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Hart-Davis G. — The XP Files: Windows' Hidden Tools for Secure Sharing, Communication, and Collaboration
Hart-Davis G. — The XP Files: Windows' Hidden Tools for Secure Sharing, Communication, and Collaboration

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Название: The XP Files: Windows' Hidden Tools for Secure Sharing, Communication, and Collaboration

Автор: Hart-Davis G.


Windows XP's best-kept secrets—revealed! Master the full range of powerful,secure—and hidden—Internet communication tools within XP. Exchange music,video,or any type of file securely,make free calls to anyone in the world,and protect your privacy with help from this one-of-a-kind resource.

XP's Best-Kept Secrets—Revealed!

During the past decade,Microsoft has created the some of the best Internet communication programs in the world and has installed them on every Windows computer—free,but mostly hidden. Until now,only a few knowledgeable computer users knew how to exploit the potential of these programs—and understood the threats posed by the programs that Microsoft encouraged people to use. Now you're about to become one of the power users who knows how to harness the power of Microsoft's powerful Internet tools: NetMeeting,Windows Messenger,Outlook Express with Hotmail,HyperTerminal,and Phone Dialer. By reading this book,you'll learn to:
* Chat with dozens of people at a time—securely—without any possibility of eavesdroppers
* Share any photo,document,or program with friends or family anywhere
* Save hundreds of dollars a month on phone bills! Talk with voice and video to as many as 6 people at once—anywhere in the world
* Send live video feeds from your computer to your friends and family
* Exchange MP3 files,or any file,with any other Internet user—securely
* Protect your computer and Internet connection from human predators,viruses,and worms
* Set up and manage as many personal e-mail accounts as you need—and protect each against spam and undesirable e-mailers
* Createwhiteboard drawings that scores of other users can see,change,and comment on—simultaneously
* Choose the best Internet connection for your needs,and share it with your household
* Understand the threat that Microsoft's . NET Passport and associated technologies pose to your privacy and security—and defeat it

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 335

Добавлена в каталог: 02.11.2007

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