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Collins-Sussman B., Fitzpatrick B.W., Pilato C.M. — Version Control with Subversion
Collins-Sussman B., Fitzpatrick B.W., Pilato C.M. — Version Control with Subversion

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Название: Version Control with Subversion

Авторы: Collins-Sussman B., Fitzpatrick B.W., Pilato C.M.


Version Control with Subversion introduces the powerful new versioning tool designed to be the successor to CVS. An introduction to Subversion is followed by a guided tour of its capabilities. Later chapters cover more complex topics of branching, repository administration, and other advanced features. If you've never used version control, you'll find everything you need to get started. And if you're a seasoned CVS pro, it will help you make a painless leap into Subversion.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 319

Добавлена в каталог: 16.07.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (exclamation point)      
" (quotes)      2nd 3rd
"301 Moved Permanently"
"Access Denied"
"Access Denied" errors
"path not found" message
"Unrecognized URL scheme"
# (hash)      2nd 3rd 4th
$ (dollar sign)      
* (asterisk)      2nd 3rd
+ (plus sign)      2nd 3rd
--auto-props switch (svn)      
--bdb-log-keep switch (svnadmin)      
--bdb-txn-nosync switch (svnadmin)      
--bypass-hooks switch (svnadmin)      2nd
--clean-logs switch (svnadmin)      
--config-dir switch (svn)      
--daemon (-d) switch (svnserve)      2nd 3rd
--diff-cmd switch (svn)      2nd
--diff-program option (config file)      
--diff3-cmd switch (svn)      
--drop-empty-revs switch (svndumpfilter)      
--dry-run option      
--dry-run switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--editor-cmd switch (svn)      
--encoding switch (svn)      2nd
--extensions switch (svn)      2nd
--file (-F) switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--file switch (svn commit)      
--force switch (svn)      
--force-log switch (svn)      
--force-uuid switch (svnadmin)      
--foreground switch (svnserve)      
--help (-h) switch      
--ignore-ancestry switch (svn)      2nd
--ignore-uuid switch (svnadmin)      
--incremental switch      
--inetd (-i) switch (svnserve)      2nd 3rd
--listen-host switch (svnserve)      2nd
--listen-once (-X) switch (svnserve)      
--listen-port switch (svnserve)      2nd
--message (-m) switch (svn)      
--new switch (svn)      
--no-auth-cache switch (svn)      
--no-auto-props switch (svn)      
--no-diff-deleted switch      
--no-ignore switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--non-interactive switch (svn)      
--non-recursive (-N) switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--notice-ancestry switch (svn)      2nd
--old switch (svn)      
--parent-dir option      
--parent-dir switch (svnadmin)      2nd
--password switch      2nd 3rd
--password switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--preserve-revprops switch (svndumpfilter)      
--quiet switch      
--recursive switch (svn)      2nd
--relocate switch      
--relocate switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--renumber-revs switch (svndumpfilter)      
--revision (-r) switch      
--revision switch      
--revprop switch      
--revprop switch (svn)      2nd
--root (-r) switch (svnserve)      
--show-ids option and      
--show-ids switch (svnlook)      2nd
--show-updates (-u) switch      
--stop-on-copy switch (svn)      
--strict switch (svn)      
--targets switch (svn)      
--threads (-T) switch (svnserve)      
--transaction switch (svnlook)      2nd 3rd 4th
--tunnel (-t) switch (svnserve)      
--username switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
--verbose (-v) switch      
--version switch (svn)      
--xml switch (svn)      
-F switch      [See --file switch]
-kb flag (CVS)      
-m switch      [See --message switch]2nd [See --message switch]
-N switch (svn)      2nd 3rd
-p option (svn_load_dirs.pl script)      
-q switch (svn)      2nd
-r option (svnserve)      
-r switch      [See --revision switch]
-t option      
-u switch      
-v switch      [See verbose switch]
.bat extension      2nd
.com extension      2nd
.exe extension      2nd
.orig extension      
.orig extension and      
.prej extension      
.reg file      2nd
.svn administration area      2nd 3rd 4th
.svn directory and      
.tmpl extension      
/ (slash)      2nd
: (colon)      2nd
; (semicolon)      2nd
? (question mark)      2nd
? character      
@ (ampersand)      
absolute paths and      
ACCESS      2nd
Access control      
access control and      
Access control lists (ACLs)      
access controls and      
access files      2nd
access files and      
access method      
Access methods      2nd 3rd
access/error logs and      
accessing ranges of      
accessing repositories across      
ACLs (access control lists)      
actions supported      
activities and      
Activity      2nd
adding projects      
additional features      
administration area      [See .svn administration area working copy administration area]
administrative area and      
administratorOs toolkit      
AFS filesystem      
algorithms and      
alloc( ) function      
ampersand (@)      
ancestory      2nd
ancestory and      
anon-access variable (svnserve)      
Anonymous users      
ANSI system calls      
Apache and      2nd
Apache authentication      
Apache authentication and      
Apache HTTP Server      
Apache Portable Runtime library      [See APR library]
Apache server and      
APIs and      
APPDATA environment variable      
Application Data area (Windows)      
APR (Apache Portable Runtime) library      
APR library and      
apr-util DB-3 library and      
apr-util library      2nd 3rd
apr_ datatypes      
apr_ prefix      
apr_initialize( ) function      
apr_palloc( ) function      
apr_pool_clear( ) function      
apr_pool_create( ) function      
apr_pool_destroy( ) function      
apr_pool_t datatype      2nd
as arguments      
as directories      
as snapshots      
as staging areas      
as storehouse      
as tunnel agent      
asterisk (*)      2nd 3rd
asterisk variable      
atomic      2nd 3rd
atomic commits      2nd 3rd
atomic commits and      
atomicity and      
attaching to items      
Attic directory      
Attic directory (CVS)      
auth directory      
auth directory and      
auth section (config file)      
auth-access      2nd 3rd
auth-access variable (svnserve)      2nd 3rd
auth/ caching area and      
authentication and      
authentication and authorization      
authentication challenge and      
authentication options      
AuthName directive (Apache)      
Author (LastChangedBy) keyword      
authorization and      
authorization options      
AuthType directive (Apache)      
AuthUserFile directive (Apache)      
AuthzSVNAccessFile directive      
AuthzSVNAccessFile directive (Apache)      
auto-props      2nd 3rd 4th
auto-props section (config file)      
automatic setting      
autoversioning and      
autoversioning interoperability      
autoversioning support      
backdating, working copies and      
backslash (\)      2nd
backslash and      
backup and      
backup order      
backups and      
backups for      
BASE revision      2nd
basic configuration      
Basic HTTP authentication      
Behlendorf, Brian      
BeOS platform      
Berkeley DB      
Berkeley DB and      2nd 3rd
Berkeley DB Data Store      
best practices for      
binary differencing      2nd
binary differencing algorithm      2nd
binary differencing algorithm and      
binary files      
binary files and      
binary files and translation      2nd
binary-detection algorithm      
binary-detection algorithm and      
bindings      [See language bindings]
Blandy, Jim      
Blocking      2nd
branches and      
branches and tags      
branches directory      2nd 3rd
branches versus      
browsable transactions and      
BrowserMatch directive      
BrowserMatch directive (httpd.conf)      
Browsing      2nd
BSD platform      
bubble-up method      
bypassing hooks and      
C code      2nd
C language      
C libraries      2nd 3rd
C# language      
C++ language      
CA (certificate authority)      2nd 3rd
cached information and      
caching and      2nd
caching credentials      2nd
caching of credentials      
canceling commits      
carriage return (CR)      
carriage return-line feed (CRLF)      
cat command (svnshell.py)      
cd command      
cd command (svnshell.py)      
Certificate authority (CA)      2nd 3rd
certificate management and      
certificates      2nd
certificates and      
changes and      2nd
changes between branches      
changesets      2nd
changesets and      
changing without working copies      
cheap copies      
cheap copies and      
cheap copies of      
CHECKIN method (HTTP)      2nd 3rd 4th
checking out      
checking status of      
CHECKOUT method (HTTP)      2nd 3rd 4th
checkpoints and      
checksums      2nd
cleaning up      
cleanup, repository      
client and      
client certificates      2nd 3rd
client examples      
Client Layer (Subversion)      2nd 3rd
Client Layer and      
1 2 3 4 5
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