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Lane F.S. Ч The Naked Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy
Lane F.S. Ч The Naked Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy

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Ќазвание: The Naked Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy

јвтор: Lane F.S.


A former attorney, Lane is an author specializing in the impact of technology on society, who has served as an expert witness in cases involving the law and computer- related topics. Following a discussion of some of the reasons for workplace surveillance, Lane examines what degree of surveillance becomes too much. Academic but accessible to the general reader.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 288

ƒобавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
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1984 (George Orwell)      118Ч119
Active Badge (Cambridge University Computer Laboratory)      111Ч113
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ADA, specific provisions of      246Ч247
ADA,limitations on preemployment medical examinations      38
Advanced Scout (IBM)      150
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Anti-spam legislation      226
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Bill of Rights amendments protecting personal property      8
Bill of Rights passage of      7
Biochips and DNA testing      177
Biometric data false acceptance and false rejection      66Ч67
Biometric data inclusion on IDs      58 179Ч180
Blood as drug testing medium      167Ч168
Blood as genetic testing medium      173Ч174
Bluetooth, as possible employee monitoring tool      147 164 207
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Burch, Frank      71
Burns International      32
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Cameras, surveillance advances in miniaturization and capabilities      119
Cameras, surveillance prevalence in England      92 116
Cameras, surveillance prevalence in the United States      117Ч118
Cameras, surveillance use by corporations      118
Cameras, surveillance voyeuristic uses of      119Ч121
Canady, Representative Charles      256
Cellular telephones and development of m-commerce      194Ч195
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Cellular telephones use by law enforcement of location information      197Ч198
Cellular telephones, industry growth      193
Cellular telephones, privacy implications of      194Ч198
Census Bureau 1890 tabulation crisis      89
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Computer files, storage options      133Ч134
Computer files, tools and techniques for searching      130Ч132
Computer forensics, destruction software      136
Computer forensics, durability of computer files      132Ч136
Computer forensics, legality of searches      136Ч138
Computer forensics, recovery software      136
Computer games, impact on productivity      15
Computer games, surveillance software      15
Computer Investigations and Infrastructure Threat Assessment Center (CITAC)      96
Court records, as part of background checks      36Ч37
Credit cards, origins of      189Ч190
Credit cards, privacy implications of      190
Credit reports, as part of background checks      37Ч38
Criminal records, and background checks      33Ч35
Criminal records, and denial of employment      35
Criminal records, cost of checking      34
Current Tax Payment Act      88
Cyberterrorism      19Ч20
Data mining of employee information      148Ч152
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Detour and frolic      186Ч188
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and biochips      177
DNA and Human Genome Project      176Ч177
DNA as a biometric identification tool      179Ч180
DNA use of blood to test for genetic disease      173Ч174
DNA, potential for genetic discrimination      178Ч179
DNA, prevalence of genetic testing in workplace      175Ч176
Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002 (proposed)      100
Drugs, cost of testing kits      166Ч167
Drugs, errors in testing kits      169Ч170
Drugs, frequency of testing      167
Drugs, national statistics on use      165
Drugs, origins of federal testing programs      165Ч166
Drugs, privacy implications of testing programs      170Ч173
Drugs, testing as pretext for DNA test      173
Drugs, tools and techniques for fooling tests      172
Drugs, types of tests      167Ч170
Drugs, typical testing procedure      171
e-mail, annual volume of e-mail messages      138
e-mail, comparison to protections given to telephone calls      139
e-mail, comparison to protections given to U.S. mail      138Ч139
e-mail, employee firings for improper use of      141
e-mail, searches of      138Ч140
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Employee bill of rights, requirement of limited use of employee information      261
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Fingerprints, association with criminal investigations      67
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Fingerprints, matching based on correlation or minutiae      66
Fingerprints, scanners      65Ч66
First Amendment      105 223
Fitness programs, as employee benefit      163
Fitness programs, privacy implications of      163Ч165
Flom, Dr. Leonard      71
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)      98
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Global Positioning System (GPS)      188 197
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GPS, and surveillance of employees      201Ч203
GPS, defensive measures against      206Ч207
GPS, end of selective availability      200
GPS, explanation of      199Ч200
GPS, industry growth      200
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GPS, use in wireless devices      205Ч206
Graham Ч Leach Ч Bliley Act      see УBanking Modernization Act of 1999Ф
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Hawaiian Airlines      225
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Health insurance, impact on privacy of medical records      158Ч161
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HIPPA, standards for privacy issued pursuant to      253Ч254
Hippocrates      157
Hollerith, Herman      89Ч90
Homeland security      97Ч99 243
Homosexuality, as basis for employment discrimination      256Ч257
Hoover, J. Edgar      92
Hostile work environment, as basis for workplace litigation      17
Human genome project      176Ч177
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Hygiene, and infrared monitoring systems      114Ч116
IBM 077 Collator      91
IBM 701 (computer)      91
IBM 705 (computer)      91Ч92
Identity theft      87
IDS      see УEmployee IDsФ УNational УNational УPhoto УRadio-frequency УSmart УTransportation
Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act      99
Infineon Technologies AG      55
Information Awareness Office      x 99
InfraGard      97
Infrared, badge systems      111Ч114
Infrared, development of technology      111
Infrared, discovery of      111
Infrared, hygiene monitoring systems      114Ч116
Infrared, privacy implications of      114Ч115
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Intel Corporation v. Hamidi      220Ч221
Internal Revenue Service      84 85 91 234
International Business Machines (IBM)      91Ч92
Internet, impact on productivity      15Ч16
Internet, monitoring tools      143Ч146
Internet, privacy rights of employees      147Ч148
Internet, use of office networks to surf the Web      142Ч143
Investigator (WinWhatWhere)      128Ч129 229
Ionscan Sentinel II (Barringer Protection and Detection Systems)      53Ч54
Iridology      73
Iris, advantages as biometric tool      72
Iris, structure and features of      70Ч71
Iris, susceptibility to aging and illness      73
Iris, uniqueness of      71
IrisCodeЩ      71
Jeffords, Senator James      257
Kassebaum, Senator Nancy      252
Katz v. United States      107
Kennedy, Senator Edward      252 257
Kershner, Irvin (Never Say Never Again)      71 74
Keystrokes, development of counting technology      128
Keystrokes, hardware monitoring tools and techniques      146Ч147
Keystrokes, possible link to physical and psychological problems      129Ч130
Keystrokes, privacy implications      130
Keystrokes, software monitoring tools      128Ч130
King John, signer of the Magna Carta      5Ч7
Kroll Associates      135
Kroll, Jules      31Ч32
Kurtz, Arlene      234Ч235
Kyllo v. United States      248
Lake, Daniel      232
LaserCards (LaserCard Systems)      58
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory      173Ч174 179
Leventhal v. Knapek      137
Lie detector tests      44Ч46
Lifestyle choices, employer supervision of      232Ч236
Lifestyle choices, legislation banning discrimination based on      233Ч234
Litigation, as rationalization for workplace surveillance      16Ч18
Litigation, examples of Internet-related harassment claims      16Ч17
Local feature analysis      76
Log files, as Internet monitoring tool      143
logic bombs      13
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)      231
Magna Carta      5Ч7 116
Magnetic strips ("magstripes")      109Ч110
Major, Prime Minister (U.K.) John      116
Mallia, Edward      230Ч231
McIntyre, Professor Michael      19
Medical and health records, as part of background checks      38Ч39
Medical and health records, employer misuse of      261Ч263
Medical and health records, privacy of      157Ч165
Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson      244
MetroCard      193
Miller, George and Tracy      231Ч232
Minority Report (Spielberg)      73Ч74
Misuse of information by federal government      92Ч93
Mitnick, Kevin      20Ч21
Moran, Representative Jim      100
Motor vehicle records, as part of background checks      35Ч36
MS-DOS (Microsoft)      132 134
Naked Society, The (Vance Packard)      44Ч45 118
National Crime Information Center (NCIC)      34
National Directory of New Hires      94Ч95
National Directory of New Hires, expansion of original role      95Ч96
National Geographic      70
National identification, efforts to create      87
National identification, proposals to use state driver's licenses as      99Ч100
National identification, use of Social Security Number as      84Ч87
National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)      96
National Institutes of Health      176
National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)      249Ч250
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)      222
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