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Koskela L. — Test Driven: Tdd and Acceptance Tdd for Java Developers
Koskela L. — Test Driven: Tdd and Acceptance Tdd for Java Developers

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Название: Test Driven: Tdd and Acceptance Tdd for Java Developers

Автор: Koskela L.


Learning a new development technique such as test-driven development (TDD) is a bit like learning to program.You study fundamental theories to understand what is going on, apply those theories to verify your understanding, and sometimes return to your textbooks to confirm how to handle some less common situations. This book was written to help you do all this and more in your journey to becoming a craftsman practicing TDD.

"Test Driven" is the first one-stop shop for Java developers wanting a comprehensive understanding of how to apply TDD methodology. This book will enable Java developers new to TDD to become seasoned test-driven developers ready to tackle any Java or J2EE project. It takes you from basic theory to practical techniques to tool support and provides how-to's for applying TDD. It is also covers acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), which applies the ideas of TDD to the overall software development process, implementing features test-first. Java developers can use the book for getting started with TDD and ATDD, and afterwards for help in solving technical problems such as, "how can I test-drive code that uses technology X?"

"Test Driven" teaches you the simple rules and underlying dynamics that make TDD such a powerful technique. Along the way the author expertly breaks down those myths that say some J2EE technologies cannot be done test-first, showing how to test-drive J2EE components just like regular Java code. He also gives comprehensive coverage to the latest EJB specification, web components from plain Java Servlets to the coolest open source web framework on the block, and data access solutions from raw JDBC to fancy object-relationalmappingframeworks. In addition to the usual J2EE technologies, you also learn to apply TDD to multithreaded programs and Java Swing too.

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 470

Добавлена в каталог: 19.10.2007

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