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Sobell M.G. — A Practical Guide to Linux® Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming
Sobell M.G. — A Practical Guide to Linux® Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

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Название: A Practical Guide to Linux® Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

Автор: Sobell M.G.


The essential reference for core commands that Linux users need daily, along with superior tutorial on shell programming and much moreSystem administrators, software developers, quality assurance engineers and others working on a Linux system need to work from the command line in order to be effective. Linux is famous for its huge number of command line utility programs, and the programs themselves are famous for their large numbers of options, switches, and configuration files. But the truth is that users will only use a limited (but still significant) number of these utilities on a recurring basis, and then only with a subset of the most important and useful options, switches and configuration files. This book cuts through all the noise and shows them which utilities are most useful, and which options most important. And it contains examples, lot's and lot's of examples. This is not just a reprint of the man pages.

And Linux is also famous for its "programmability." Utilities are designed, by default, to work wtih other utilities within shell programs as a way of automating system tasks. This book contains a superb introduction to Linux shell programming. And since shell programmers need to write their programs in text editors, this book covers the two most popular ones: vi and emacs.

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Год издания: 2005

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