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Lomax P., Petrusha R., Childs M. — Vbscript in a Nutshell
Lomax P., Petrusha R., Childs M. — Vbscript in a Nutshell

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Название: Vbscript in a Nutshell

Авторы: Lomax P., Petrusha R., Childs M.


Lightweight yet powerful, VBScript from Microsoft is used in four main areas: server-side web applications using Active Server Pages (ASP), client-side web scripts using Internet Explorer, code behind Outlook forms, and the automation of repetitive tasks using Windows Script Host (WSH). VBScript in a Nutshell, Second Edition, delivers current and complete documentation for programmers and system administrators who want to develop effective scripts in all four areas. Completely updated for VBScript 5.6, WSH 5.6, and ASP 3.0, VBScript in a Nutshell, Second Edition includes introductory chapters that will help you keep current with the significant changes since the first edition was published. A new chapter introduces the Windows Script Component for creating binary COM components, and an appendix documents the Script Encoder. The main part of the book is a comprehensive alphabetical reference to the VBScript language and the Scripting Runtime Library. Regardless of your level of experience programming with VBScript, VBScript in a Nutshell, Second Edition, is the book you'll want by your side — the most complete, up-to-date, and easy-to-use language reference available.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2nd

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 512

Добавлена в каталог: 29.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
"glue" languages
#include directive      
& concatenation (string) operator
* multiplication operator      
+ addition operator      
- subtraction operator      
. dot delimiter      
. period      
.asp file extension      
.doc files      
.rtf files      
.vbs files      2nd 3rd
.wsc files      2nd
.wsc files and      2nd
.wsf files      2nd 3rd 4th
/ division operator      
//Job: switch      
< less-than operator      
<!-- --> comment tags      
<%= %> delimiter      
<%=%> delimiter      
<> not equal operator      
<?component ?> tag
<?job ?> tag
<?xml ?> tag      
<component> tag
<description> tag      
<event> tag      
<example> tag      
<implements> element
<job> tag      2nd 3rd 4th
<job> tag and      2nd
<method> tag      
<named> tag      
<object> tag      
<package> tag      2nd
<property> tag      
<public> tag
<reference> tag      
<registration> tag
<resource id=id> tag      
<runtime> tag
<SCRIPT FOR> tag      2nd
<script> tag      
<SCRIPT> tag (HTML)      2nd
<script> tag (XML)      2nd 3rd 4th
<unnamed> tag
<usage> tag
= equal to operator      
> greater-than operator      
Abandon method, Session object (ASP)      
abs function      
absolute pathnames      
Absolute values      
accessing data from      
accessing file data      
accessing object models and      
accessing object models via      
accessing other      
accessing other object models      
accessing other object models from      
accessing via WSH      
Actions property, current item (Outlook)      
Activate method, Inspector object (Outlook)      
Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI), WSH and      
Active Server Pages      [See entries at ASP]
Active Server Pages object model      
activeElement property, Document object (IE)      
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO objects)      
ActiveX objects      
Add method      
AddHeader method, Response object (ASP)      
adding to web pages      
addition operator (+)      
AddPrinter Connection method, WshNetwork object      
AddressLists property, NameSpace object (Outlook)      
AddStore method, NameSpace object (Outlook)      
AddWindows PrinterConnection method, WshNetwork object      
ADO objects      
ADSI (Active Directory Service Interface), WSH and      
alert method, Window object (IE)      
alinkColor property, Document object (IE)      
allocating space for      
allocating space for variables      
altKey property, Event object (IE)      
and operator      
ANSI character codes      
AppActivate method, WshShell object      
AppendToLog method, Response object (ASP)      
Application object (ASP)      
Application property      
Application_OnEnd event      
Application_OnStart event      
argument lists      
Arguments property      
arithmetic operators      
Array      [See arrays]
array element values      
Array function      2nd
arrays and      
As keyword, unsupported in VBScript      
Asc, AscB, AscW functions      
ASCII codes, converting to characters      
ASP (Active Server Pages)      2nd
ASP applications      2nd
ASP components      
ASP interface handler      
ASP object model      
assigning object references to      
assignment procedures      
assignments, operator and statement for      
Atn function      
AttachmentAdd event (Outlook)      
AttachmentRead event (Outlook)      
Attachments property, current item (Outlook)      
attributes of      
automation, WSH and      
back method, History object (IE)      
base pathnames      
BeforeAttachmentSave event (Outlook)      
BeforeCheckNames event (Outlook)      
benefits of      
bgColor property, Document object (IE)      
BillingInformation property, current item (Outlook)      
BinaryRead method, Request object (ASP)      
BinaryWrite method, Response object (ASP)      
Bitwise operators      
blur method, Window object (IE)      
Body property, current item (Outlook)      
body property, Document object (IE)      
Boolean type      
Break at Next Statement option (Script Debugger)      
breakpoint, setting      
browsers, commenting out scripts for older      
Buffer property, Response object (ASP)      
Bugs      [See debugging errors error handling]
BuildPath method, FileSystemObject object      
Built-in constants      2nd
built-in conversion functions      
button property, Event object (IE)      
by category      
by reference/by value      
by reference/value      
Byte type      
CacheControl property, Response object (ASP)      
Call Stack window (Script Debugger)      
Call statement      2nd
Call statement and      
Call statement for      
CallByName function, not supported in VBScript      
Caption property, Inspector object (Outlook)      
case conversion for      2nd
case sensitivity      
Categories property, current item (Outlook)      
Category property, FormDescription object (Outlook)      
CategorySub property, FormDescription object (Outlook)      
CBool function      
CByte function      2nd
CCur function      2nd
CDate function      2nd
CDbl function      2nd
CDO objects, WSH and      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
changing at runtime      
character codes, converting to      
Characters      [See also strings]
Characters property, WshRemoteError object      
Charset property, Response object (ASP)      
Checkbox control (HTML)      
checked property      
checking at runtime      
Chr, ChrB, ChrW functions      
CInt function      2nd
class events      
class methods      
class properties      
Class property      
Class statement      
Class variables      
Class...End Class construct and      
Class_Initialize event      
Class_Terminate event      
Clear method      
clear method, Document object (IE)      
clearing      [See deleting]
clearTimeout method, Window object (IE)      
Click event (Outlook)      
Click method      
client-side scripting      
ClientCertificate collection, Request object (ASP)      
clientInformation property, Window object (IE)      
CLng function      2nd
Close event (Outlook)      
close method      
closed property, Window object (IE)      
closing files      
Code      [See also sample code]2nd
code and      
code for      [See code]
code library, making accessible to web pages      
code reuse not supported for      
CodePage property, Session object (ASP)      
Collaborative Data Objects, WSH and      
Collection object      [See also Dictionary object]
color constants and      
color constants for      
COM (Component Object Model)      2nd
COM automation interface handler      
COM objects      
command button controls (HTML)      
Command window (Script Debugger)      
CommandBars property, Inspector object (Outlook)      
Comment property, FormDescription object (Outlook)      
comment tags (<!-- -->)      
comments in      
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)      
Common Gateway Interface for Windows (WinCGI)      
common problems and how to avoid them      
common, list of      
Companies property, current item (Outlook)      
CompareMode property, Dictionary object      
comparing      2nd
comparison constants for      
comparison constants, for strings      2nd
Comparison operators      
compile-time errors      2nd
compile-time errors in      
Component Object Model (COM)      2nd
ComputerName property, WshNetwork object      
concatenation (string) operator (&)
conditional execution      
ConnectObject method, WScript object (WSH)      
Const statement      2nd
constants for      
constants/variables and      
ContactName property, FormDescription object (Outlook)      
Contents collection      
ContentType property, Response object (ASP)      
control events      2nd
controls, referencing in      
ConversationIndex property, current item (Outlook)      
ConversationTopic property, current item (Outlook)      
conversion functions, for data types      
Converting      2nd
converting expressions and      
converting expressions to      
converting from one to another      
converting strings      
Cookies collection      
Copy method      
CopyFile method, FileSystemObject object      
CopyFolder method, FileSystemObject object      
CopyTo method, MAPIFolder object (Outlook)      
cos function      
Count method      
Count property      
CreateFolder method, FileSystemObject object      
CreateObject function      2nd
CreateObject method      
CreateObject method and      
CreateRecipient method, NameSpace object (Outlook)      
CreateScript method, WshController object      
CreateShortcut method, WshShell object      
createStyleSheet method, Document object (IE)      
CreateTextFile method      
creating strings of      
CreationTime property, current item (Outlook)      
CSng function      2nd
CStr function      2nd
ctrlKey property, Event object (IE)      
Currency type      
currency, FormatCurrency function for      
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