Linux      36
Local environment, Joomla!, Linux      35
Local environment, Joomla!, own server, Linux      36
Local environment, Joomla!, SUSE > 9.1, Linux      35
Local environment, Joomla!, Ubuntu, Linux      36
Local environment, Joomla!, Windows      31—33
Local environment, Joomla!, XAMPP, Windows      32—34
Main menu, about      98
Main menu, copy icon      99
Main menu, default icon      98
Main menu, edit icon      100
Main menu, menu item details, edit icon      101—103
Main menu, menu item type, edit icon      101
Main menu, move icon      99
Main menu, new icon      105
Main menu, parameter, edit icon      103—105
Main menu, publish/unpublish icon      99
Main menu, trash icon      100
Media manager, about      77
Media manager, configuring      80
Media manager, directory, creating      78
Media manager, file, uploading      79
Menu manager      97
Menus menu, about      96
Menus menu, main menu      98
Menus menu, menu manager      97
Menus menu, new menu, creating      107—113
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, about      158
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, admin menu      174
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, admin submenu      175
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, administrator module      173
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, advertisement      169
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, archive      165
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, banner      160 161
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, breadcrumbs      161
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, Cpanel shell, toolbar      175
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, feed display      167
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, footer      162 174
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, Joomla! book      167
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, latest news      170
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, logged in users      173
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, login      174
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, login form      164 165
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, main menu      162—164
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, menu stats      174
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, module, copying      172
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, newsflash      169
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, online users      174
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, polls      168
Module manager, Joomla! extensions, popular      170 174
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