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Harold E.S., Means W.S. — XML in a Nutshell
Harold E.S., Means W.S. — XML in a Nutshell

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Название: XML in a Nutshell

Авторы: Harold E.S., Means W.S.


There's a lot to know about XML, and it s constantly evolving. But you don't need to commit every syntax, API, or XSLT transformation to memory; you only need to know where to find it. And if it's a detail that has to do with XML or its companion standards, you'll find it — clear, concise, useful, and well-organized — in the updated third edition of XML in a Nutshell.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: third edition

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 712

Добавлена в каталог: 03.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
" (quotation marks, double)
" (quotation marks, double), enclosing values in attribute name-value pairs
" (quotation marks, double), entity reference for straight (")      2nd 3rd
" (quotation marks, double), entity reference for straight ("), XML specification
" (quotation marks, double), hexadecimal escape in URIs
# (octothorpe)      
# (octothorpe), CSS attribute selector      
# (octothorpe), separating fragment identifier from document path in URLs      
#FIXED attributes (XLink)      
#FIXED default declaration      2nd
#FIXED default declaration, explicit value must match default value      
#IMPLIED default declaration      2nd
#PCDATA keyword      2nd
#REQUIRED default declaration      2nd
#REQUIRED default declaration, value must be assigned to attributes      
#x3C3F786D Unicode character      
#xFEFF Unicode character      2nd
#xFFFE Unicode character      
% (percent sign) in parameter entity references      
%Block.extra; entity reference      
%Block.mix; entity reference      
%Flow.mix; entity reference      
%Inline.extra; entity reference      
%Inline.mix; entity reference      
%Misc.extra; entity reference      
& (ampersand)      
& (ampersand), entity reference for (&)      2nd 3rd
& (ampersand), escaping in element character data
& (ampersand), in CDATA sections
' (apostrophe)      
' (apostrophe), entity reference for (')      2nd 3rd
' (apostrophe), entity reference for ('), XML specification
' (quotation marks, single), enclosing values in attribute name-value pairs      
( ) (parentheses)      
( ) (parentheses), grouping operator      
( ) (parentheses), in element declarations      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), CSS universal selector      
* (asterisk), node test      
* (asterisk), suffix for element names      
* (asterisk), XPath wildcard      
+ (plus sign)      
+ (plus sign), CSS sibling element selector      
+ (plus sign), suffix for element names      
. (period), selecting context node      2nd
.. (double period)      
.. (double period), selecting parent element      
.. (double period), selecting parent node      
// (double forward slash)      
// (double forward slash), building compound location paths      
// (double forward slash), selecting from context node descendants      
64-bit floating-point numbers (XPath)      
: (colon), in XML names      2nd
:: (double colon), in unabbreviated location paths      
< (angle bracket, left), escaping in element character data      
< (less-than sign)      
< (less-than sign), entity reference for (&lt;)      2nd 3rd 4th
< (less-than sign), hexadecimal escape in URIs (%3C)      
< (less-than sign), in CDATA sections      
< (less-than sign), not allowed in attribute values      
<!-- and -->, delimiting X ML comments      
<? and ?>, delimiting processing instructions
= (equals sign)      
= (equals sign), CSS attribute value selector      
= (equals sign), separating attribute name-value pairs      
> (greater-than sign)      
> (greater-than sign), CSS child element selector      
> (greater-than sign), entity reference for (&gt;)      2nd 3rd 4th
> (greater-than sign), escaping, need for      
? (question mark), suffix for element names      
@ (at sign), selecting an attribute      2nd
@* (XPath wildcard)      
@name (location path, abbreviated syntax)      
abbreviated location paths      2nd
abjads, Hebrew and Phoenician      
absolute location paths      2nd
absolute location paths, building compound location paths      
absolute location paths, id( ) function and      
absolute units of length (CSS properties)      
abstract elements and types      
Abstract Schemas module, DOM      
accept and accept-language attribute (x\:include)      
active pseudo-class, CSS      
Adobe Zapf Dingbats Font      
adoptNode( ) (Document)      
after pseudo-element, CSS      
after region (XSL-FO)      
all element      2nd
alternate pseudo-attribute      2nd
ancestor axis      2nd
ancestor-or-self axis      2nd
annotation elements in schemas      2nd
annotation elements in schemas, xs:appinfo      
annotation elements in schemas, xs:documentation      
anonymous types      
Antenna House XSL Formatter      
any element      2nd
ANY element type      2nd
any type, element content      
any type, element content, derived complex types      
any type, element content, multiple documents, using      
any type, element content, substitution groups      
anyAttribute element      2nd
anyURI type      
Apache web server, MIME types for XML      
Apache Xerces XML DOM parser      
Apache XML Project      
Apache XML Project, Cocoon (XSLT processor)      
Apache XML Project, FOP (formatting program)      
Apache XML Project, Xalan XSLT processor      
Apache XML Project, Xerces-J (parser)      2nd
apostrophe ('), entity reference for (&apos:)
appendChild( ) (Node)      2nd
appendData( ) (CharacterData)      
appinfo element      2nd
Apple Computer character sets      
application/xml MIME type      2nd
applications, XML      
apply-imports element      
apply-templates element      
Arabic characters      
Arabic Unicode block      
arcs, multiple arcs from one arc element      
arcs, role attributes      
arcs, title attributes      
arcs, XPointer identification of starter and ending resources      
arithmetic operators in XPath      2nd
Armenian Unicode block      
Arrows Unicode block      
ASCII character set      
ATTLIST declarations      
ATTLIST declarations, default declaration for attributes      
ATTLIST declarations, xml:lang attribute      
Attr interface (DOM)      2nd
Attr interface (DOM), nodeName attribute and      
Attr interface (DOM), nodeValue attribute and      
attribute axis      2nd
attribute declarations      2nd [See also attribute types]
attribute declarations, attribute groups and      
attribute declarations, attribute types      
attribute declarations, defaults      
attribute declarations, schemas and      
attribute element      2nd
attribute names      
attribute names, document permanence and      
attribute names, prefixes and      
attribute nodes      
attribute nodes, @* wildcard match      
attribute nodes, default template rule for      
attribute nodes, template rules and      
attribute nodes, XPath data model and      
attribute types      2nd
attribute types, CDATA      
attribute types, ENTITIES      2nd
attribute types, ENTITY      2nd
attribute types, enumeration      
attribute types, ID      
attribute types, ID, default for      
attribute types, ID, generate-id( )      
attribute types, ID, in element type declarations      
attribute types, IDREF      2nd 3rd
attribute types, IDREFS      2nd
attribute types, NMTOKEN      
attribute types, NMTOKENS      
attribute types, NOTATION      
attribute value templates      
attribute values      
attribute values, ensuring validity of      
attribute values, external entities and      
attribute values, no < allowed in
attribute values, XSLT elements, types of      
attribute-set element      
attributeFormDefault (schema element)      2nd
attributeGroup element      2nd
Attributes      2nd
attributes attribute (Node)      2nd
Attributes interface (SAX)      
attributes, abbreviated syntax for, location steps      
attributes, accessing with DOM NamedNodeMap interface      
attributes, acquisition by XML elements      
attributes, anyAttribute element, schemas      
attributes, child elements vs.      
attributes, CSS selectors for      
attributes, default declarations for      
attributes, default declarations for, normal attribute values and      
attributes, default namespaces and      
attributes, default values for      
attributes, deprecated, XHTML DTD legacy module      
attributes, formatting object elements (XSL-FO)      
attributes, IDL terminology      
attributes, in XML declarations      
attributes, in XML declarations, encoding attribute      
attributes, in XML declarations, standalone attribute      
attributes, in XML declarations, version attribute      
attributes, location steps      
attributes, matching multiple      
attributes, notation      
attributes, of elements in schema instance documents      
attributes, qualifying with a namespace      
attributes, special      
attributes, unique names for      
attributes, unprefixed, namespaces and      
attributes, XLink, declaring in DTD      
Attributes2 interface (SAX)      
AttributesImpl class (SAX)      
ATTRIBUTE_NODE (DOM node type)      
ATTRIBUTE_NODE (DOM node type), and nodeType attribute      
ATTRIBUTE_NODE (DOM node type), and textContent attribute      
axes      2nd 3rd
axes, abbreviated and unabbreviated location paths      
background-color property (CSS)      
Backus-Naur Form (BNF) grammar      
Baltic languages      
bare-name XPointers, support by processors      
base attribute (xs\:extension element)      
base URIs of included documents      
base64Binary type      
BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)      
before and after pseudo-elements, CSS      
before region (XSL-FO)      
big-endian UCS-2      2nd
billion laugh attacks      
binding prefixes to URIs      
block areas (XSL-FO)      
block areas (XSL-FO), flowing content into pages      
block areas (XSL-FO), splitting      
block elements (CSS display property)      
block-level items in XML documents      
Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)      
BNF (Backus-Naur Form) grammar      
body region (XSL-FO)      
booleans, SAX features      2nd
booleans, XPath expressions      2nd 3rd 4th
booleans, XPath, boolean( ) function      2nd
booleans, xs:boolean type      
Borden, Jonathan      
border-color property (CSS)      
Bosak, Jon      
Bray, Tim      2nd
Brown University, XML Validation Form      
Bulgarian language      
bulleted list, formatting in XSL-FO      
Byelorussian language      
Byte type      
byte-order mark (Unicode)      2nd
C0 controls in ASCII character sets      
C1 controls in ISO-8859 character sets      
call-template element      
Canadian French (xml\:lang attribute)      
Canonical XML      2nd
Canonical XML, Genx C library for      
Cascading Style Sheets      2nd [See CSS]
case, changing with CSS text-transform      
case, converting text to uppercase with SAX filter      
case-sensitivity in XML      2nd
casting generic Node reference to specific interface      
catalogs, XML      
CDATA sections      
CDATA sections, <![CDATA[ and ]]> delimiters
CDATA sections, attribute type      2nd
CDATA sections, in XHTML, browser handling of      
CDATA sections, processing of      
CDATA sections, SAX LexicalHandler interface and      
CDATA sections, XML specification for      
CDATASection interface (DOM)      2nd 3rd
CDATASection interface (DOM), nodeName attribute and      
CDATA_SECTION_NODE (DOM), and nodeType attribute      
CDATA_SECTION_NODE (DOM), and textContent attribute      
ceiling( ) function (XPath)      2nd
character data      
character data characters (Unicode)      
character data, comments in      
character data, escaping special characters with references      
character data, parsed      
character encodings      2nd 3rd [See also character sets; Unicode]
character encodings, autodetection of      
character encodings, encoding declaration      2nd 3rd
character encodings, parser support of      
character encodings, recommended, for processor recognition      
character encodings, Unicode      [See Unicode]
character references      2nd
character references, for HTML 4.0 entity sets      
character references, in XHTML      
character references, predefined      
character references, XML specification      
Character sets      2nd
character sets, converting between      
character sets, Cp1252      
character sets, HTML 4.0 entity sets      
character sets, HTML 4.0 entity sets, Latin-1 entity set
character sets, HTML 4.0 entity sets, special characters      
character sets, HTML 4.0 entity sets, symbols      
character sets, in external parsed entities      
character sets, ISO      
character sets, metadata      
character sets, names defined for XML specification, list of      
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