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Doar M.B. — Practical Development Environments
Doar M.B. — Practical Development Environments

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Название: Practical Development Environments

Автор: Doar M.B.


A development environment, in the words of author and professional software developer Doar, is "the whole collection of tools that people use to create software." He provides advice on how to assess the usefulness of tools and offers coverage of some of the individual tools that are available. The kinds of tools he covers are tools for tracking versions of files, build tools, bug tracking tools, and tools for creating documentation. He also offers chapters discussing the process of releasing software, environment maintenance, project communication, and some nontechnical aspects of software development environments.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 328

Добавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting)      
access, SCM      
accessibility, bug tracking      
ACL (Access Control List)      
ACL (access control list), CVS and      
administration, PDEs      
Ant      2nd 3rd
Ant, build files      
Ant, Davidson, James Duncan      
Ant, dependency and      
Ant, Maven      
Ant, parallel builds      
Ant, platform dependency      
Ant, properties and      
Ant, slow startup      
Ant, tasks, JDiff and      
Ant, weaknesses      
Ant, XML and      
Ant, XML and limitations      
APIs (application programming interfaces)      
Appleton, Brad (SCM)      
arch      2nd
Arch, ArX      
Arch, changesets      
Arch, CVS and      
Arch, documentation      
Arch, history of      
Arch, Lord, Tom      
Arch, merged files      
Arch, SCM and      
Arch, SCM and tools      
atomic operations, Subversion      
attachments, bug tracking and      
Austin, Chad (SCons)      
automated releases      
automated releases, automated release information      
automation environments      
automation environments, Anthill      
automation environments, batch files      
automation environments, CI and      
automation environments, CruiseControl      
automation environments, shell scripts      
automation environments, Tinderbox      
automation, consequences      
automation, debugging and      
automation, discipline      
automation, documentation      
automation, installation tools      
automation, output and      
automation, problems with      
automation, resources and      
automation, testing automation, reasons for      
Autotools      See GNU Autotools
awkward people      
backups, CVS      
backups, PDEs      
backups, SCM      
backups, SCM, corruption detection      
backups, SCM, disaster recovery and      
backups, SCM, intrusion detection      
batch files      
batch files, automation environments      
batch files, build tools and      
batch files, testing environment      
batch files, watchdog timers      
Berliner, Brian (CVS)      
binary files      
binary files, CVS      
binary files, Subversion      
binary files, Unix installation tools      
BitKeeper      2nd
BitKeeper, McVoy, Larry      
BitKeeper, Torvalds, Linus      
Blandy, Jim (Subversion)      
boundary conditions, testing and      
BPM (business process management), integration and      
branch point tags      
branches, preprocessor directives instead of      
branches, SCM      
branches, SCM tools      
branches, SCM, naming      
branches, SCM, tag comparison      
Brooks, Fred      
bug tracking      2nd
bug tracking, accessibility      
bug tracking, area      
bug tracking, attachments and      
bug tracking, bug state      
bug tracking, Bugzilla      
bug tracking, change management      
bug tracking, cleanup and      2nd
bug tracking, custom systems      
bug tracking, definitions      
bug tracking, entering bugs      
bug tracking, FogBugz      
bug tracking, formats      
bug tracking, future environments      2nd
bug tracking, GNATS      
bug tracking, history of bugs      2nd
bug tracking, internationalization      
bug tracking, JIRA      
bug tracking, multiple releases      
bug tracking, overloading fields      
bug tracking, product maintenance and      
bug tracking, product multiplication      
bug tracking, reports      2nd
bug tracking, reviewing bugs      
bug tracking, scalability      
bug tracking, schedules      
bug tracking, SCM tool integration      
bug tracking, searches      
bug tracking, severity inflation      
bug tracking, spam and      
bug tracking, statistics      
bug tracking, TestTrack      
bug tracking, tools      
bug tracking, tools, Bugzilla      
bug tracking, tools, custom      
bug tracking, tools, FogBugz      2nd
bug tracking, tools, GNATS      
bug tracking, tools, JIRA      2nd
bug tracking, tools, selection tips      
bug tracking, tools, spreadsheets      
bug tracking, tools, TestTrack      2nd
bug tracking, user list      
bug tracking, workflow      
build dependencies      
build dependencies, changes      
build dependencies, explicit      
build dependencies, functional dependency analysis      
build dependencies, implementation files and      
build dependencies, implicit dependencies      
build dependencies, makefiles      
build dependencies, troubleshooting      
build files      2nd
build files, Ant      2nd
build files, dependency tree      
build files, example      
build files, Jam      
build files, labeling      
build files, makefiles      2nd
build files, names of      
build files, SCons      2nd 3rd
build labels      
build numbers, release preparation      
build states      
build states, changed      
build states, clean      
build states, interrupted      
build states, targets and      
build states, up-to-date      
build states, virgin      
build tools      
build tools, Ant      2nd 3rd
build tools, Autoconf      
build tools, Automake      
build tools, batch files and      
build tools, comparison chart      
build tools, custom      
build tools, GNU Autotools      
build tools, GNU Autotools, Hello World program      
build tools, Jam      
build tools, Libtool      
build tools, make      2nd
build tools, make, documentation      
build tools, make, gmake      
build tools, make, problems      
build tools, scalability      
build tools, SCons      2nd 3rd
build tools, selection tips      
build tools, shell scripts and      
build tools, switching      
builds, changes      
builds, checklist      
builds, clean builds      
builds, cleanup and      
builds, command-line length      
builds, filename formats      
builds, identifying      
builds, interpreters      
builds, labeling      
builds, product maintenance and      
builds, reproducing, product maintenance and      
builds, scheduling      
builds, servers, slow builds and      
builds, slow builds      
builds, slow builds, ccache and      
builds, slow builds, distributed compilation      
builds, slow builds, parallel builds and      
builds, slow builds, servers      
builds, slow builds, staged builds and      
builds, source code      
builds, stages      
builds, stages, build commands      
builds, stages, build file read      
builds, stages, command execution      
builds, stages, configuration      
builds, stages, dependency calculation      
builds, stages, target definition      
builds, stages, what to build      
builds, tools, unit tests      
builds, troubleshooting      
capturing output, testing and      
ccache, slow builds and      
Cederqvist, Per (CVS)      
centralized SCM tools      
change logs      
change logs, CVS      2nd
Change management      
changed build state      
changes in builds      
changesets      2nd
changesets, Arch      
changesets, CVS      
checking out copies, CVS      
CI (continuous integration)      
classic environments, tools for      
clean builds      2nd
cleanup, maintenance and      
CLI (command-line interface), bugs and      
clocks, make and      
clocks, synchronization      
closed development      
CMS (change management systems)      
Cockburn, Alistair      
code rot      
collaborative development environments      
college courses      
Collins-Sussman, Ben (Subversion)      
command-line length      
commit rights      
commits, CVS      
communication, people and      
communication, project web site      
communication, project web site, access control      
communication, project web site, areas      
communication, project web site, content rot      
communication, project web site, creating      
communication, tools      
company name changes, product maintenance and      
Comparison tests      
compilers, scalability      
compilers, source code      
components, project      
configure script, Autoconf and      
conformance tests      
connectivity, SCM tools and      
Copeland, Jeffrey      
copyright date changes      
corruption detection      
coverage tools, testing and      
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) installer (Unix)      
Crain, Charles (SCons)      
customer tests      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System)      2nd
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), ACLs and      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Arch and      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), backups      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Berliner, Brian      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), C++      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Cederqvist, Per      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), change logs      2nd
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), changesets      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), checking out copies      2nd
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), clients      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), clock synchronization      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), commits      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), diffs      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), directories      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), directories, empty      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), directories, top-level      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), documentation      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), edits      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), file browsing      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Grune, Dick      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), history of      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Hoyle, Tony      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), keywords, merges and      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Kingdon, Jim      
CVS (Concurrent Versions System), modules      
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