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Pietrek M. — Windows 95 System Programming Secrets
Pietrek M. — Windows 95 System Programming Secrets

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Название: Windows 95 System Programming Secrets

Автор: Pietrek M.


This is no mere "How do I write a Windows 95 app?" manual. Windows 95 System Programming SECRETS reveals the hard-core technical information you need to know in order to tap the true power of 32-bit programming for Windows 95. Written for the programmer who's done at least some Windows 3.x programming, this authoritative and comprehensive insider's guide offers practical insight into why Windows 95 works as it does. Designing applications — no matter the type — will become second nature as you…

Discover what's new in Windows 95 from a programming and architectural point of view Plunge into the specifics of its three core data structures — modules, processes, and threads — to understand issues such as local thread storage and structured exception handling Get nitty-gritty details about key 16- and 32-bit data structures, and tour the USER and GDI subsystems to see how windowing, messaging, and graphics work in Windows 95 Dissect the Windows 95 memory architecture: memory paging, selectors, virtual, and heap functions Uncover the relationships among KRNL386.EXE, KERNEL32.DLL, and VWIN32.VXD Scrutinize Windows 95's Portable Executable formats to glean new insight into dynamic linking, loader behavior, and memory management Plus, on the bonus disk included with Windows 95 System Programming SECRETS, you get spy utilities and valuable source code, as well as author Matt Pietrek's own special programs for spelunking Windows 95

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Год издания: 1995

Количество страниц: 780

Добавлена в каталог: 07.12.2007

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