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Cameron D., Elliott J., Raymond E.S. — Learning GNU Emacs
Cameron D., Elliott J., Raymond E.S. — Learning GNU Emacs

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Название: Learning GNU Emacs

Авторы: Cameron D., Elliott J., Raymond E.S.


GNU Emacs is the most popular and widespread of the Emacsfamily of editors. It is also the most powerful and flexible. Unlike all other text editors, GNU Emacs is a complete working environment—you can stay within Emacs all day without leaving. Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition tells readers how to get started with the GNU Emacs editor. It is a thorough guide that will also "grow" with you: as you become more proficient, this book will help you learn how to use Emacs more effectively. It takes you from basic Emacs usage (simple text editing) to moderately complicated customization and programming.

The third edition of Learning GNU Emacs describes Emacs 21.3 from the ground up, including new user interface features such as an icon-based toolbar and an interactive interface to Emacs customization. A new chapter details how to install and run Emacs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, including tips for using Emacs effectively on those platforms.

Learning GNU Emacs, third edition, covers: How to edit files with Emacs Using the operating system shell through Emacs How to use multiple buffers, windows, and frames Customizing Emacs interactively and through startup files Writing macros to circumvent repetitious tasks Emacs as a programming environment for Java, C++, and Perl, among others

Using Emacs as an integrated development environment (IDE) Integrating Emacs with CVS, Subversion and other change control systems for projects with multiple developers Writing HTML, XHTML, and XML with Emacs

The basics of Emacs Lisp

The book is aimed at new Emacs users, whether or not they are programmers. Also useful for readers switching from other Emacs implementations to GNU Emacs.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 3rd

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 509

Добавлена в каталог: 29.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
# (comment mark), annotations      
$$ (dollar signs) in LaTeX      
% (percent sign)      
% (percent sign), buffers and      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), buffers and      
* (asterisk), Dired      
* (asterisk), in mode line      
*Messages* buffer      
.emacs file      
.emacs file, Custom interface and      
.emacs file, error messages on startup      
.emacs file, Lisp and      
.emacs file, Lisp and, editing files      
.emacs file, Lisp and, sample file      
.emacs file, Lisp and, saving files      
.emacs file, Lisp functions and      
.emacs file, location      
.emacs file, statements      
.emacs file, word abbrevations      
? (question mark), Dired      
abbrev mode      
abbreviations, capitalization and      
abbreviations, defining      
abbreviations, disabling      
abbreviations, Flyspell      2nd
abbreviations, Flyspell, deleting      
abbreviations, global      
abbreviations, local      
active buffers, checking      
alternation operators, regular expressions in functions      
annotations, bookmarks      2nd
apropos command, help      
argument codes, Lisp interactive functions      
artist mode      
artist mode, commands      
artist mode, drawing with mouse      
asterisk (*)      
asterisk (*), Dired      
asterisk (*), mode line      
atoms (Lisp)      
atoms (Lisp), syntax      
auto complete      
auto-fill mode      2nd 3rd
auto-newline, C programming language mode      
auto-save files      
auto-save files, creation      
auto-save files, Dired      
auto-save files, recovering text from      
auto-save files, variables      
auto-save mode      
automatic template system, building      
backups, files      
backups, files, Dired      
backups, files, overwriting original with      
backups, numbered backups      
backups, variables      
backward movement of cursor      
binding, macros to keys      
blank lines in picture mode      
bookmarks, annotations      
bookmarks, commands      
bookmarks, deleting      2nd
bookmarks, jumping to      
bookmarks, list      
bookmarks, list, commands      
bookmarks, list, display      
bookmarks, moving to      
bookmarks, renaming      2nd
bookmarks, setting      
bookmarks, text insertion and      
Boolean syntax (Lisp)      
braces ({ }) in LaTeX      
buffer highlighting      
buffer list      [See also buffers]
buffer list, commands      
buffer list, saving buffers      
buffer list, symbols      
buffer list, window, moving to      
buffers      2nd [See also shell buffers]
Buffers menu      
buffers, % (percent sign)      
buffers, * (asterisk)      
buffers, *Messages*      
buffers, active      
buffers, annotations, # (comment mark)      
buffers, built-in functions      
buffers, commands      
buffers, comment buffer, VC mode      
buffers, cycling through      
buffers, default directory      
buffers, deleting      
buffers, displaying, windows      
buffers, editing multiple in separate windows      
buffers, frames      
buffers, Help      
buffers, internal, names      
buffers, Ispell and      
buffers, listing      
buffers, listing, by major mode      
buffers, major modes      2nd
buffers, marks      
buffers, minibuffer      
buffers, mode line      
buffers, modes and      
buffers, multiple      
buffers, multiple, displaying      
buffers, names      
buffers, names, mode line      
buffers, names, named same      
buffers, names, renaming buffers      
buffers, number of      
buffers, read-only      
buffers, read-only, toggling status      
buffers, reverting from files      
buffers, saving      
buffers, saving, buffer list      
buffers, saving, multiple      
buffers, scratch      
buffers, shell commands, output      
buffers, status      
buffers, switching between      
buffers, windows and      
buffers, ~ (tilde) and      
bug reports      
built-in functions      
built-in functions, buffers      
built-in functions, locating      
built-in functions, regions      
built-in functions, regular expressions      
built-in functions, regular expressions, match portions      
built-in functions, regular expressions, operator context      
built-in functions, regular expressions, operators      2nd
built-in functions, regular expressions, operators, grouping      
built-in functions, text      
byte-compiling Lisp files      
C language mode      
C motion commands      
C programming language mode      
C programming language mode, auto-newline      
C programming language mode, hungry-delete key      
C programming language, support      
C++ language mode      
C++ mode/C mode comparison      
C++ programming language, support      
C-c commands      
C-h command      
C-x commands      
calculator mode, Lisp      
calculator mode, Lisp, code      
calendar, display      
calendar, holiday commands      
calendar, holiday display      
calendar, movement commands      
Calendar, navigating      
calendar, week start day      
canceling commands      
canceling searches      
capitalization commands      
capitalization in abbreviations      
carriage return, picture mode      
case-fold-search variable      
Case-Insensitive Search option      
case-replace variable      
case-sensitivity in searches      2nd
cc mode      
CEDIT (Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools), installation      
centering, display      
centering, line-by-line      
change comments, version control      
ChangeLog files, version control      
changes, recovering      
changes, undoing      
Character encoding      
character encoding, HTML helper mode      
character encoding, HTML mode      
characters, regular expressions      
characters, syntax (Lisp)      
characters, variables      
ClearCase, VC and      
clipboard, commands      
clipboard, pasting from      
clipboard, text      
clipboard, text, placing in      
clipboard, text, retrieving      
colons, tab stops and      
color, automatic      
color, changing      
color, cursor      
color-enriched text, saving      
columns, editing      [See rectangle editing]
command pairs, LaTeX mode      
command-line, Emacs startup      
command-line, Emacs startup, Mac OS X      
command-line, Emacs startup, Windows      
command-line, options      
Commands      2nd
commands, artist mode      
commands, bookmark list      
commands, bookmarks      
commands, buffer list      
commands, buffer manipulation      
commands, C commands      
commands, C motion commands      
commands, C-c      
commands, C-h      
commands, C-x commands      
commands, calendar movement      
commands, canceling      2nd
commands, capitalization      
commands, clipboard      
commands, compilation mode      
commands, Ctrl      
commands, Ctrl key and      
commands, CUA mode      
commands, cursor movement      2nd 3rd
commands, deletion commands      
commands, diary      
commands, digit-argument      
commands, Dired      
commands, Ediff      
commands, enriched mode fonts      
commands, file-handling commands      
commands, find-file      
commands, Flyspell      
commands, help commands      
commands, help commands, apropos      
commands, help commands, complex commands      
commands, holiday commands      
commands, HTML helper      
commands, HTML mode      
commands, incremental searches      
commands, indentation      2nd
commands, Info commands      
commands, Ispell      
commands, keyboard access      
commands, keystrokes      
commands, kill commands      
commands, killing      
commands, LaTeX mode      
commands, M commands      
commands, macro commands      
commands, Meta      
commands, nxml mode      
commands, outline mode      
commands, picture mode      
commands, printing commands      2nd
commands, programming language codes      
commands, rectangles      
commands, redoing      
commands, reformatting commands      
commands, regions      
commands, repeating      2nd
commands, S-expressions (LISP)      
commands, search commands      
commands, searches, regular expressions in      
commands, shell commands, Dired      
commands, shell mode      2nd 3rd
commands, stopping      
commands, tab commands      
commands, TeX mode      
commands, text filling      
commands, transposition      
commands, undoing changes      
commands, VC mode      2nd
commands, VC mode, difference reports      
commands, VC mode, groups      
commands, VC mode, subtrees      
commands, windows      2nd
commands, write-file      
commands, yanking text      
comment buffer, VC mode      
comments, change comments, version control      
comments, copying, macro for      
comments, Custom interface      
comments, Lisp mode      
comments, markup languages      
comments, programming language mode      
comments, syntax and      
comparing files      
comparing files, between windows      
comparing files, Dired      
compatibility mode      
compilation mode      2nd
compilation mode, commands      
compilation mode, error message parser      
compilation mode, error messages      
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