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Massol V., O'Brien T.M. — Maven: A Developer's Notebook
Massol V., O'Brien T.M. — Maven: A Developer's Notebook

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Название: Maven: A Developer's Notebook

Авторы: Massol V., O'Brien T.M.


Maven is a new project management and comprehension tool which provides an elegant way to share build logic across projects. In terms of capabilities, Maven is an improvement to Apache Ant-thanks to numerous plug-ins and built-in integration with unit testing frameworks such as JUnit. Tired of writing the same build logic for every project? Using Maven, you can leverage the experience of the community to avoid the tedious process of creating yet another build script for each new project.

Maven: A Developer's Notebook begins by introducing you to the concept of project object model (POM), and then offers further details on the essential features of Maven. Like all titles in O'Reilly's Developer's Notebook series, this no-nonsense book skips the boring prose and cuts right to the chase. It's an approach that forces you to get your hands dirty by working through a series of poignant labs-exercises that speak to you instead of at you.

Plus, Maven: A Developer's Notebook is the first book on the subject to hit the market, so you know the information is fresh and timely. If you're a Java programmer, you'll be armed with all the critical information you need to get up to speed on this powerful new build tool. You'll discover how Maven can help you:

manage a project's build, reporting, and documentation, all from a central piece of information
break a complex project into a series of smaller subprojects
report on code quality, unit tests, code duplication, and project activity
create a custom remote repository
build simple and complex plug-ins

In the end, you'll find yourself spending less time working on your project's build system and more time working on your project's code.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 224

Добавлена в каталог: 20.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
-o option, command-line, offline builds      
-X test, debug output      
acceptance tests, acceptance subproject      
aggregators, Dashboard plug-in and      
aggregators, Dashboard report      
Announcement plug-in      
announcement:mail goal      
Ant, build files, generating      
Ant, Maven as replacement      
Ant, migrating projects to Maven      
Ant, task element      
ant:arg goal      
Apache Ant      
Apache, Axis plug-in      
App class, JAR file and      
Application Generation plug-in      [See Genapp]
architecture of binary dependencies build strategy      
around keyword      
artifact:deploy goal      
artifacts, core JAR artifact, publishing      
artifacts, offline builds and      
artifacts, publishing      
artifacts, sharing, repository      
ASF (Apache Software Foundation), Maven download      
aspect keyword      
Aspect, logging/writing      
Atom feeds      
Atom Utilities library      
auto-downloading plug-ins      
Axis plug-in (Apache)      
Axis plug-in (Apache), output      
axis:compile goal      
axis:wsdl2java goal      
axis:wsdl2java goal, postGoal      
axis:wsdl2java goal, preGoal      
axis:wsdl2java goal, WSDL and      
best practices reporting (code)      
binary dependencies      
binary dependencies, build strategy architecture      
binary dependencies, Continuous Integration and      
book conventions      
book organization      
book web site      
book's examples      
build files, generating (Ant)      
build.properties file, remote positories and      
building subprojects simultaneously      
builds, Continuous Integration      
builds, offline      
built-in properties      
change tracking      
Changelog plug-in      2nd
Checkstyle plug-in      
Checkstyle report      
choice, migration and      
client library generation      
code examples, using      
code, best practices reporting      
code, duplicate, reports      
code, passive code genration      
collaboration, binary dependencies      
collaboration, installation sharing      
collaboration, remote repository      
collaborative projects, information tracking      
common/project.xml file      
compiling, projects      
configuration, proxy servers      2nd
configuration, subprojects      
connection element, SCM      
content reports      
Continuous Integration build      
Continuous Integration build, binary dependencies and      
Continuous Integration build, CruiseControl      
Continuum, Continuous Integration tool      
contributors tags      
conventions in book      
core JAR artifact      
CPD (Copy Paste Detector)      
CPD (Copy Paste Detector), PMD and      
CruiseControl, configuration      
CruiseControl, Continuous Integration build and      
CruiseControl, installation      
CruiseControl, Subversion and      
custom goals, running programs      
custom libraries, goals and      
customization, goal writing      
customization, goals, top-level      
customization, Maven 2      
customization, plug-ins      
customization, properties      
customization, XDoc plug-in      
CVS repositories      
DamageControl, Continuous Integration tool      
Dashboard plug-in      
Dashboard plug-in, aggregators      
Dashboard plug-in, multiproject:site goal      
Dashboard report, aggregators      
dashboard, generating      
dashboard:report-single goal      
debugging, debug information      
debugging, output      
default goal      
dependencies element, adding dependencies and      
Dependencies report      
dependencies tag      
dependencies, adding      
dependencies, binary      
dependencies, dynamic      
dependencies, enumeration      
dependencies, home directory repository      
dependencies, id element and      
dependencies, locating      
dependencies, Maven 2      
dependencies, plug-ins      
dependencies, reporting and      
dependencies, SNAPSHOTS      
dependencies, Spring Framework and      
dependencies, static      
dependencies, tagging with property      
dependencies, transitive      
Developer-Activity plug-in      
developers tags      
development team, reporting and      
directories, springframework      
directories, target directory      
documentation, projects      
Downloads link      
downloads, Maven      
downloads, Maven, Unix platform      
downloads, Maven, Windows platform      
downloads, plug-ins      
downloads, Tomcat      
duplicate code, reporting      
dynamic dependencies      
Eclipse, MAVEN_REPO      
Eclipse, plug-ins and      
Eclipse, project generation      
elements, extent      
elements, links      
elements, mailingLists      
elements, reports      
enumeration, dependencies      
examples in book      
executing goals, Maven Console      
execution, Logifier plug-in      
extent element      
FAQ plug-in      
File System (fs) protocol      
File-Activity plug-in      
flexibility, migrating and      
FTP protocol      
functional tests      
Genapp, new projects      
generate.tests property      
generating code, passive generation      
generating reports, plug-ins for      
goals, announcement:mail      
goals, artifact:deploy      
goals, custom      
goals, custom, running programs      
goals, custom, writing      
goals, dashboard:report-single      
goals, default      
goals, executing, Maven Console      
goals, Jar plug-in, listing      
goals, jarexec:run      
goals, javadoc      
goals, listing available      
goals, logifier:compile      
goals, multiproject:install      
goals, multiproject:site      
goals, plug-ins      
goals, plugin:download, interactive mode      
goals, postGoal      
goals, preGoal      
goals, top-level, custom      
goals, war:install      
graphs, history graphs      
Gump, Continuous Integration tool      
history graphs      
HtmlUnit tests      
iajc Ant task      
id element, dependencies and      
IDD (Issue Driven Development)      
inheritance, POM      
installation, CruiseControl      
installation, plug-ins      
installation, plug-ins from remote repository      
installation, plug-ins from source      
installation, plug-ins manual      
installation, prerequisites      
installation, sharing      
IntelliJ IDEA      2nd
Issue Tracking report      
issueTrackingUrl tag      2nd
j:set tag      
Jakarta Turbine      
JAR execution plug-in, writing      
jar files      
JAR files, project compiling and      
JAR files, project testing and      
jar goal      
jar goal, events triggered      
JAR plug-in      
JAR plug-in, goals, listing      
JAR plug-in, jar:jar goal execution      
jar:jar goal, executing      
jarexec:run goal      
Java compatibility      
java:compile goal      
java:compile goal, axis:compile goal and      
java:compile goal, output      
java:compile goal, postGoal      
java:compile goal, preGoal      
Javaapp plug-in      
javadoc goal      
JBuilder      2nd
Jelly scripts, POM information      
Jelly tag library      
jelly:ant namespace      
JellyContext variable      
Jetty plug-in      
JSL, XDoc plug-in and      
libraries, Atom Utilities library      
libraries, client      
libraries, client, custom goals and      
libraries, client, generation      
License plug-in      
Linkcheck plug-in      
links element      
logging Aspect, writing      
Logifier plug-in      
Logifier plug-in, execution      
Logifier plug-in, logic      
logifier:compile goal      
mailing lists      
Mailing Lists report      
mailing lists, reporting and      
mailingLists element      
mailingLists tag      
manual installation, plug-ins      
Massol, Vincent      
Maven 2      
Maven 2, customization      
Maven 2, dependency      
Maven 2, performance      
Maven 2, plug-ins      
Maven as replacement for Ant      2nd
Maven Console      
Maven Console, goals, executing      
Maven, download      
Maven, download, Unix      
Maven, download, Windows platform      
Maven, installation      
Maven, migrating Ant projects to      
Maven, overview      
maven:get tag, properties and      
MAVEN_REPO variable, Eclipse      
Mevenide plug-in      
multi-artifact projects      
Multiproject plug-in      
Multiproject plug-in, web site      
multiproject web site      
multiproject:install goal      
multiproject:site goal      
multiproject:site goal, Dashboard plug-in and      
navigation.xml, syntax and      
new projects      
new projects, Genapp      
new projects, POM (Project Object Model)      
offline builds      
offline builds, -o option      
offline builds, artifacts and      
offline mode      
offline mode, repository disabling      
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