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Josephsen D. Ч Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios
Josephsen D. Ч Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios

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Ќазвание: Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios

јвтор: Josephsen D.


Build real-world, end-to-end network monitoring solutions with Nagios

This is the definitive guide to building low-cost, enterprise-strength monitoring infrastructures with Nagios, the worldТs leading open source monitoring tool. Expert network monitoring specialist David Josephsen goes far beyond the basics, demonstrating how to use third-party tools and plug-ins to solve your specific problems in your unique environment.

Josephsen introduces Nagios Уfrom the bottom up,Ф showing how to plan for success and leverage todayТs most valuable monitoring best practices. Then, using practical examples, real directives, and working code, Josephsen presents detailed monitoring solutions for Windows, Unix, Linux, network equipment, and other platforms and devices.

YouТll find thorough discussions of advanced topics, including the use of data visualization to solve complex monitoring problems. This is also the first Nagios book with comprehensive coverage of using Nagios Event Broker to transform and extend Nagios.

Ј Understand how Nagios works, in depth: the host and service paradigm, plug-ins, scheduling, and notification

Ј Configure Nagios successfully: config files, templates, timeperiods, contacts, hosts, services, escalations, dependencies, andmore

Ј Streamline deployment with scripting templates, automated discovery, and Nagios GUI tools

Ј Use plug-ins and tools to systematically monitor the devices and platforms you need to monitor, the way you need to monitor them

Ј Establish front-ends, visual dashboards, and management interfaces with MRTG and RRDTool

Ј Build new C-based Nagios Event Broker (NEB) modules, one step at a time

Ј Contains easy-to-understand code listings for Unix shells and Perl

If youТre responsible for systems monitoring infrastructure in any organization, large or small, this bookwill help you achieve the results you want Ч right from the start.

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 230

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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--bindir=DIR option, installation directories      193
--datadir=DIR option, installation directories      193
--enable-embedded-perl option      43
--exec-prefix=EPREFIX option, installation directories      193Ч194
--infodir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--libdir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--libexecdir=DIR option, installation directories      193
--localstatedir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--mandir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--oldincludedir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--prefix=PREFIX option, installation directories      193
--sbindir=DIR option, installation directories      193
--sharedstatedir=DIR option, installation directories      194
--srcdir=DIR option, configrue script      193
--sysconfdir=DIR option, installation directories      193
--with-cgiurl=<local-url> package      195
--with-cgiurl=<path> option      43 47
--with-command-group=<grp> option      43
--with-command-group=<grp> package      195
--with-command-user=<user> package      195
--with-command-user=<usr> option      43
--with-gd-inc=DIR package      195
--with-gd-lib=DIR package      195
--with-htmurl=<local-url> package      195
--with-htmurl=<path> option      43
--with-init-dir=<path> option      43
--with-init-dir=<path> package      195
--with-lockfile=<path> package      195
--with-mail=<path_to_mail> package      195
--with-nagios-group=<group> option      47
--with-nagios-group=<grp> option      43
--with-nagios-group=<grp> package      195
--with-nagios-user=<user> option      47
--with-nagios-user=<user> package      195
--with-nagios-user=<usr> option      43
--with-perlcache package      195
--with-trusted-path=<colon delimited:list: of:paths> option      47
-h option, configure script      193
-n option, configure script      193
-q option, configure script      193
-V option, configure script      193
accept_passive_host_checks option      201
accept_passive_service_checks option      200
Acknowledgments, notification      31Ч32
Adams, Russell, NACE      79
Administrators, E2E      11
Administrators, failover systems      11Ч12
Administrators, layered notifications      9Ч10
Administrators, network locations      6Ч7
Administrators, overhead      4Ч5
Administrators, security      7Ч9
Administrators, systems monitoring      1Ч4
admin_email option      203
admin_pager option      203
aggregate_status_updates option      202
Apache, configuration      72Ч73
authorized_for_all_hosts option      204
authorized_for_all_host_commands option      204
authorized_for_all_services option      204
authorized_for_all_service_commands option      204
authorized_for_configuration_information option      204
authorized_for_system_commands option      204
authorized_for_system_information option      204
auto-discovery tools      79
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration      82
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration, Fruity      82Ч83
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration, Monarch      83Ч84
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration, NACE      79Ч81
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration, namespace      81Ч82
auto-discovery tools, GUI configuration, Nmap      79Ч81
auto_reschedule_checks option      199
auto_rescheduling_interval option      199
auto_rescheduling_window option      199
Bandwidth, processing considerations      4Ч5
Best practices, E2E Monitoring      11
Best practices, failover systems      11Ч12
Best practices, layered notifications      9Ч10
Best practices, network locations      6Ч7
Best practices, processing, bandwidth considerations      4Ч5
Best practices, processing, remote versus local      4
Best practices, security      7Ч9
Best practices, systems monitoring      1Ч4
broker_module option      198
Callbacks, function pointers      173Ч175
cfg_dir option      197
cfg_file option      197
cgi.cfg files, configuration      57Ч58
cgi.cfg files, option      204Ч205
check_disk command      213Ч215
check_external_commands option      197
check_for_orphaned_services option      202
check_host_freshness option      202
check_http command      211Ч213
check_load command      213
check_ping command      208Ч209
check_procs command      215Ч216
check_service_freshness option      202
check_tcp command      209Ч210
Code listings collection, data visualization      145
Code listings collection, glue layer      145Ч146
Code listings collection, NagiosGraph      146Ч149
Code listings, Apache Sample VirtualHost Config      72Ч73
Code listings, BgpLastError Command Definition      125
Code listings, Broker's make_callback code for SERVICE_STATUS_DATA      187
Code listings, Calling Load_Checker      22
Code listings, CDEF Syntax      151
Code listings, CDEFs Data Summarization      154
Code listings, Ceck_Disk Definition for NagioGraph      148
Code listings, Check_clust Plugin in Perl/WMI      104Ч105
Code listings, Check_dll Host      102Ч105
Code listings, Check_dllhost Command Definition      110
Code listings, Check_dllhost Service Definition      110
Code listings, Check_http Service Definition      88Ч89
Code listings, Check_load Command Definition with Argument Passing      116
Code listings, Check_load Service Definition      116
Code listings, Check_nt_cpuload Command Definition      111
Code listings, Check_nt_cpuload Service Definition      112
Code listings, Check_ping Command Definition      86
Code listings, Check_ping_service Definition      87
Code listings, Check_ssl Service Definition      94
Code listings, Check_swap Command Definition      118
Code listings, Check_tcp Wrapper      90Ч92 103Ч105
Code listings, colored statusmap patches      46Ч47
Code listings, COM (Component Object Model)      100Ч101
Code listings, Command Example      61
Code listings, Command to Perform SMTP Handshake      92
Code listings, command-line options, Nagios binary      207Ч208
Code listings, command-line options, plugins      208
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_disk      213Ч215
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_http      211Ч213
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_load      213
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_ping      208Ч209
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_procs      215Ч216
Code listings, command-line options, plugins, check_tcp      209Ч210
Code listings, commands, configuration      61Ч62
Code listings, commands, object      52
Code listings, command_check_interval optin      198
Code listings, command_file option      198
Code listings, comment_file optin      198
Code listings, Component Object Model (COM)      100Ч101
Code listings, Config.xml for WebInject      95
Code listings, configurations, Apache      72Ч73
Code listings, configurations, Apache, cgi.cfg file options      204Ч205
Code listings, configurations, Apache, commands      61Ч62
Code listings, configurations, Apache, contact group      64
Code listings, configurations, Apache, contact object      63
Code listings, configurations, Apache, dependencies      71
Code listings, configurations, Apache, escalations      70
Code listings, configurations, Apache, extended information      72
Code listings, configurations, Apache, files, cgi.cfg      57Ч58
Code listings, configurations, Apache, files, nagios.cfg      54Ч56
Code listings, configurations, Apache, files, objects      52Ч54
Code listings, Contact Example      62Ч64
Code listings, Creating Multi-Counter RRD      143
Code listings, Creating Single-Counter RRD      140
Code listings, Enabling SNMP on Cisco Routers      122
Code listings, Event Broker Sending Data      185Ч186
Code listings, Event Handler Function      186Ч187
Code listings, Generic Check_tcp Definition      88
Code listings, Grepable Nmap Output      80
Code listings, Host Example      64
Code listings, Host Template and Consumer Definition      59
Code listings, Host Template Skeleton      76
Code listings, Hostdependency Example      70
Code listings, Hostescalation Example      69
Code listings, Hostextendedinfo Example      72
Code listings, Hostgroup Example      68
Code listings, hostgroups      68Ч69
Code listings, hosts      65Ч66
Code listings, Includes      181
Code listings, init Functioin      182
Code listings, Installing Nagios for the Impatient Person      42
Code listings, Installing Nagios with Patches      47
Code listings, List of Hosts      77
Code listings, MIB snmpwalk Output      125
Code listings, Modifying RRAs in NagiosGraph      146
Code listings, Nagios installation      42Ч43
Code listings, nagios.cfg file options      197Ч203
Code listings, NagiosGraph Check_Ping Definition      148
Code listings, NEB Module that Implements Filesystem Interface      178Ч180
Code listings, Nebmodule Struct      183
Code listings, nebstruct_service_status_data struct      188
Code listings, Notification Command Definition      63
Code listings, Output from Configure      45
Code listings, Output from Namespace Command      81
Code listings, Output from Plugins Configure      48
Code listings, Output from Sensors Program      128Ч129
Code listings, Performance Data Wraper for Plugins      38
Code listings, Ping Plugin      19
Code listings, Ping with Summary Output      20
Code listings, Process-Service-Perfdata Command      147
Code listings, Protocol-Specific Check_tcp Command Definition      89
Code listings, Realistic Nagios Installation      45
Code listings, Remote Load Average Checker      21
Code listings, Remote Load Average Checker with Exit Codes      21Ч22
Code listings, Sample Host Definition      54
Code listings, Sell Scriptto Create hosts.cfg from Skeletons and Host List      77
Code listings, Service Dependency Example      71
Code listings, Service Example      66
Code listings, Service Template to Use with Definition Skeleton      20Ч22 63 77Ч78 91 103Ч105 179Ч180 187Ч190
Code listings, Serviceescalation Example      69
Code listings, Servicegroup Example      69
Code listings, services      67Ч68
Code listings, Services Definition Skeleton      78
Code listings, service_struct def from nagios.h      188Ч190
Code listings, Specifying Object Config Files Individually      55
Code listings, Template      87
Code listings, templates      58Ч60
Code listings, Test Case File for WebInject      96
Code listings, Timeperiod Example      60
Code listings, timeperiods      60
Code listings, Unrecognizable SNMP      123
Code listings, Using Function Pointers      174
Code listings, Verbose Output from WebInject      97
Code listings, WebInject Command Definition      97
Code listings, WebInject Service Definition      98
Configure scripts, installation directories      193Ч194
Configure scripts, optional features      194
Configure scripts, options      193
Configure scripts, packages      195
contact objects      52 63
Contactgroups, configuration      64
Contactgroups, object      52
CPAN Web site      84
CPU, UNIX monitoring      113Ч116
Cygwin feature      194
daemon_dumps_core option      203
Data visualization      132Ч135
Data visualization, front-end      149
Data visualization, front-end, draw      155 158
Data visualization, front-end, RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)      152Ч154
Data visualization, front-end, RRDTool Graph Mode      149Ч152
Data visualization, front-end, selection      154Ч155
Data visualization, management interface      158Ч159 162
Data visualization, management interface, GD Graphics Library      164Ч165
Data visualization, management interface, GraphViz      167Ч168
Data visualization, management interface, jsvis force directed graphs      171Ч172
Data visualization, management interface, NagVis      166Ч167
Data visualization, management interface, RRDTool Fetch Mode      162Ч164
Data visualization, management interface, Sparklines      169Ч170
Data visualization, MRTG      135
Data visualization, polling and collection      145
Data visualization, polling and collection, glue layer      145Ч146
Data visualization, polling and collection, NagiosGraph      146Ч149
Data visualization, RRDTool      135Ч136
Data visualization, RRDTool, data types      136
Data visualization, RRDTool, heartbeat and step      137Ч138
Data visualization, RRDTool, minimum and maximum range      139
Data visualization, RRDTool, Round Robin Archives      139Ч140
Data visualization, RRDTool, syntax      140Ч144
date_format option      202
DEBUG0 feature      194
DEBUG1 feature      194
DEBUG2 feature      194
DEBUG3 feature      194
DEBUG4 feature      194
DEBUG5 feature      194
DEBUGALL feature      194
default_statusmap_layout option      205
default_statuswrl_layout option      205
default_user_name option      204
Definitions, configuration objects      52Ч54
Dependencies, configuration      71
Dependencies, Nagios installation      41
Directives, cgi.cfg file      57Ч58
Directories, installation      193Ч194
Disks, UNIX monitoring      118
Dondich, Taylor, Fruity      82Ч83
Downtime, notification      31Ч32
downtime_file option      198
draw, data visualization      155 158
E2E (End to End) Monitoring      11
Embedded-perl feature      194
Enablers, global      55Ч56
enable_event_handlers option      201
enable_flap_detection option      202
enable_notifications option      201
End to End (E2E) Monitoring      11
Environment sensors, monitoring      126Ч127
Escalations, configuration      70
Escalations, notification      31Ч32
Event Broker, function pointers      173Ч175
Event Broker, I/O interface      38
Event Broker, NEB, architecture      175Ч178
Event Broker, NEB, filesystem interface implementation      178Ч191
Event handler functions      186Ч187
Event-broker feature      194
Events, scheduling, check interval and states      23Ч26
Events, scheduling, load distribution      26Ч27
Events, scheduling, service parallel execution      27Ч28
event_broker_options option      198
event_handler_timeout option      200
execute_host_checks option      201
execute_service_checks option      200
Exit codes, plugins      18Ч20
Extended information, configuration      72
External command files, I/O interface      37
Failover systems      11Ч12
FHS (File System Hierarchy Standard)      40
File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)      40
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