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Reuvid J., Yong L. (eds.) Ч Doing Business with China
Reuvid J., Yong L. (eds.) Ч Doing Business with China

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Ќазвание: Doing Business with China

јвторы: Reuvid J., Yong L. (eds.)


After more than two decades of progress in market reforms and liberalization, the entry of China into the WTO marks a new era for its integration into the world economy. No global business can now ignore the tremendous potential of China as a massive new marketing and a powerful business partner."Doing Business with China" is a unique and timely guide to business practice opportunities in this dynamic economy. Up-to-date and authoritative, itТs an essential reference source for those engaged in financial services, corporate planners, entrepreneurs and ChinaТs would be trading partners. In addition to detailed economic and trade statistics, there is a mass of invaluable information on the countryТs foreign trade activity, business start-ups in China, joint ventures and market research, advice on such matters as business relationships and the impact of Chinese cultural values on them, plus useful historical information on the development and reform of state-owned enterprises.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 650

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.08.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
"Bringing in" strategy      83 85
"Double track" system, intellectual property regulations      168
"Entrusted loans" system      269Ц270
"Foreign brands"      248Ц249
"Going out" strategy      83 85
"Gold Pass" programme      67
"Gold Taxation" programme      67
"Loans against exports"      267Ц268
"Local brands"      248
"Most favoured nation" (MFN) treatment      12Ц13
"New brands"      249
"Non-tariff" barriers, phasing out      13 19 70Ц71 75Ц77 90
"Patience, persistence and product" rule      180
"Stepping out" strategy      68 99
"Three Ps" rule for doing business      180
"Winning through quality" strategies      64Ц65
account management      269Ц270
Accounting regulations      147Ц150
Accounting services      357 358
Accounting Society of China (ASC)      148
Accounting Systems for Business Enterprises (ASBE)      147Ц149 157
acquisitions      143
Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC)      168 169
Administrations under the State Council      24
Administrative approval system, foreign trade      66Ц67 74
Administrative divisions, population by      34 34
Advertising      237Ц238 359Ц363
Advertising companies      360Ц361
Advertising congestion      252
Advertising, brand management      251Ц253
Advertising, business partners      204
Advertising, foreign exchange payments      274
Advertising, Internet      361Ц363
Advertising, regulation      362Ц363
Advisers, using the services of      210Ц211 214Ц215
After market, automotive components      300 301Ц306
Age distribution      35Ц37
agents      130 206
Agriculture      243 244
Agriculture, external cooperation      81Ц86
Agriculture, statistical surveys      56
Agriculture, subsidies      13
AIC (Administration of Industry and Commerce airfreight)      242
Allowances, foreign exchange payments      274
Allowances, taxation treatment      154
Ameliorants production      321Ц322
Anhui Chery      295
Anhui Jianghui Auto Co      311
Anhui Province      419Ц421
Annual leave      131Ц132
Anti-dumping      13Ц14 65Ц66
Antioxidants and antistaling agents production      321
Approval system reform, foreign trade      66Ц67 74
Approvals process, joint ventures      217Ц218
Arbitration      135Ц37
Arbitration tribunals      136
Articles of association      216Ц217
ASC (Accounting Society of China)      148
Aspartane production      322
Asset restructuring regulations      8
AT&T joint venture      376
Audio products, opening up      88
Auditing regulations      149Ц150
Auditing regulations, comparison with international standards      157Ц159
Auditing services      357 358
Automotive components industry      299Ц308
Automotive components industry, after market      301Ц304
Automotive components industry, major issues      304Ц306
Automotive components industry, OVM market      299Ц301
Automotive industry      46 291Ц298
Automotive industry, commercial vehicles      309Ц314
Automotive industry, impact of WTO entry      297Ц298
Automotive industry, manufacturing      293Ц296
Automotive industry, motorcycles      296Ц297
Bad debts, taxation treatment      154
BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Co)      296 311
BAIC Beiqi Futian      312
Balance of Payments Accounting System      57
Balance of payments reporting system      279Ц280
banking services      265Ц270
Banking services, after WTO entry      268Ц269
Banking services, basic accounts      266
Banking services, foreign trade regulations      72
Banking services, foreign trade services      103Ц104
Banking services, opening up      87Ц88 265Ц266
Banking services, payments infrastructure      269Ц270
Banking services, trade services      267Ц268
Basic units, statistical survey on      55
Beihai City      510Ц512
Beijing      385Ц387
Beijing Automotive Industry Co (BAIC)      296 311
Beijing Foreign Enterprise Services Corporation (FESCO)      219
Beijing, consumerism research study      230Ц233
Benefits, taxation treatment      154
Bills of lading      122
Biological material, patents on      165
Bonded zones      244
Bonuses, foreign exchange payments      274
Booking notes      122
Bookkeeping services      357
Bosch joint ventures      302 302
BR rubber production      369 370 373
Branches of foreign companies      143
Brand management      238Ц239 248Ц251
Brilliance China      295
Buddhism      177
Bulletins, statistical      58
Bureaux, government      24Ц25
Bus industry      309Ц313
Business ethics consciousness      230 231 232
Business partners, identifying and assessing      203Ц205
Business partners, relations with      255Ц256
Business plans, joint ventures      213
Business set-up requirements      127Ц138
Business structures      127Ц130
Business structures, dispute resolution      135Ц138
Business structures, employment law      131Ц133
Business structures, foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs)      94 127 139Ц146
Business structures, intellectual property      133Ц134
Business tax      153
Capital accounts      266
Capital accounts, foreign exchange payments      113 276Ц279
Capital gains, taxation      153
Carrefour      367
Cash management      268Ц269
Catalogue of Industries for the Guidance of Foreign Investment      7Ц8
Catering industry, statistical surveys      56
CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade)      135
Census system      55
Changan Auto      295
Changzhou Changjiang Bus Group      312
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)      135
China Development Report      58
China International Chamber of Commerce Conciliation Centres      135
China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)      136Ц137
China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)      282
Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA)      148
Chinese Insurance Group (CIG)      327
Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)      327 328
Chongqing Province      449Ц451
CICC (China International Chamber of Commerce)      135
CICPA (Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants)      148
CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission)      136Ц137
CIG (Chinese Insurance Group)      327
CIRC (Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission)      327 328
City level foreign trade companies      94
Clean import loans      267
Clearing systems      269
Clothing, consumer spending patterns      44
Coatings industry      342Ц345
COFTEC      139 140
Collective marks      160
Collectivism      178Ц179 185 187 189
Colourants production      321
Commercial dispute resolution      135Ц137
Commercial vehicle industry      309Ц314
Communications, consumer spending on      44Ц45
Communications, cultural differences      187 188
Communications, language problems      207Ц209
Communications, market      47Ц48
Communications, with partners      257
Community, relations with      259
companies      31Ц32 139 140Ц143
Compensation trade      128Ц129
Computer peripheral market      333Ц334
Computer software, patents on      165
Confucianism      176Ц177 198
Consolidation of income      154
Construction industry, foreign trade regulations      72
Construction industry, Macao      526
Construction industry, statistical surveys      56
Consumer confidence      48
Consumer durable ownership      43 43
Consumer loyalty, and guanxi      197
Consumer market      33Ц48
Consumer market, consumption patterns      42Ц45
Consumer market, demographics      33Ц42
Consumer market, globalization      48
Consumer market, overall market      45Ц47
Consumer market, research      224Ц226
Consumer market, selected markets      46Ц48
Consumer Price Index      45
Consumerism strategies      229Ц234
Consumption patterns      42Ц45
Consumption tax      153
Contact persons, accessing business networks via      198Ц199
Contract negotiations and approvals, joint ventures      212Ц218
Contracts, labour      221
Cooperative joint ventures (CJVs)      139 140 143 144
Corporate taxation      151Ц155
corruption      179
COSCO      367Ц368
Cosmetics market      48
Courier services, foreign trade regulations      72
Courts system      168 169
Credit card market      47
CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission)      282
Cultural issues      175Ц190
Cultural issues, anecdotal analysis      183Ц85 184 186 187
Cultural issues, attitudes      177Ц80
Cultural issues, case studies      185Ц190
Cultural issues, China as international community member      183
Cultural issues, networking      194Ц196
Cultural issues, roots      175Ц177
Cultural issues, tips for doing business      180Ц181
Currency, tax payments      155
Current accounts      266
Current accounts, convertibility      271Ц276
Customs Regulations, intellectual property      171Ц172
Dalian City      478Ц480
Dangerous cargo lists      122
DCs (documentary credits)      267 268
defective products      65
demographics      33Ц42
Demographics, disposable income      38Ц40
Demographics, education      37Ц38
Demographics, household structure      36 38
Demographics, population      33Ц37
Demographics, savings      40Ц42
Dental services      357
Departmental statistical system      55
Depreciation      153Ц154
Designs, patents for      164 165
Desktop PC market      332
Direct mail advertising      204
direct marketing      236
Direct selling      236
Dismissal of staff      220
Dispute settlement, commercial      135Ц137
Dispute settlement, import contracts      206
Dispute settlement, labour      132Ц133 221Ц222
Dispute settlement, WTO requirements      15
Distribution services, automotive components      304
Distribution services, foreign trade regulations      71Ц72
Distribution services, opening up      88Ц89
Distributors, selection of      206
Dividends, capital gains      153
Documentary credits (DCs)      267 268
Domain names      336Ц337
Donations, taxation treatment      154
Dong Feng Auto      295 312
Dow Chemical Co      373
Due diligence for market entrants      202Ц211
Due diligence for market entrants, assessing business partners      205
Due diligence for market entrants, building in-house teams      209Ц210
Due diligence for market entrants, identifying business partners      203Ц205
Due diligence for market entrants, key terms and conditions      205Ц207
Due diligence for market entrants, language problems      207Ц209
Due diligence for market entrants, selection of agents and distributors      206
Due diligence for market entrants, sourcing from China      207
Due diligence for market entrants, using advisers      210Ц211
E-advertising      361Ц363
E-commerce      244 337Ц338
Eastern China, growth of private sector      30
Economic Circulation Accounts System      58
Economic performance and outlook      3Ц6
Education      37Ц38
Education of business partners      257
embassies      203
Employment      219Ц222
Employment service providers      219Ц220
Employment, law      131Ц133
Employment, relations with employees      258
Emulsifiers production      321Ц322
Engel's coefficient      42
Engineering plastics industry      315Ц318
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems      269
Entertainment expenses, taxation treatment      154
Entrepot port, Hong Kong's role as      530
Environmental consciousness      229Ц232
Equity joint ventures (EJVs)      139Ц141 143 144
Equity transfers, foreign exchange control      115
ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems      269
Erythritol production      323
Ethical conduct      65
Ethylene production      346Ц348
Euro-Industrial Park, Qinhuangdao      482Ц483
Event publicity (marketing)      262
Exchange control system      110Ц119
Exchange control system, after WTO accession      116Ц119
Exchange control system, control over foreign resident organizations      111Ц116
Exhibitions      204
Exhibitions, foreign exchange payments      274
Eximbank (ExportЦImport Bank of China)      103Ц105 107Ц109
Export seller's and export buyer's credit      104
Exposure drafts, accounting      157 158
Expressions, cultural differences      178
External cooperation in agriculture      81Ц86
External debt, foreign exchange requirements      276Ц277
External guarantees, foreign exchange requirements      113 276Ц277
Face-saving, importance of      177Ц178 195Ц196
FAW (First Auto Works) Group      293Ц295 312
Feasibility studies, joint ventures      213
Feng shui      176
FESCO (Beijing Foreign Enterprise Services Corporation)      219
Fieldwork practices, consumer research      225Ц26
Finance sector, Hong Kong      531Ц532
Finance sector, Macao      526
Financial institutions, foreign exchange control      280
Financial statements, forms and content      148Ц149
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