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Jang M. — Linux Annoyances for Geeks
Jang M. — Linux Annoyances for Geeks

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Название: Linux Annoyances for Geeks

Автор: Jang M.


Yes, Linux has many annoying traits, despite all the hype to the contrary. You'll find out quickly when you're asked to standardize the organization's Linux desktops or install a boot password on a server. With this book, you won't be caught unprepared. Many of the solutions in Linux Annoyances for Geeks come from author Michael Jang's decades of experience in system administration and consulting, while others are gleaned from common issues and answers found in online forums and power user web sites. With plenty of material for any Linux user, this book is an essential troubleshooting guide for both desktops and servers.

His book covers three key areas for Linux users:

Desktop management topics include Firefox and OpenOffice optimization, spam filtering, instant messaging, X Window system configuration, and much more.

System setup concentrates on optimizing start times for the OS and applications as well as security and maintenance issues like installing a new kernel or getting the latest security patch.

The server configuration section walks the reader through the difficult issues involved in setting up and administering several types of Linux servers, including file/print, web, and email.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 502

Добавлена в каталог: 13.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang)      
" (double quotes)      
"tainting the kernel"
#!/bin/sh (bash shell directive)      
' (single quotes)      
.iso files, writing contents to DVDs      
/ (forward slash)      
/etc/fstab, quota configuration in      
/etc/fstab, removable media and      
/etc/profile, PATH and      
/home directory, enlarging      
/home directory, enlarging, backing up      
/home directory, enlarging, logical volume configuration      
4G/4G kernel issue      
A+ certification      
Absolute Value Systems      
Accessibility modules      
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), laptops      
Adobe Acrobat      
Adobe Acrobat, alternatives to      
Adobe Acrobat, for Firefox      
alacarte RPM      
alien command      
Alps GlidePoint touchpad      
ALSA configuration tool (alsaconf)      
AOL (America Online)      
application libraries      
application libraries, Freshmeat Project      
application libraries, Linux Online library      
application libraries, SourceForge      
application selection      
applications, database managers      
applications, file managers      
applications, file managers, Konqueror      
applications, file managers, Nautilus      
applications, graphics applications      
applications, Microsoft Word on Linux      
applications, movie viewers      
applications, office applications      
applications, OpenOffice.org      
applications, personal finance      
applications, PostScript-compatible applications      
applications, presentations applications      
applications, spreadsheets      
applications, tax applications      
applications, web developer applications      
applications, word processors      2nd
applications, X Window System applications, remote access of      
apt, apt commands      
apt, nightly update configuration      
apt-mirror project      
Archive Manager      
at jobs      
at jobs, creating      
at jobs, load management      
atd command      
audio configuration      
authconfig command      
automatic mounts, configuring      
Automounter, configuring for non-root use      
Automounter, configuring for removable media      
Automounter, NFS share      
Automounter, Samba share      
back quotes (`)      
backslashes (\)      
Backups      2nd
backups, cron, automating with      
backups, emergency backups, configuring      
backups, emergency backups, configuring, critical requirements      
backups, restoration after Windows install overwrites      
backups, rsync command      
backups, ssh (Secure Shell) command      
bad blocks, fixing      
badblocks command      
bang (!)      
bash shell directive (#!/bin/sh)      
batch jobs      
batch jobs, security      
Bayesian filtering      
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Daemon)      
BIOS passwords      
Bochs SourceForge project      
boot scripts      
booting, boot failure, "File not found"
booting, boot partition, locating      
booting, bootup time, reducing      
booting, bootup time, reducing, 4G/4G kernel issue      
booting, bootup time, reducing, disabling services      
booting, bootup time, reducing, network mounts      
booting, bootup time, reducing, uninstalling services      
booting, troubleshooting      
booting, USB boot      
bootloaders, commercial bootloaders      
bootloaders, LILO      
bootloaders, passwords and timeouts      
bootloaders, Windows install overwrites, fixing      
browsers, text browsers      
cAos Red Hat Enterprise rebuilds      
cardctl command      2nd 3rd
CD/DVD drives      
CD/DVD drives, /etc/fstab configuration for non-root users      
CD/DVD drives, server defaults, /etc/fstab      
CD/DVD drives, troubleshooting      
CD/DVD drives, user mounting, enabling      
CD/DVD drives, workstation defaults      
chage command      
chainloader directive      
checksum algorthms      
chown command      
Clam AntiVirus software and Logwatch      
commands, copying via the middle mouse button      
commands, history, reusing from      
commands, long commands      
commands, PATH and      
copying commands      
corrupt partitions      
corrupt partitions, bad blocks      
corrupt partitions, bad blocks, fixing      
corrupt partitions, basic checks      
corrupt partitions, symptoms      
crack command      
createrepo command      
cron jobs      
cron jobs, backups      
CrossOver Office      2nd 3rd
CrossOver Office, Quicken or Quickbooks installation      
CUPS, administrators, configuring      
CUPS, administrators, configuring, adding administrators      
CUPS, administrators, configuring, for multiple administrators      
CUPS, installation      
CUPS, organizing printers by groups      
CUPS, printer configuration      
CUPS, printers, sharing      
curl command      
daemontools package      
database managers      
dd_rescue command      
Debian, Apache service      
Debian, boot script      
Debian, Debian from Scratch CD      
Debian, desktop configuration      
Debian, desktop configuration, audio      
Debian, desktop configuration, downloads      
Debian, dual-boot recovery      
Debian, email service, outgoing on Exim      
Debian, FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) tools      
Debian, Firefox installation      
Debian, firewall configuration      
Debian, GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader)      
Debian, GUI package dependencies      
Debian, hardware compatibility      
Debian, hotplug device updates      
Debian, kernel builds      
Debian, locate command      
Debian, logging daemon      
Debian, menu.lst file      
Debian, security updates      
Debian, Telnet client      
Debian, virtual host configuration      
Debian, vsFTP      
Debian, X Window System configuration      
desktop configuration      
desktop configuration, audio      
desktop configuration, CD/DVD      
desktop configuration, custom login menus      
desktop configuration, desktop resolution      
desktop configuration, downloads      
desktop configuration, GUI      
desktop configuration, GUI, full or missing directories      
desktop configuration, GUI, runlevel configuration      
desktop configuration, GUI, troubleshooting      
desktop configuration, icons      
desktop configuration, locking the settings      
desktop configuration, online resources      
desktop configuration, X Font Server      
df command      
dialup connections      
dialup connections, modem detection      
Distributions      2nd
distributions, alternatives to best know distros      
distributions, downloads and other procurement methods      
distributions, downloads and other procurement methods, BitTorrent      
distributions, downloads and other procurement methods, mirrors      
distributions, purchase cost      
distributions, Red Hat Enterprise Rebuilds      
djbdns, components      
djbdns, configuring      
djbdns, installation      
dnsip command      
Domain Name System (DNS)      
double quotes (")
dpkg -S command      
dpkg command      
drivers, Linuxant drivers      
drivers, loading      
drivers, proprietary drivers      
drivers, wireless cards      
drivers, wireless cards, developmental drivers for      
dual booting      
dual booting, Linux kernel dual booting      
dual booting, Microsoft Windows, configuring with      
dual booting, recovery      
dual booting, recovery, boot partition, locating      
dual booting, recovery, rescuing via Red Hat or SUSE      
dual booting, recovery, via Debian or Knoppix      
dual booting, Windows reinstalls      
DVDs, DVD standards and packages      
DVDs, important commands      
DVDs, movie decryption software      
DVDs, writing to      
Easy Software Products      
edquota -up command      
egrep command      
Elinks text browser      
email managers      
email managers, Outlook, converting from      
email servers      
email servers, creating a server      
email servers, Debian, outgoing on Exim      
email servers, routing through alternative ISPs      
email servers, sendmail      
email servers, sendmail, Red Hat, outgoing configuration on      
email servers, SUSE, outgoing Postfix on      
email, down or inaccessible ISP servers      
Epiphany web browser      
escape character (\)      
Evolution, Microsoft Exchange, configuration for      
Evolution, spam filters      
Evolution, spam filters, activation      
Evolution, switching to from Outlook      
Evolution, virtual folders      
Eye of GNOME      
FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) tools      
fdisk command      
Fedora Core security updates      
Fedora/Red Hat      
Fedora/Red Hat, CD/DVD settings      
Fedora/Red Hat, desktop configuration      
Fedora/Red Hat, desktop configuration, audio      
Fedora/Red Hat, desktop configuration, downloads      
Fedora/Red Hat, GUI dependencies      
Fedora/Red Hat, X Window System configuration      
File and Print sharing, Windows      
file managers      
File Roller      
file searches      
file sharing      
file sharing, Automounter      
file sharing, NFS (Network File System)      
file sharing, Samba      
file-roller package      
filenames, special characters in      
files, compressing      
files, compressing, Archive Manager      
files, compressing, Archive Manager, zipping files with      
files, compressing, assuring Microsoft compatibility      
files, compressing, Nautilus File Browser      
files, compressing, needed packages      
find command      
Firefox, alternatives to      
Firefox, customizing      
Firefox, customizing, copying preferences to other systems      
Firefox, customizing, download preferences      
Firefox, customizing, general preferences      
Firefox, customizing, privacy preferences      
Firefox, customizing, web features preferences      
Firefox, Internet Explorer, compared to      
Firefox, plug-ins      
Firefox, plug-ins, Adobe Acrobat      
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