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Maruska D. Ч How Great Decisions Get Made: 10 Easy Steps for Reaching Agreement on Even the Toughest Issues
Maruska D. Ч How Great Decisions Get Made: 10 Easy Steps for Reaching Agreement on Even the Toughest Issues

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Ќазвание: How Great Decisions Get Made: 10 Easy Steps for Reaching Agreement on Even the Toughest Issues

јвтор: Maruska D.


Emphasizing the importance of concentrating on shared goals, Maruska (a consultant) outlines a practical approach to making decisions in a variety of organizational settings. He introduces problem solving tools and explains their application in different situations, such as working under extreme time constraints and in very large groups. The book includes individual and group checklists for assessing the strengths of a decision-making environment and identifying areas for improvement.

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 207

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.08.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
"I" statements      70 150 151 181
30 Minute Miracle      8 29 133Ч140
Acting out, to physicalize ideas      68
Action assignments, to implement solutions      152
Agendas: as decision-making obstacle      13 15
Agendas: attachment to      18 102
Agendas: hidden      17
Agendas: in large groups      164
Agents of hope      10 122 142 184Ч190
Agreements, clarity of      182
Analysis, excessive      85
Artist's Way at Work: Riding the Dragon (Bryan)      68
Authoritarianism      18 19
Balance Nails exercise      179Ч180 183
Behavioral patterns: changing      144Ч148
Behavioral patterns: consistent      181
Blackmail, as decision-making tactic      20
brainstorming      31 79 136
Bribery, as decision-making tactic      20
Broder, David      149
Bryan, Mark      68
burnout      17
Business economics, defined      13Ч14
Case studies: on enlisting everyone      36Ч38
Case studies: on exploring hopes      48Ч49
Case studies: on identifying all options      73Ч75
Case studies: on information exchange      92Ч95
Case studies: on information gathering      83Ч84
Case studies: on looking ahead      117Ч118
Case studies: on mapping solutions      109Ч111
Case studies: on recognizing results      123Ч125
Case studies: on uncovering real issues      62Ч63
Case studies: on written options      100Ч102
Celebrations: as unifying      139
Celebrations: for large groups      166
Celebrations: role of      127Ч129
Choices, as persuasive technique      144
Commitment: lack of      100 181
Commitment: rebuilding      26
Commitment: to written options      103
Communication: for virtual teams      172
Communication: guidelines for      150Ч151
Communication: spoken versus written      159
Community groups: inclusive approach used by      38 39
Community groups: ten-step process used by      28 29
conference calls      170 172
Confidence: building      26 44
Confidence: eroding      40
Confidentiality      104Ч106 108
Consensus      113
Control: in groups      143Ч144 157
Control: leadership and      141Ч142
Control: of outcomes      185
Control: quest for      15 16 17
Control:competition for      53
Creativity: in innovation      18
Creativity: tapping into      27 143
Credibility: of products      136
Credibility: of working groups      86 164 165
Debate: as decision-making tactic      19
Debate: avoiding      95 98 99
Debate: drawbacks of      90Ч92
Debate: moderating      149Ч150
Debate: nonproductive      12 44 176
Decision making: as linear versus cyclical process      26
Decision making: by secret ballot      104Ч106 108
Decision making: change as component of      118Ч119 121
Decision making: consensus-driven      113
Decision making: fear as factor in      12Ч21
Decision making: for large groups      158Ч167
Decision making: hopes as factor in      3 5 21Ч26 128
Decision making: ineffective      11Ч12 18
Decision making: midcourse review of      120Ч121
Decision making: organizational dynamics in      8
Decision making: process for      see Ten-step process
Decision making: results of      112
Decision making: speed of      133Ч134 139
Diversity: as decision-making factor      8
Diversity: of information sources      88
Diversity: of viewpoints      106
Diversity: unifying through shared hopes      50Ч51
Divisiveness: group dynamics of      18 43
Divisiveness: overcoming      24Ч26 174Ч175 183
Divisiveness: shared hopes and      60
Drawing, to physicalize ideas      68 79
E*Trade      23Ч24
E-mail, information sharing via      171 172
E-teams      8 168Ч173
Enemies, creating      40
Exclusion: from decision making      17 27
Exclusion: results of      40Ч41
Expectations: as limiting      48 50 142
Expectations: attachment to      18
Expectations: versus hopes      4 17
Facilitators: choosing      152Ч154
Facilitators: role of      149 155Ч157
Facilitators: skills of      154Ч155
Fear: as motivator      2 14 187 188
Fear: cycle of      32
Fear: decision-making role of      12Ч21
Fear: ego-driven      141Ч142
Fear: negative effects of      14 147 185
Fear: overcoming      125 126
Feelings: expressing      67 70
Feelings: gut-level      79
Feelings: reflecting      66Ч68 70
Fighters, as decision makers      19Ч20
Fortune 500 companies, ten-step process used by      28 29
Gallwey, Tim      147
Governments, ten-step process used by      28 29
Greed, as motivator      185 187
Growth businesses, ten-step process used by      28 29
Hope(s): agents of      10 122 142 184Ч190
Hope(s): as flip side of fear      57Ч58
Hope(s): as overcoming detail difficulties      52Ч56
Hope(s): as solution source      51Ч52
Hope(s): connecting with      57Ч59
Hope(s): cycle of      32
Hope(s): exploring      21Ч23 47 59Ч60
Hope(s): in sustaining results      56Ч57 125
Hope(s): of large groups      162
Hope(s): organizational benefits of      23Ч24
Hope(s): shared      5 50Ч51 86 128 135 151 175
Hope(s): teamwork role of      3 12
Hope(s): to evaluate options      97 100 102Ч103 107
Hope(s): to focus information      84Ч85 87Ч89
Hope(s): versus expectations      4 48Ч49
Human software      11 26 173
Inclusion Checklist      45
Inclusion: effect of fear on      46
Inclusion: group dynamics and      43Ч44
Inclusion: in information gathering      88
Inclusion: need for      35Ч38
Inclusion: of stakeholders      38Ч42
Inclusion: of written options      103
Inclusion: practicing      44Ч45
Information gathering: for large groups      164
Information gathering: from stakeholders      38Ч42
Information gathering: from unexpected sources      44
Information gathering: hopes as focus for      84Ч85 87Ч89
Information gathering: ineffective      18
Information gathering: presenting results of      85Ч86
Information gathering: to find solutions      81Ч84
Information sharing: for large groups      165
Information sharing: practice of      92Ч100
Information sharing: The Inner Game of Tennis (Gallwey)      147
Information sharing: versus debate      90Ч92 151
Information sharing: via e-mail      171 172
Innovation: catalysts for      76Ч77 78
Innovation: obstacles to      18
Instant polling      173
Intelligent teamwork      3
Issues: expressing physically      68
Issues: identifying      61Ч62 69Ч71 135
Issues: presenting versus underlying      63Ч66
Issues: targeting      69
Issues: unresolved      82
Leadership and the New Science (Wheatley)      185
Leadership: behavior patterns of      144Ч148
Leadership: ego as factor in      141Ч142
Leadership: positive      185 186
Learning cycle      119
Listening: as sounding board      66Ч68
Listening: during information sharing      98
Listening: effective      70
Listening: in 30 Minute Miracle process      135
Listening: to identify issues      61Ч65 69
Majority rule      18 19Ч20 106
Media, success stories shared with      126Ч127
Meetings: communication guidelines for      150Ч151
Meetings: for dispersed groups      169Ч170 172
Meetings: for large groups      159Ч166
Meetings: inclusive approach to      42Ч43 44
Meetings: ownership for      152 160
Meetings: shared hopes as focus of      60
Meetings: trust breakdown at      181
Meetings: versus e-mail      171
Middle managers, organizational role of      8
Multinational businesses: decision-making challenges of      8
Multinational businesses: ten-step process for      168Ч173
Nonconfrontationalists, as decision makers      20Ч21
Nonjudgmental awareness      147
Nonprofit organizations, ten-step process used by      28 29
Options: advocating for      86 87 90 96 104 164
Options: deciding on      104Ч106 136Ч138
Options: evaluating      80 93Ч99 100Ч108 137Ч138 165 170
Options: for large groups      162Ч165
Options: identifying      72Ч75 78Ч79 136
Options: innovative      76Ч77 99
Options: open approach to      75Ч76
Options: overlooking      17Ч18
Organizations: core values of      126 128
Organizations: dysfunctional dynamics in      8 178 181 183
Organizations: leadership of      185 186
Organizations: multinational      8 168Ч169
Organizations: success factors in      26Ч27
Organizations: ten-step process used by      28 29
Organizations: ten-step survey of      195Ч197
Ownership: of thoughts/feelings      70
Ownership: shared      42 44
Ownership:of meetings      152 160
Personal principles      188Ч189
Persuasive techniques      141Ч148
Positive inquisitiveness      120
Problem solving      See also Solutions
Problem solving, identifying issues in      61
Problem solving, identifying options in      73 74
Problem solving, information gathering for      81Ч82
Problem solving, multiple paths to      104
Public speaking      159
Quick Use Guide      30 31Ч32
Raim, Jeff      179
Recognition: group versus individual      2 13 15Ч16 122 128
Recognition: of positive results      123Ч129 139
Resources, allocating      14
Scarcity, organizational fear of      2 3 13 15Ч17
Sculpting, to physicalize ideas      68
Secret ballots: tabulating      110Ч111 113
Secret ballots: to select options      104Ч106 108 138
Secret ballots: via e-mail      171 172
Shuttle diplomacy      43
Silo thinking      82
Solution Finder      110Ч115
Solutions: alternative      116Ч117 119Ч121
Solutions: mapping      109Ч115 138
Solutions: shared      152
Solutions: status quo      80 83 97Ч98 137
Solutions: sustaining      51Ч52
Stakeholders: contributions from      38Ч42
Stakeholders: identifying      44
Stakeholders: in large groups      159 164
Stakeholders: sharing concerns of      86
Stevens, Art      4Ч5
Storytelling: by successful teams      126Ч127 129
Storytelling: to change team dynamics      147
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #1: 30ЧMinute Miracle      133Ч140
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #2: persuasive techniques      141Ч148
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #3: self-directed process      149Ч157
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #4: large groups      158Ч167
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #5: e-teams      168Ч173
Strategies for overcoming obstacles: #6: building trust      174Ч183
Teamwork      See also Working groups
Teamwork, conflict in      175Ч183
Teamwork, dynamics of      143 147Ч148
Teamwork, effect of fear on      15
Teamwork, effective      9
Teamwork, facilitating      149Ч157
Teamwork, intelligent      3
Teamwork, obstacles in      1 7Ч8
Teamwork, persuasive      141
Teamwork, rewarding      123
Teamwork, virtual      8 168Ч173
Technology: for virtual teams      169Ч173
Technology: information transmitted by      11
Ten-Step Improvement Checklist      191Ч197
Ten-step process: applications for      28Ч29
Ten-step process: assessing      191Ч197
Ten-step process: development of      3Ч6
Ten-step process: duration of      29Ч30
Ten-step process: effectiveness of      6Ч7 9 97 190
Ten-step process: for e-teams      168
Ten-step process: group size and      158
Ten-step process: in decision-making dynamic      27Ч28
Ten-step process: persuasive techniques for      145Ч146
Ten-step process: Quick Use Guide to      30 31Ч32
Ten-step process: self-directed      149Ч157
Ten-step process: sequence of      139Ч140
Ten-step process: Step #10: Stay Charged Up      122Ч129 139
Ten-step process: Step #1: Enlist Everyone      35Ч46 135
Ten-step process: Step #2: Discover Shared Hopes      47Ч60 135
Ten-step process: Step #3: Uncover the Real Issues      61Ч71 135Ч136 143
Ten-step process: Step #4: Identify All Options      72Ч80 136
Ten-step process: Step #5: Gather the Right Information      81Ч89
Ten-step process: Step #6: Get Everything on the Table      90Ч99 137Ч138
Ten-step process: Step #7: Write Down Choices That Support Shared Hopes      100Ч108 138
Ten-step process: Step #8: Map the Solutions      109Ч115 138
Ten-step process: Step #9: Look Ahead      116Ч121 139
Ten-step process: to overcome divisiveness      24Ч26
Ten-step process: trust in      182
Ten-Step Quotient (TQ)      194 196 197
Ten-step survey results      195Ч197
Trade*Plus      23
Trust: building      26 44 65 166 174Ч183
Trust: defined      175
Trust: eroding      40 181
Trust: within teams      153 170
Virtual teams: decision-making challenges of      8
Virtual teams: ten-step process for      168Ч173
Weapons and Shields exercise      176Ч178
Web tools, virtual team use of      171 172
Wheatley, Margaret (Meg)      185
Win-lose dynamics      16
Win-win dynamics      18 22
Working groups      See also Teamwork
Working groups as representatives      158Ч167
Working groups, control in      143Ч144 157
Working groups, credibility of      86
Working groups, dynamics of      43Ч44
Working groups, large versus small      137
Working groups, relationships within      139
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