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Gaulani G., Woods D. — Open Source for the Enterprise
Gaulani G., Woods D. — Open Source for the Enterprise

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Название: Open Source for the Enterprise

Авторы: Gaulani G., Woods D.


Open source software is changing the world of information technology. But making it work for your company is far more complicated than simply installing a copy of Linux. If you are serious about using open source to cut costs, accelerate development, and reduce vendor lock-in, you must institutionalize skills and create new ways of working. You must understand how open source is different from commercial software and what responsibilities and risks it brings. Open Source for the Enterprise is a thoughtful guide to putting open source to work in the modern IT department.

Open source software is software whose code is freely available to anyone who wants to change and redistribute it. New commercial support services, smaller licensing fees, increased collaboration, and a friendlier platform to sell products and services are just a few of the reasons open source is so attractive to IT departments. Some of the open source projects that are in current, widespread use in businesses large and small include Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JBoss, and Perl. Open source has entered a new area where it is being used as a marketing device, a collaborative software development methodology, and a business model.

This book provides something far more valuable than either the cheerleading or the fear-mongering one often hears about open source. The authors are Dan Woods, former CTO of TheStreet.com and a consultant and author of several books about IT, and Gautam Guliani, Director of Software Architecture at Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions. Each author has used open source software for some 15 years at IT departments large and small. They have collected the wisdom of a host of experts from IT departments, open source communities, and software companies. Open Source for the Enterprise provides a top to bottom view not only of open source technology, but of the skills required to manage it and the organizational issues that must be addresse

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 234

Добавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
a-patch-y server      
administration facilities      
administration interfaces, reducing skills gap with      
administrative interfaces      
Adobe FileMaker, alternatives to      
adopting open source      
adopting open source, becoming build-leaning by      
adopting open source, benefits of      
adopting open source, controlling it      
adopting open source, crafting strategies for      
adopting open source, productization and      
advanced skill level      
advanced skill level, accelerating learning of open source      
advanced skill level, moving to      
advanced skill level, productization and      
Analog Realtime Synthesizer      
antispam software      
antivirus software      
Apache AxKit application server      2nd
Apache License 2.0      
Apache Software Foundation (ASF)      
Apache Tomcat application server      2nd
Apache, example of formal community      
Apache, helpful knowledge to have about      
Apache, open source platforms for      
API documentation, accelerating learning with      
Apple Public Source License (APSL)      
application development platforms      
application servers      
application servers, capabilities of      
application servers, Java      
application servers, Perl      
application servers, PHP-based      
applications platforms      
applying open source, crafting strategies for      
APSL (Apple Public Source License)      
architecture documentation, accelerating learning with      
architecture of program as evaluation factor      
archiving web content      
Artistic license (Perl)      
ASF (Apache Software Foundation)      
attacks against open source      
automating projects to reduce skills gap      
Ballmer, Steve      
BBS (bulletin board system) for projects      
beginner skill level      
beginner skill level, becoming a beginner      
beginner skill level, getting started with open source      
beginner skill level, productization and      
Bellendorf, Brian      
Berkeley license      
blacklist/whitelist support      
Boies, David      
browsing the web      
browsing the web with Firefox      
BSD licenses      
bundles of software, certified      
bundles of software, certified, reasons for choosing      
business-to-business relationship support      
buying versus building software      
C ++ programming language      
C programming language      
certified bundles of software      
certified bundles of software, reasons for choosing      
chat-based messaging systems      
Clam AntiVirus      
code quality as evaluation factor      
collaboration technologies      
commercial conflicts as evaluation factor      
commercial open source support      
commercial open source support, choosing the right one      
commercial open source support, evaluating providers for      
commercial open source support, using care when buying      
commercial open source support, “one throat to choke” approach      
commercial software      
commercial software, generic support offered by      
commercial software, life cycle of      
commercial software, open source-based products offered by      
commercial software, risks of, versus open source software      
commercial software, ROI for, versus open source      
communities, building/nurturing with forums      
community skills for using open source      
community vitality as evaluation factor      
configuration costs for open source/commercial software      
configuration costs for open source/commercial software, elements of      
configuration facilities      
configuration tools, reducing skills gap with      
consulting services      
consulting services, creating custom features using      
Content Management Systems      
content management systems for dynamic web sites      
content management systems for groupware      
content management systems for portal projects      
content management systems for Wikis      
content management systems, capabilities of      
content management systems, recommended projects      
content management systems, toolkits/components      
content repository      
content scanners      2nd
Copyleft license      2nd 3rd
copyright issues for open source projects      
corporate commitment as evaluation factor      
corporate licenses      
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      
Crossing the Chasm      2nd
culture as evaluation factor      
Cunningham, Ward      
custom enhancements to open source projects      
customer self-service sites      
customization costs for open source/commercial software      
customization costs for open source/commercial software, elements of      
Dada Mail      
database management system for desktop (MySQL)      
database publishing      
definition of open source      
delivering web content for distribution      
dependencies as evaluation factor      
design quality as evaluation factor      
desktop database management      
desktop environments      
desktop environments, KDE      
desktop functions and key capabilities      
desktop productivity suites      
desktop, end-user computing on      
developers, networking with      
development tools, creating using open source      
diagnostic facilities      
diagnostic routines, reducing skills gap with      
Digital asset management      
distributing web content      
documentation as evaluation factor      
documentation for projects      
documentation, managing, using intranets      2nd
Drupal      2nd
dual licensing approach      
dynamic IT systems, applying open source to      2nd
e-learning/training sites      
early adopters (advanced skill level)      
Eclipse project (IBM)      
Eclipse Public License (EPL)      
ecological balance of programs      
email and open source      
email client capabilities (open source)      
email client projects (open source)      
email content scanners      
email server capabilities (open source)      
email server projects (open source)      
embedded components guide, accelerating learning with      
empowering companies using open source      
end-of-life for commercial software      
end-user computing on desktop      
end-user content creation tools      
end-user support as evaluation factor      
engineering practices and open source projects      
enhancements (custom) to open source projects      
Enterprise Information Portal      
EPL (Eclipse Public License)      
estimates for ROI model, creating      
evaluating open source      
evaluation costs for open source/commercial software      
evaluation costs for open source/commercial software, elements of      
Evolution (Novell)      2nd
examples of projects      
Exchange (Microsoft)      
experimental applications and risks      
expert skill level      
expert skill level, accelerating learning of open source      
expert skill level, moving to      
expert skill level, productization and      
external systems integration support      
extranet solutions      
Extreme programming      2nd 3rd
failure risks, commercial software versus open source      
FAQs (frequently asked questions) for projects      
fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), the sowing of      2nd
Ferguson, Scott      
Firefox web browser      
flexibility of products, commercial software versus open source      
flexible IT systems, applying open source to      2nd
forking the project      
forums as evaluation factor      
forums, fostering collaboration using      
Four Freedoms      
Free Rider Problem      
Free software      2nd
Free Software Foundation      2nd 3rd
FreeBSD license      
FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), the sowing of      2nd
GNOME 2.x window manager      
GNU configure and build system      
GNU General Public License (GPL)      2nd 3rd
Gosling, James      
governance models for open source      
GPL (GNU General Public License)      2nd 3rd
groupware, features provided by open source projects      
groupware, recommended projects      
history of email for the enterprise      
hosting environment and open source      
HTML::Mason application server      
hurdle rates      
IBM versus SCO Group      
indemnification offered to open source customers      
infrastructure components of open source      
infrastructure platforms      
innovators (experts)      
installation costs for open source/commercial software      
installation costs for open source/commercial software, elements of      
installation packaging as evaluation factor      
installation scripts, reducing skills gap with      
Instant messaging      
institutional skill building      
integration costs for open source/commercial software      
integration costs for open source/commercial software, elements of      
integration criteria, assessing maturity using      
integration of projects, improving      
interdependencies as evaluation factor      
intermediate skill level      
intermediate skill level, getting started with open source      
intermediate skill level, moving to      
intermediate skill level, productization and      
intranet solutions      
intranet solutions for groupware      
investing in productization      
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)      2nd
IT departments, choosing to use open source      
IT systems, categories of      
Java application servers      
Java programming language      
Java-centric systems      
JBoss application server      
JOS Wiki      
Kapoor, Chet      
Kapor, Mitch      
Katz, Phil      
KDE (K Desktop Environment)      
KDE 3.x window manager      
key-person problem      2nd
key-person problem, institutional skill building and      
King, Gavin      
knowledge management sites      
Knuth, Donald      
KOffice productivity suite      
LAMP platform      2nd 3rd
leadership as evaluation factor      
learning culture, creating      
legal issues affecting open source      
Lerdorf, Rasmus      
LGPL (Lesser General Public License)      
licenses, open source      
licenses, open source, comparison of      
licenses, open source, costs of      
licenses, open source, types of, as evaluation factor      
Life cycle      
life cycle of commercial software      
life cycle of open source      
Linux, distribution choices      
Linux, helpful knowledge to have about      
lock-in by vendors, reducing      
low-priority systems and risks      
Lucent public license      
Mail Delivery Agents (MDAs)      
Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs)      
mailing list management software      
maintaining commercial software      
maintenance costs for open source/commercial software      
managing open source, crafting strategies for      
marketing collateral      
marketing/selling open source      
Matsumoto, Yukihiro      
maturity of open source      
maturity of open source, affect on skills and resources      
maturity of open source, elements of      
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