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Chambers M.L., Tejkowski E. — Mac OS X v. 10.3 Panther: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks
Chambers M.L., Tejkowski E. — Mac OS X v. 10.3 Panther: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

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Название: Mac OS X v. 10.3 Panther: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

Авторы: Chambers M.L., Tejkowski E.


You already know Mac OS X Panther basics. Now you’d like to go beyond, with shortcuts, tricks, and tips that let you work smarter and faster. And because you learn more easily when someone shows you how, this is the book for you. Inside, you’ll find clear, illustrated instructions for 100 tasks that reveal cool secrets, teach time-saving tricks, and explain great tips guaranteed to make you more productive with Mac OS X Panther.

5-Star Visual Learning Guide

Minimal text and maximum illustrations
Task-oriented, step-by-step approach
Lines and "lassos" connect illustrations to instructions
Self-contained, two-page lessons
Uniform layout makes it easy to read less, learn more

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 176

Добавлена в каталог: 20.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
.Mac service      72
24-hour clock display      11
AAC format, convert files to      80
About This Mac command (menu)      104
Accounts pane (System Preferences)      49 65
Acrobat (Adobe)      56
Acrobat Reader (Adobe)      67
Activity Monitor      105
Address Book application with Mail      130—131
Address Book application, add entry      124 130
Address Book application, customize My Card      69
Address Book application, fax recipients in      151
Address Book application, overview      124 130
Address Book application, surf Web sites for people in      124
Admin account      111
Adobe Acrobat      56
Adobe Acrobat Reader      67
Adobe Photoshop      87
AIFF Encoder dialog box      80
AIFF format, convert files to      80 97
Aladdin Systems Spring Cleaning      109
albums (iPhoto)      94 95
Alerts, Flash Screen effect      17
Alerts, select sound      12—13
Aliases      34—35
Alsoft DiskWarrior      108
Always Open With option      31
Analog clock configuration      10—11
Announcement feature for time      10
AOL Instant Messenger      135
Apache web server      123 125
Appearance color      7
Appearance pane (System Preferences)      7 9
Apple Help Viewer list      101
Apple menu, About This Mac command      104
Apple menu, Force Quit command      100
Apple menu, Recent Items list      47
Apple menu, Restart command      108
Apple menu, Sleep command      48
AppleCare Knowledge Base      106
AppleScript for CDs and DVDs      54
AppleWorks versus TextEdit      74
applications      See also specific applications
Applications folder on Go menu      52
Applications switch with Expose      46
Applications, add keyboard shortcut      53
Applications, bookmark manuals in Safari      118
Applications, choose for files      31
Applications, commercial uninstall utility      109
Applications, fax files from      151
Applications, force to quit      100 146—147
Applications, Help topics from      101
Applications, launch for CDs and DVDs      54
Applications, launch recent items      47
Applications, Services menu commands      55
Applications, Startup items      50 65
Applications, switch with dock      26
Applications, System Profiler information for      104
Applications, uninstall      109
Appointments, share with portable devices      72
ARPANet (Internet precursor)      139
Audio aids      16—17
Audio CDs, burn with iTunes      82—83
Audio CDs, capacity      83
Audio CDs, choose action for      54
Audio CDs, convert files      80
Audio CDs, import tracks to iTunes      78—79
Audio conferencing with iChat      135
Audio files      See music; sounds
Automatic features, check for updates      107
Automatic features, desktop image change      6
Automatic features, hide dock      45
Automatic features, login      111
Automatic features, startup      50 65
AVI format for QuickTime movies      92
Background of desktop, add your own      4—5
Background of desktop, change automatically      6
Background of desktop, Fill Screen versus Tile option      5
Background of desktop, focus aided by change to      2
Block Pop-Up Windows feature      120
Bluetooth devices, iSync with      60
Bookmarks (Safari)      118 124
Booting      See also launching or running
Booting from CD-ROM      103 108
Booting, display system boot menu      108
Booting, multiple Mac OS versions      68
Browser      See Safari Web browser
Buddies menu (iChat)      149
Burning discs, audio CDs with iTunes      82—83
Burning discs, data CDs with iTunes      82
Burning discs, DVDs with iDVD      81
Burning discs, DVDs with iTunes      82—83
Burning discs, using files over network      137
Burns, Ken (filmmaker)      90
Button colors, change      7
Capture command (Grab menu)      71
Card menu (Address Book)      69
cd command (UNIX)      62 153
CD drives in Finder Places sidebar      18 22
CD drives, boot from      103 108
CD drives, burn CDs with iTunes      82—83
CD drives, capacity of discs      83
CD drives, choose action for CDs      54
CD drives, format discs      54
CD drives, hide icons on desktop      15
cellphones      60 72
Choose Application dialog box      31
Classic mode      112—113
Classic pane (System Preferences)      112—113
Clear Background command (iChat View menu)      150
Clipboard, copy image from Internet to      126
Closing      See also quitting
Closing, force program to quit      100 146—147
Closing, Safari tabs      117
Color Label command      29
Colors palette      7
Colors, custom      7
Colors, labels      29
Colors, remove (grayscale display)      17
Colors, spam in Mail application      121
column view      18 37
command line      See Terminal application (UNIX); UNIX
Compression formats      149
Contextual menus, access commands      25
Contextual menus, Color Label command      29
Contextual menus, Copy Image to Clipboard command      126
Contextual menus, Copy “Filename” command      33
Contextual menus, Duplicate command      32
Contextual menus, Finder      25
Contextual menus, Make Alias command      34
Contextual menus, Open Image in New Window command      127
Contextual menus, Open With command      31
Contextual menus, Safari      25
Contextual menus, Send File command      149
Contextual menus, Show in Finder command      35
Contextual menus, Show Original command      35
Contrast, increase      17
Conversion of audio files      80 97
Conversion of image files      57
Copies of files and folders, images from Web site      126
Copies of files and folders, make      32—33
Copy command (Edit menu), Finder      36
Copy command (Edit menu), iMovie      85
Copy Image to Clipboard command      126
Copy “Filename” command      33
CPU or processor, Activity Monitor      105
CPU or processor, System Profiler information      104
Cropping sound or music files      96—97
CRT monitors, font smoothing and      9
Customize Toolbar command (Finder View menu)      44
Data CDs, burn with iTunes      82
Date & Time pane (System Preferences)      10—11
defragmenting hard drives      102
Deletion or removal of color from display (grayscale)      17
Deletion or removal of dock icons      42
Deletion or removal of Finder toolbar buttons      19 44
Deletion or removal of handle in iMovie      63
Deletion or removal of Places sidebar items      22—23
Deletion or removal of process by Activity Monitor      105
Deletion or removal of Startup items      65
Deletion or removal, empty Trash securely      63
Deletion or removal, uninstall applications      109
Desktop      See also Finder
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), add desktop background      4—5
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), change desktop automatically      6
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), Change picture check box      6
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), Fill Screen option      5
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), Pictures folder shortcut      5
Desktop & Screen Saver pane (System Preferences), Tile option      5
Desktop publishing, mouse tracking speed for      14
Desktop, alert sound      12—13
Desktop, background, add your own      4—5
Desktop, background, change automatically      6
Desktop, background, Fill Screen versus Tile option      5
Desktop, background, focus aided by change to      2
Desktop, change video resolution      8
Desktop, clock configuration      10—11
Desktop, font smoothing      9
Desktop, menu bar, change video resolution from      8
Desktop, menu bar, clock      10
Desktop, menu bar, volume control      12—13
Desktop, productivity and      2
Desktop, rebuild Classic mode      112—113
Desktop, Stickies      61
Desktop, visual and audio aids      16—17
Desktop, White on Black text option      7 16—17
Diagnostic programs      See also troubleshooting
Diagnostic programs, Activity Monitor      105
Diagnostic programs, Disk Utility      102—103
Diagnostic programs, System Profiler      104
Dictionary, find words in      129
Digital camera      78 79
Digital clock configuration      10—11
Digital Hub      76
directories      See folders
Disk Utility      102—103
DiskWarrior (Alsoft)      108
Display (screen)      See also colors
Display (screen), capture screenshots      71
Display (screen), change video resolution      8
Display (screen), font smoothing      9
Display (screen), grayscale      17
Display (screen), increase contrast      17
Display (screen), White on Black text option      7 16—17
Display (screen), Zoom feature      16—17
displaying      See viewing
Displays pane (System Preferences)      8
Dock pane (System Preferences)      45
Dock, add folders      42
Dock, add icons      42
Dock, add Web sites      43
Dock, aliaslike functionality      35
Dock, delete icons      42
Dock, hide automatically      45
Dock, keyboard shortcuts      26
Dock, overview      42
Dock, relocate      45
Dock, resize icons      45
Dock, Show in Finder option      35
Dock, toggle between applications      26
Double-click speed for mouse      14
downloading      See also Internet resources
Downloading files with FTP      138—139
Downloading images from Internet      126
Drop-down list box colors      7
Duplicate command      32
DV format for QuickTime movies      92
DVD drives in Finder Places sidebar      18 22
DVD drives, burn DVDs with iDVD      81
DVD drives, burn DVDs with iTunes      82—83
DVD drives, choose action for DVDs      54
DVD drives, format discs      54
DVD drives, hide icons on desktop      15
DVD Player      54
e-mail      See Mail application
Echo effects in movies      85
Edit menu, Copy command, Finder      36
Edit menu, Copy command, iMovie      85
Edit menu, Paste command, Finder      33 36
Edit menu, Paste command, iMovie      85
Edit menu, Speech command (TextEdit)      75
Empty Trash command (Finder menu)      63
Encryption (FileVault)      38—39 64
Energy Saver pane (System Preferences)      50
Entourage (Microsoft)      73
erasure      See deletion or removal
Events (iCal)      72—73
Export command (File menu), Finder      57
Export command (File menu), iMovie      92
Export dialog box (iMovie)      92—93
Export Photos dialog box (iPhoto)      94—95
Export Vcard menu item      131
Expose      40 46
Expose pane (System Preferences)      46
Fades (audio) in iMovie      88—89
Fast-user-switching feature      49
Fax dialog box      151
File menu, Color Label command (Finder)      29
File menu, Duplicate command (Finder)      32
File menu, Export command, Finder      57
File menu, Export command, iMovie      92
File menu, Get Info command, Finder      30 36
File menu, Get Info command, iTunes      96
File menu, Make Alias command (Finder)      34
File menu, New from Pasteboard command (Preview)      127
File menu, Open command, Finder      37
File menu, Open command, TextEdit      74
File menu, Print command, any application      151
File menu, Print command, Finder      67
File menu, Print command, System Profiler      104
File menu, Save As command (Safari)      127
File menu, Save command (Finder)      37
File transfer with iChat      148—149
Files      See also folders
Files, alias creation      35—36
Files, choose application to open      31
Files, compression formats      149
Files, convert audio      80
Files, copy      32—33
Files, customize icons      36
Files, drag to copy or move      32 33
Files, files, in Finder Places sidebar      22—23
Files, FileVault encryption      38—39 64
Files, find      28
Files, Get Info window      30
Files, labels      29
Files, Mac file structure      118
Files, move to spring-loaded folders      24
Files, open      31 37
files, permissions      30
Files, restore from Trash      63
Files, save      37
Files, Save As PDF feature      58 67 119
Files, share with iChat      148—149
Files, target for alias      35
Files, verify structure of drive      103
Files, Windows file sharing      143
FileVault encryption      38—39 64
Fill Screen option for background image      5
Finder      18
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