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Madsen L., Smith J., Van Meggelen J. — Asterisk: The Future of Telephony
Madsen L., Smith J., Van Meggelen J. — Asterisk: The Future of Telephony

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Название: Asterisk: The Future of Telephony

Авторы: Madsen L., Smith J., Van Meggelen J.


It may be a while before Internet telephony with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) reaches critical mass, but there's already tremendous movement in that direction. A lot of organizations are not only attracted to VoIP's promise of cost savings, but its ability to move data, images, and voice traffic over the same connection. Think of it: a single Internet phone call can take information sharing to a whole new level.

That's why many IT administrators and developers are actively looking to set up VoIP-based private telephone switching systems within the enterprise. The efficiency that network users can reach with it is almost mind-boggling. And cheap, if the system is built with open source software like Asterisk. There are commercial VoIP options out there, but many are expensive systems running old, complicated code on obsolete hardware. Asterisk runs on Linux and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment. And you can program it to your liking.

Asterisk's flexibility comes at a price, however: it's not a simple system to learn, and the documentation is lacking. "Asterisk: The Future of Telephony solves that problem by offering a complete roadmap for installing, configuring, and integrating Asterisk with existing phone systems. Our guide walks you through a basic dial plan step by step, and gives you enough working knowledge to set up a simple but complete system.

What you end up with is largely up to you. Asterisk embraces the concept of standards-compliance, but also gives you freedom to choose how to implement your system. "Asterisk: The Future of Telephony outlines all the options, and shows you how to set up voicemail services,callconferencing, interactive voice response, call waiting, caller ID, and more. You'll also learn how Asterisk merges voice and data traffic seamlessly across disparate networks. And you won't need additional hardware. For interconnection with digital and analog telephone equipment, Asterisk supports a number of hardware devices.

Ready for the future of telephony? We'll help you hook it up.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 405

Добавлена в каталог: 29.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
"It Still Does Nothing" (ISDN)
# (hash), comment marker      
$ (dollar sign)      
$ (dollar sign), [ ], enclosing expressions      
$ (dollar sign), { }      
$ (dollar sign), { }, referencing function values      
$ (dollar sign), { }, referencing variable value      
${EXTEN} channel variable      
& (ampersand), concatenating destinations for Dial( )
* (asterisk), wildcard character      
, (comma), separator for application arguments      
. (period), wildcard matches      
/* */ comment tags in zconfig.h      
/dev/ directory, dynamic population with udevd      
/etc/asterisk/ directory      
/etc/asterisk/manager.conf file      
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ or /etc/init.d/ directories      
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ or /etc/init.d/ directories, automatically executing Asterisk at startup      
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ or /etc/init.d/ directories, Red Hat-style initialization scripts      
/tmp/ directory      
/tmp/ directory, prompt recordings in      
/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ directory      
/usr/src/ directory      
/usr/src/ directory, extraction and compilation of Asterisk source      
/usr/src/ directory, symbolic link to kernel source      
/var/lib/asterisk/ directory      
/var/lib/asterisk/ directory, subdirectories      
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ directory      
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ directory, custom system prompts      
/var/log/asterisk/ directory      
/var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv directory      
/var/run/ directory      
/var/spool/asterisk/ directory      
0V logic reference      
1.544-Mbps bit stream (DS-1)      
23B+D (ISDN-PRI)      
30B+D (ISDN-PRI)      
64-kbps channel (DS-0)      
A-law companding algorithm      
A-law companding algorithm, use with G.711 codec      
A/D (analog-to-digital) converter      
abort halt command      
AbsoluteTimeout( )      
AbsoluteTimeout( ) application      
adapters, telephony      
Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation (ADPCM)      
Add command      
add extension command      
add ignorepat command      
add queue member command      
AddQueueMember( ) application      
adsi.conf file      
ADSIProg( ) application      
adtranvofr.conf file      
AgentCallbackLogin( ) application      
AgentLogin( ) application      
AgentMonitorOutgoing( ) application      
agents.conf file      
aggressive residual echo suppression      
AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface)      
agi debug command      2nd
agi no debug command      
AGI( ) application      2nd
AGI, debugging      
AGI, fundamentals of communication      
AGI, fundamentals of communication, calling AGI script from dialplan      
AGI, fundamentals of communication, standard pattern of communication      
AGI, fundamentals of communication, STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR      
AGI, Perl AGI library      
AGI, PHP AGI library      
AGI, Python AGI library      
AGI, reference      
AGI, writing scripts in Perl      
AGI, writing scripts in PHP      
AGI, writing scripts in PHP, important steps to remember      
AGI, writing scripts in Python      
AGI, writing scripts in Python, important steps to remember      
agi-bin/ directory      
agi-test.agi script      
alarm system for your home, controlling      
AlarmReceiver( ) application      
alarmreceiver.conf file      
alsa.conf file      
alternating current (AC) voltage, analog phone ringer      
AMD CPUs      
AMD CPUs, IRQ latency and      
AMD CPUs, power FPUs      
analog circuits      
Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI)      
analog ground start lines      
analog interface cards      
analog interfaces      
analog telephones      
analog telephony      
analog telephony, echo, why it occurs      
analog telephony, parts of analog telephone      
analog telephony, Tip and Ring wires      
Analog Terminal Adaptor (ATA)      
analog waveform, digitally encoding      
analog waveform, digitization of      
analog-to-digital (A/D) converter      
answer command      2nd
Answer( ) application      2nd 3rd
Answer( ) application, Festival( ) application and      
APIC-enabled motherboards, IRQ control      
AppendCDRUserField( ) application      
applications, AGI      
applications, Background( )      
applications, Congestion( )      
applications, Dial( )      
applications, extensions      
applications, extensions, s (start) extension      
applications, Goto( )      
applications, modules.conf file      
applications, reference      
applications, SayDigits( )      
applications, Zapateller( )      
arguments (application)      
arguments (application), Dial( )      
arguments (application), Goto( )      
arguments, using in macros      
AstDB (Asterisk database)      
astdb file      
AstDB, deleting data      
AstDB, retrieving data from      
AstDB, rotating key for DUNDI information      
AstDB, storing data      
AstDB, using in the dialplan      
asterisk package      
asterisk program      
asterisk program, -c (console) flag      
asterisk program, -r (remote) flag      
asterisk program, running with -h switch      
Asterisk, acceptance of      
Asterisk, challenges to      
Asterisk, community for development and support      
Asterisk, compiling      
Asterisk, configuring for Festival      
Asterisk, directories used by      
Asterisk, Documentation Project      
Asterisk, future of      
Asterisk, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels      
Asterisk, loading      
Asterisk, loading, CLI commands      
Asterisk, mailing lists      
Asterisk, Manager      
Asterisk, passing call control to an external program      
Asterisk, sizes of systems      
Asterisk, source code, obtaining      
Asterisk, things now possible      
Asterisk, VoIP      
Asterisk, Wiki      
asterisk-addons package      
asterisk-sounds package      2nd
asterisk-sounds package, installing      
Asterisk-users list      
asterisk.conf file      
Asterisk::AGI Perl module      
ATA (Analog Terminal Adaptor)      
audio formats, translation costs      
audio streams, packetization for transport over IP networks      
audio, built-in components on motherboards      
Audio, digital      
audio, quality problems on inadequate systems      
Authenticate( ) application      
authentication, IAS FWD incoming calls      
authentication, IAX connections      
authentication, IAX protocol      
authentication, inbound and outbound, Asterisk scheme      
authentication, secret (password) in SIP      
authentication, SIP      
authentication, SIP client      
authentication, with Manager      
Automated Attendant (AA), IVR vs.      
Automatic Ringdown circuit      
B- and D-channels, PRI circuits      
B-channels (bearer channels)      
Background( ) application      2nd
Background( ) application, sound files, specifying      
BackgroundDetect( ) application      
bandwidth, analog telephony      
bandwidth, network, future of      
bandwidth, PCM-encoded telephone circuit      
Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN circuits      2nd
Berkeley DB Version 1 database
best effort method, QoS and      
binary one (1), voltage and      
binary zero (0), relation to 0-volt signal      
BIOS, control over IRQ assignment      
BIOS, USB activation      
bison parser      
bison parser, not found, error caused by      
bit resolution, analog wave samples      
bit resolution, analog wave samples, increasing resolution      
bit-resolution, analog wave samples      
bit-resolution, analog wave samples, effects on quality of digitally encoded waveform      
bitrates, ADPCM (Adaptive Differential PCM)      
bitrates, Variable Bitrate (VBR) codecs      
blacklist, looking up numbers on      
Boolean operators      
boostringer parameter, activating for Zaptel      
BOOST_RINGER option (zconfig.h file)      
BRA (Basic Rate Access) ISDN circuits      
BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ISDN circuits      2nd
bridged calls, echo cancellation      
buffering output      
buffering output, flushing after every write in Python AGI script      
buffering output, turning off in AGI Perl scripts      2nd
buffering output, turning off in AGI PHP script      2nd
bug fixes      
built-in audio and video components on motherboards      
business case for Asterisk      
business case for Asterisk, flexibility for growth      
busy destination      
busy destination, Dial( ) application handling of      
busy message, voicemail      
busy signal, fast      
Busy( ) application      
CAC (Carrier Access Corporation) ground start signaling      
call files      
call parking      
call transfer, configuring on FXO channel      
Call Waiting      
call waiting, configuring for FXO channel      
call waiting, on analog line      
Caller ID      
Caller ID, configuring for FXO channel      
Caller ID, LookupCIDName( )      
Caller ID, SetCallerID( ) application      
CALLERIDNUM channel variable      
CallingPres( ) application      
Carrier Access Corporation (CAC) ground start signaling      
CAS (Channel Associated Signaling)      
CBR (constant bitrate) encoding (MP3 files)      
cdr.conf file      
CDRs (Call Detail Records)      
CDRs, challenges to obtaining      
CDRs, recording      
CDRs, storage directory      
CDRs, storing in a database      
cdr_manager.conf file      
cdr_odbc.conf file      
cdr_pgsql.conf file      
cdr_tds.conf file      
Celeron processors, Asterisk lab systems on      
cellular telephone networks, end of      
central office (CO), signaling incoming call on analog phone      
Cepstral text-to-speech engine      
ChangeMonitor( ) application      
ChanIsAvail( ) application      
Channel Associated Signaling (CAS)      
channel banks      
channel banks, CAC, FXS ground start signaling      
CHANNEL STATUS command      
channel variables      
channel variables, ${EXTEN}      
channel variables, CALLERIDNUM      
channels, configuration      
channels, FXO and FXS      
channels, FXO and FXS, configuring FXS      
channels, FXO and FXS, FXO configuration      
channels, hardware, signaling methods and options      
channels, separation of B- and D- channels in ISDN      
channels, SIP, configuring      
channels, STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR      
channels, timeouts, setting      
channels, VoIP (Voice over IP) channels      
chan_h323.so module      
chan_iax2.so module      
chan_mgcp.so module      
chan_oh323.so module      
chan_sip.so module      
chan_zap (channel module)      
CheckGroup( ) application      
checkresult function      2nd
checkresult subroutine      
chkconfig --add asterisk command      
chkconfig command      
circuit-switched telephone networks      2nd
circuit-switched telephone networks, BRI ISDN      
circuits, OC (optical carrier)      
circuits, types in PSTN      
circuits, types in PSTN, DS-0      
circuits, types in PSTN, T-carrier      
Cisco VoIP proprietary protocol (SCCP)      
CLI (command-line interface)      
CLI, reference      
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