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van der Vlist E. — Relax NG
van der Vlist E. — Relax NG

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Название: Relax NG

Автор: van der Vlist E.



XML has spread rapidly into all aspects of computing because of its radical flexibility. Developers can create vocabularies that identify data and document structures according to their own preferences. While this flexibility is powerful, it has also driven the development of vocabularies that describe and constrain those structures, called schemas. Unfortunately, developers have been trapped between relatively weak but easily approachable XML 1.0 DTDs and the much more powerful but dauntingly complex W3C XML Schema. Over the past few years, an alternative has emerged, combining the ease of DTDs with the power of W3C XML Schema: RELAX NG.

This book explores this new schema vocabulary, from its clean foundations through best practices to integration with other data-description approaches. While working with RELAX NG is easy compared to W3C XML Schema, there is still plenty to learn. RELAX NG explains both the XML syntax and compact syntax in depth, showing how to use every pattern in both syntaxes with clear, simple examples. Whether you're a programmer defining XML vocabularies for interchange or a document manager supporting new metadata in a publishing environment, you'll find RELAX NG a refreshing approach to describing XML. This book provides a complete guide to this exciting new technology, from how to get started to how best to apply it to many different kinds of XML problems.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 1st edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 486

Добавлена в каталог: 22.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
# hash      
(nameClass) container      
(pattern) container      
* operator      
>> syntax (following annotation)      
ambiguity, accepting      
ambiguity, datatype      
ambiguity, different types      
ambiguity, name class      
ambiguity, regular expression      
ambiguity, regular hedge grammars      
ambiguity, RELAX NG      
ambiguity, versus determinism      
ambiguous patterns, glossary definition      
ambiguous schemas, downsides to      
annotations, applications      [See application annotations]
annotations, conversion      
annotations, DTDs      
annotations, Dublin Core      
annotations, following      
annotations, for applications      
annotations, for documentation purposes      [See documentation annotations]
annotations, for extension      
annotations, grammar      
annotations, initial      
annotations, losing the relation between link and location      
annotations, preprocessing      
annotations, simplification and      
annotations, that extend features of RELAX NG      
annotations, that help generate something      
annotations, value and param patterns      
annotations, W3C XML Schema      
anyName element      2nd 3rd
application annotations      
application annotations, conversion      
application annotations, extension      
application annotations, preprocessing      
atomic patterns      
atoms, character classes      
atoms, special characters      
atoms, wildcards      
attribute element      
attribute pattern      2nd
attribute pattern, compact syntax and      
attribute pattern, pattern normalization      
attributes, adding to element      
attributes, confusing usage with elements      
attributes, constraints on      
attributes, default namespace and      
attributes, definitions      
attributes, definitions, duplication      
attributes, duplication      
attributes, extending      
attributes, having different datatypes in an enumeration      
attributes, identifiers, good candidates for being      
attributes, in instance documents      
attributes, limitations      
attributes, whitespace normalization      
attributes, with duplicate names      
author.rnc file      
author.rng file      
available identifier      
base64 datatype      
binary content      
bizarre patterns      
book-content.rnc file      
bookcontent.rng file      
boolean datatype      
Boydens, Isabelle      
building blocks      
building blocks, independent vocabularies      
building blocks, needing a feature missing in RELAX NG      
building blocks, text tools      
building blocks, XML tools      
built-in type library      
byte datatype      
C pre-processor (CPP)      
canonical formats      
caret (^)      2nd
Carriage return      
chameleon design, glossary definition      
chameleon schemas      
chameleon schemas, pros and cons      
chameleon schemas, putting in library      
Character classes      
character classes, glossary definition      
character classes, intersections of      
character classes, user-defined      
Character Repertoire Validation (DSDL Part 7)      
Character Repertoire Validation for XML (CRVX)      
character-element.rnc file      
character-element.rng file      
character.rnc file      
character.rng file      
child elements and fixed order      
choice element      
choice element, combining name classes      
choice element, name-class      
choice element, pattern      
choice pattern      2nd
choice pattern, combining by      
choice pattern, combining with group pattern      
choice pattern, combining with value pattern      
choice pattern, double parentheses      
choice pattern, pattern normalization      
Clark, James      2nd
Clark, James, foreword      
Clark, James, simplicity      
classical Perl character class, glossary definition      
closed schemas      
closed-schema.rnc file      
closed-schema.rng file      
CName production      
co-occurrence constraint      
co-occurrence constraint, conversion      
colonized names      
combinations and parentheses      
combine attribute (XML syntax)      
comments and documentation annotations      
common principles for annotating RELAX NG      
common principles for annotating RELAX NG, alternatives and workarounds      
common principles for annotating RELAX NG, annotating groups of definitions      
common principles for annotating RELAX NG, using compact syntax      
common principles for annotating RELAX NG, using XML syntax      
common-content named pattern      
compact syntax      
compact syntax, annotating RELAX NG using      
compact syntax, escaping named pattern identifiers in      
compact syntax, first      
compact syntax, initial annotations and      
compact syntax, losing information in translation      
compact syntax, newlines within quotes      
compact syntax, overview      
compact syntax, position-sensitivity      
compact syntax, reference      
compact syntax, translating between XML syntax using Trang      
compact syntax, versus simple form      
compact syntax, versus XML syntax      
components, making optional      
components, WXS      
compositors, glossary definition      
compositors, group      
compositors, interleave      [See interleave compositors]
compositors, simple patterns, differentiations between      
containers, elements that act as      
content models      
content models, bad example      
content models, constraints      
content models, glossary definition      
content models, mixed      [See mixed content models]
content models, patterns used as building blocks in libraries of      [See building blocks]
content-oriented schema style, example      
conversion annotations      
Cowan, John      
CRVX (Character Repertoire Validation for XML)      
Cunningham, Ward      
data element      
data pattern versus text pattern      
datatypeLibrary, declaration of      
datatypeName literal      
datatypeName param exceptPattern      
datatypeName production      
Datatypes (DSDL Part 5)      
datatypes, ambiguity      
datatypes, assignment and RELAX NG      
datatypes, boolean      
datatypes, byte      
datatypes, decimal      2nd
datatypes, declaration      
datatypes, double      
datatypes, DTD compatibility      
datatypes, examples      
datatypes, float      
datatypes, glossary definition      
datatypes, int      
datatypes, integer      
datatypes, libraries      
datatypes, long      
datatypes, native and whitespace      
datatypes, negativeInteger      
datatypes, nonNegativeInteger      
datatypes, nonPositiveInteger      
datatypes, positiveInteger      
datatypes, reference      
datatypes, short      
datatypes, unsignedByte      
datatypes, unsignedInt      
datatypes, unsignedLong      
datatypes, unsignedShort      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, language      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, Name      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, NCName      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, NMTOKEN      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, NMTOKENS      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, normalizedString      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, string      
datatypes, W3C XML Schema, token      
date datatype      
date formats      
date formats, patterns and      
dateTime datatype      
DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative)      
dc\:copyright element      
decimal datatype      2nd
decimal separator      
Declarative Document Architectures (DSDL Part 8)      
default namespace      2nd 3rd
default namespace, attributes and      
default namespace, declaration      
default namespace, using prefixes      
define element      
define element, grammar merge      
define element, XML syntax      
define pattern, pattern normalization      
definitions, annotating groups of      
definitions, fine-grained      
definitions, not defined by group      
derivative algorithm      
derived types (W3C XML Schema)      
determinism versus ambiguity      
deterministic patterns, glossary definition      
difference between sets      
disambiguating schemas made easier      
disambiguation rules, making explicit      
div element      
div element, embedded within other div elements      
div element, grammar-content      
div element, include-content      
div element, pattern normalization      
div pattern, annotating groups of definitions      
DocBook annotations      
DocBook project      
DOCTYPE declaration      
Document Object Model      [See DOM]
Document Schema Definition Languages      [See DSDL]
Document Type Definition      [See DTD]
documentation annotations      
documentation annotations, comments      
documentation annotations, DocBook annotations      
documentation annotations, Dublin Core annotations      
documentation annotations, RDDL annotations      
documentation annotations, RELAX NG DTD compatibility comments      
documentation annotations, SVG annotations      
documentation annotations, XHTML annotations      
documents, infosets and      
documents, instance      [See instance documents]
documents, keeping independent of applications      
documents, schema      [See schemas]
DOM (Document Object Model)      
DOM, glossary definition      
dot character (.)      
double datatype      
double parentheses and choice      
DSDL (Document Schema Definition Languages)      
DSDL, glossary definition      
DSDL, offerings      
DSDL, parts      
DTD (Document Type Definition)      2nd
DTD Schema      
DTD Schema, relative order of child elements      
DTD, annotations to generate      
DTD, compatibility datatypes      
DTD, RELAX NG compatibility comments      
DTD, type ID      
DTD, versus W3C XML Schema      
DTD-like RELAX NG schema      
DTD-like RELAX NG schema, example      
DTD-like RELAX NG schema, updating      
Dublin Core      
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)      
Dublin Core, (dc) elements, adding to grammar      
Dublin Core, annotations      2nd
Dublin Core, example with initial annotations      
DuCharme, Bob      
duration lexical space      
EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form)      
EBNF, grammar      2nd
EBNF, production reference      
element element      
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