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Eckstein R., Carter G., Watters P. — Using Samba
Eckstein R., Carter G., Watters P. — Using Samba

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Название: Using Samba

Авторы: Eckstein R., Carter G., Watters P.


Samba is a cross-platform triumph: it turns a Unix or Linux system into a file and print server for network clients using Microsoft Windows on the desktop. Available under the GNU General Public License, this open source software is so robust, flexible, fast, and secure that many administrators choose it over Windows for their file and print services.
Our complete guide to Samba administration is intended for those of you who manage Unix and Linux and need to support Windows clients on your network, as well as anyone who needs to access the resources of a Windows network environment from a Unix client. Covering versions 2.0 and 3.0 of Samba, this new edition takes administrators from basic installation and configuration — on both the client and server side — to subtle details of security, cross-platform compatibility, and resource discovery. The book also includes added support for Active Directory and other LDAP databases such as OpenLDAP, SWAT, a complete rewrite of printer coverage, and much more. It's a one-stop-shop to setting up an efficient and secure Samba server

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 3rd Edition

Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 432

Добавлена в каталог: 06.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
. (period), NetBIOS names and      
/etc/passwd file, authenticating users against      
Access Control Entries (ACEs)      2nd
Access Denied error      
account storage      
account utilities      
ACLs, access control entries (ACEs)      
ACLs, DOS compatibility options      
ACLs, Explorer security tab, understanding      
ACLs, nt acl support      
ACLs, options      
ACLs, POSIX      
ACLs, specifying      
ACLs, Windows 2000 and      
ACLs, Windows access masks and      
Active Directory      2nd
Active Directory domains      2nd
Add Computer to Domain dialog      
add group script      
add machine script      
add machine script option      
add user script      
add user to group script      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)      2nd
ADMIN$ share      
Advanced Server for Unix product      
AFS ACLs      
Albitz, Paul      
anonymous browsing      
assdb recommendations      
attributes ranges      
auditing and debugging with net ads search      
Authentication Server (AS) (Kerberos)      
authentication, defined      
authentication, failed      
authentication, guest-related parameters      
authentication, passwords      
authorization lists      
authorization parameters      
backends (CUPS modules)      
backends (CUPS modules), passdb      2nd
backup browser      2nd
backup domain controllers (BDCs)      
bcast (name resolve order)      
bind interfaces only option (smb.conf file)      
Broadcast address      
browse lists      2nd
browser elections      2nd
browser, backup      
browser, potential      
Browsing      2nd 3rd
Browsing and Windows 95 Networking and CIFS/E Browser Protocol
browsing configuration options      
browsing daemon      
browsing enhancements      
browsing, a list of computers and shared resources, defined      
browsing, anonymous      
browsing, configuring Samba for      
browsing, cross-subnet      
browsing, server from the client      
browsing, shared resource of a specific computer      
BSD printing system, adding      
BSD Unix      
BSD Unix, automatically starting Samba daemons      
byte range locking      2nd
C$ share      
Can't copy service name, unable to copy to itself      
Can't find include file [name]      
capturing network traffic      
case preservation      
case sensitivity      
check password script      
checking (message from configure script)      
CIFS (Common Internet File System)      
cifs mount helper tools      
CIFS Technical Reference from the Storage Network Industry Association      
clear-text passwords      
Client for Microsoft Networks      
commands, findsmb      
commands, ntlm_auth      
commands, options      
commands, options, authentication      
commands, options, common      
commands, options, connection      
commands, profiles      
commands, smbcacls      
commands, smbcquotas      
commands, smbget      
commands, smbspool      
commands, smbstatus      
commands, smbtar      
commands, smbtree      
commands, tdbbackup      
commands, tdbdump      
comment option (smb.conf file)      
comp.protocols.smb newsgroup      
compiling and installing Samba      
components, Windows      
Computer Management MMC plug-in      
config.log file      
config.status file      
Configuration files      
configure options      
configure options, bindir      
configure options, datadir      
configure options, enable-cups      2nd 3rd
configure options, enable-debug      2nd 3rd
configure options, enable-developer      2nd
configure options, enable-dmalloc      2nd
configure options, enable-iprint      2nd
configure options, enable-pie      2nd
configure options, enable-socket-wrapper      2nd
configure options, libdir      
configure options, localstatedir=directory      
configure options, mandir      
configure options, prefix      2nd
configure options, prefix=directory      
configure options, sample execution      
configure options, sbindir      
configure options, with-acl-support      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-ads      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-afs      2nd
configure options, with-aio-support      2nd
configure options, with-automount      2nd
configure options, with-cfenc=directory      2nd
configure options, with-cifsmount      2nd
configure options, with-configdir=directory      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-dce-dfs      2nd
configure options, with-fake-kaserver      2nd
configure options, with-fhs      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-included-popt      2nd
configure options, with-krb5=base-dir      2nd
configure options, with-ldap      2nd
configure options, with-libiconv=directory      2nd
configure options, with-libmsrpc      2nd
configure options, with-libsmbclient      2nd
configure options, with-libsmbsharemodes      2nd
configure options, with-lockdir=directory      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-logfilebase=directory      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-msdfs      
configure options, with-nisplus-home      
configure options, with-pam      2nd
configure options, with-pam_smbpass      2nd
configure options, with-piddir=directory      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-privatedir=directory      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-profiling-data      
configure options, with-quotas      2nd
configure options, with-readline=directory      2nd
configure options, with-sendfile-support      2nd
configure options, with-shared-modules=modules      2nd
configure options, with-smbmount      2nd 3rd
configure options, with-smbtorture4-path=path      
configure options, with-smbwrapper      
configure options, with-spinlocks      2nd
configure options, with-static-modules=modules      2nd
configure options, with-swatdir=directory      2nd
configure options, with-sys-quotas      2nd
configure options, with-syslog      2nd
configure options, with-utmp      2nd
configure options, with-vfs-afsacl      2nd
configure options, with-winbind      2nd
configure script      2nd
control firewall.cpl      
copy option (smb.conf file)      
create directory mask      
create mask      
creating (message from configure script)      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      
CUPS, printer daemon (cupsd)      
CUPS, Samba and      
CUPS, server      
daemons, bound to ports      
Darwin and smbfs      
DAT files      
dat files, ${lockdir}/browse.dat      
dat files, ${lockdir}/wins.dat      
datagram primitives      
datagram services (NBT)      
datagram services (NBT), defined      
datagram services (NBT), tips      
debug option (pam_windbind)      
delete group script      
delete user from group script      
delete user script      
developer options      
developer options, enable-debug      
developer options, enable-developer      
developer options, enable-dmalloc      
developer options, enable-socket-wrapper      
developer options, with-profiling-data      
developer options, with-smbtorture4-path=path      
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)      
disable netbios parameter      
Distributed Computing Environment Distributed Filesystem (DCE/DFS)      
DNS proxy, configuring on WINS server      2nd
DNS, servers, name resolution and      
DNS, versus hostnames      
Domain Admins      
domain controllers      2nd
domain controllers, location parameters      
domain controllers, Windows NT 4.0      
domain joins, setting up      
domain joins, setting up, Domain Admins      
domain joins, setting up, required privileges      
domain joins, setting up, Windows client      
domain master (browsing configuration options)      
domain master browser      
domain master browser, Samba as      
domain master browser, verifying Samba as      
domain master parameter      
domain member servers      2nd
domain member servers, domain and ADS security modes      
domain member servers, domain and ADS security modes, locating domain controller      
domain member servers, domain and ADS security modes, security = ads      
domain member servers, domain and ADS security modes, security = domain      
domain member servers, joining a domain      
domain trusts      
domain trusts, net rpc trustdom commands      
DOS attributes      
DOS attributes, Archive      
DOS attributes, Hidden      
DOS attributes, options      
DOS attributes, permission bits      
DOS attributes, ReadOnly      
DOS attributes, System      
downloading Samba with Subversion      
encrypt passwords option      
error messages from configure script      
EventLog tdb files      
eventlogadm command      2nd
excluding files      
failed logons      
Fault tree      
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks      
file range locking      
file shares, controlling authorization for      
file sharing      
filenames, 8.3 convention      
filenames, case sensitivity      
filenames, length      
filenames, mapping from long filenames to short ones      
filenames, name mangling      
filenames, valid characters      
files, hiding      
filesystem differences      
findsmb command      
findsmb program      
firewall configuration      
force create mode      
force directory mode      
FreeBSD smbfs      
getgrent( ) function      
getgrnam( ) function      
getpwent( ) function      
getpwnam( ) function      
Ghostscript ps2pdf command      
Global parameter name found in service section      
GNU General Public License      
GPG key      
Group ID (GID)      
group management options      
group mapping      
group mapping, Printer Admins      
group mapping, prtadmin Unix group membership      
groupnet command, ADS functions      
guest access      
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