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Smith R. — Linux in a Windows World
Smith R. — Linux in a Windows World

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Название: Linux in a Windows World

Автор: Smith R.


Linux's unparalleled functionality and adaptability have made it the main alternative to Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems. And with good reason. System administrators realize that this robust alternative can greatly improve their operating system's reliability and save them money, too. Linux systems are even less vulnerable to attacks by computer viruses and worms. Not surprisingly, businesses, government agencies, schools, and a wealth of other institutions are all looking to Linux to replace the Windows desktop for these same benefits. Linux in a Windows World takes an in-depth look at exactly how Linux can be brought into an organization that's currently based on Microsoft Windows systems. Featuring a litany of insider tips and techniques, Linux in a Windows World dispenses all the practical advice you need to migrate to this revolutionary open source software. Author Roderick W. Smith, himself a renowned system administrator and Linux convert, understands that the skills required to install, deploy, and maintain Linux are not easy to find. That's why he has tapped the absolute best source of information available: the Linux server experts who have made it their life's work to build and manage the Linux system. The latest in O'Reilly's line of bestselling Linux titles, Linux in a Windows World is an invaluable companion for any system administrator interested in integrating Linux into their Windows environment.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 494

Добавлена в каталог: 14.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
access control by IP address      
ACLs (access control lists)      2nd
ACLs, Kerberos, usage in      
AD (Active Directory)      2nd
AD, Kerberos and      
administration, CUPS, web-based tool for      
administration, desktop systems      
administration, Kerberos realms      
administration, remote text-mode tools, used for      2nd [See also text-mode logins]
administration, remote via text-mode logins      
AMANDA (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver)      2nd
AMANDA, data backup and restoration      
AMANDA, dump type and backup set definition      
AMANDA, Linux client configuration      
AMANDA, network protocols used by      
AMANDA, options      
AMANDA, server configuration      
AMANDA, server programs      
AMANDA, tape preparation      
AMANDA, Windows client configuration      
antispam and antivirus tools      
antispam and antivirus tools, Bogofilter      [See Bogofilter]
antispam and antivirus tools, Postfix      
antispam and antivirus tools, Procmail      [See Procmail]
antispam and antivirus tools, SpamAssassin      [See SpamAssassin]
ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment)      
authentication servers      
authentication, domain configuration, advantages      
authentication, Kerberos      [See Kerberos]
authentication, LDAP      [See LDAP]
authentication, Linux authentication of NT domains      [See Winbind]
authentication, NetLogon authentication      
authentication, pass-through authentication      
authentication, pass-through authentication, NetLogon authentication and      
authentication, Samba      [See domain controllers]
backup clients      
backup servers      2nd
Backups      [See network backups]
Bayesian tests      
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)      2nd
bitmap fonts      
blackhole lists      
Bogofilter, database file      
Bogofilter, spamicity classification      
Bogofilter, training      
Bogofilter, training scripts      
Boolean values      
broadcast name resolution      
browsers, domain master browsers      2nd
browsers, GUI workgroup browsers (SMB/CIFS)      
browsers, local master browsers      2nd
browsers, local master browsers, elections      
browsers, master browsers      [See master browsers]
browsers, network browsers (SMB/CIFS)      
BRU (Backup and Recovery Utility)      
BSD LPD, defining SMB/CIFS printers using      
CAP (Columbia AppleTalk Package)      
CAs (Certificate Authorities)      
case-sensitive and case-retentive filesystems      
cdrecord and optical recorder specifications      
challenge-response tests      
cifs driver      
cifs filesystem type code      
Citrix Metaframe      
client software      
code examples      
Code pages      
code pages, Samba and      
country code TLDs      
Courier IMAP      
Courier mail server      
cp command and backups      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      
CUPS, adding printers      
CUPS, browsing and security settings      
CUPS, installing      
CUPS, SMB/CIFS printers, defining      
CUPS, web-based administration tool      
Cygwin OpenSSH      
Cyrus IMAP      2nd
deployment strategies      
desktop environments      
desktop systems      
desktop systems, administration      
desktop systems, configuring      
desktop systems, CPUs      
desktop systems, disks      
desktop systems, migration to Linux      
desktop systems, peripherals      
desktop systems, RAM      
desktop systems, thin clients, versus      
desktop systems, user interfaces      
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)      2nd
DHCP, address assignment      
DHCP, address assignment, dynamic assignment      
DHCP, address assignment, fixed assignment      
DHCP, address broadcast and Windows clients      
DHCP, client program      
DHCP, configuration files      
DHCP, configuration files, parameters and declarations      
DHCP, configuration files, servers      
DHCP, dhcpd server versus dhcpcd client      
DHCP, kernel and routing requirements      
DHCP, leases      
DHCP, leases, lease times, testing versus use      
DHCP, Linux servers, configuration for thin clients      
DHCP, MAC (media access control) addresses and      
DHCP, NBNS information delivery      
DHCP, NBNS information delivery, Windows client configuration      
DHCP, network addressing and      
DHCP, network addressing and, advantages      
DHCP, network addressing and, security concerns      
DHCP, packet sockets, enabling      
DHCP, server configuration      
DHCP, Windows client configuration      
dhcpd.conf versus dhcpcd.conf      
dhcpd.conf, example file      
DISPLAY environment variable      
distributed hashes      
distributions, desktop use      
distributions, licensing      
DNs (Distinguished Names) and their types      
DNS (Domain Name System)      2nd 3rd
DNS, BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)      
DNS, client configuration      
DNS, djbdns      
DNS, domain hierarchy      
DNS, domain name caching      
DNS, domains, setting up      
DNS, domains, setting up, forward zone files, configuration      
DNS, domains, setting up, reverse zone files, configuration      
DNS, hostnames      
DNS, local DNS servers, advantages      
DNS, name server configuration      
DNS, name server configuration, options      
DNS, name server configuration, zone definitions      
DNS, name server operation      
domain controllers      
domain controllers, as file and print servers      
domain controllers, authentication, advantages for      
domain controllers, domain member configuration      
domain controllers, domain member configuration, Windows 9x/ME      
domain controllers, domain member configuration, Windows NT/200x/XP      
domain controllers, domain member servers      2nd
domain controllers, file shares      
domain controllers, file shares, domain logon shares, configuring      
domain controllers, file shares, roaming profiles, configuring      
domain controllers, machine trust accounts      
domain controllers, NT domain controllers      
domain controllers, password database maintenance      
domain controllers, Samba controller parameters      
domain controllers, Samba versus NT      
domain controllers, Windows versions, Linux authentication of      [See Winbind]
domain master browsers      2nd
domain member servers      2nd
DOS-style filesystem flags and file permissions      
Dovecot      2nd 3rd
Dumb terminal      
elections      2nd
email attachments, security risks      
ESP Print Pro      
Exim      2nd
fc-cache command      
Fedora Core      
Fetchmail, configuration file      
Fetchmail, cron job operation      
Fetchmail, global directives      
Fetchmail, polling      
Fetchmail, purpose of      
Fetchmail, remote password file permissions      
Fetchmail, running and testing      
Fetchmail, sample .fetchmailrc file      
Fetchmail, server options      
Fetchmail, user options      
file compatibility, Windows and Linux      
file ownership      
file permissions      
file permissions, ACLs (Access Control Lists)      2nd
file permissions, DOS-style filesystem flags and      
file permissions, file-exchange shares and      
file permissions, Unix extensions      
file servers      
file sharing      2nd
file sharing, access control      
file sharing, domain controllers and      
file sharing, domain controllers and, domain logon shares, configuring      
file sharing, domain controllers and, roaming profiles, configuring      
file sharing, examples      
file sharing, examples, file-exchange shares      
file sharing, examples, Windows program shares      
file sharing, examples, [homes] share      
file sharing, Linux clients over SMB/CIFS systems      
file sharing, printer sharing, compared to      
file sharing, write access      
filename mangling      
filenames, case-sensitivity versus case-retentivity      
filenames, character sets and      
firewalls and the X client-server model      
font servers      
fonts, anti-aliasing      
fonts, bitmap fonts      
fonts, font smoothing      
fonts, OpenOffice.org      
fonts, scaleable fonts      
fonts, TrueType fonts      
fonts, X core fonts      2nd
fonts, Xft      2nd
forward lookups      
Free SSH      
full backups      
full restores      
GDM (GNOME Display Manager)      
generic TLDs      
Georgia Softworks Telnet and SSH      
GhostScript      2nd
GIMP Print      
GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication)      2nd [See also pGina]
GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment)      
GNU Privacy Guard      
GNU tar      [See tar]
GPL (GNU General Public License)      
GUI login tools      
GUI login tools, VNC      [See VNC]
GUI login tools, X      [See X]
GUI workgroup browsers      
hashes, distributed hashes      
headless servers      
ICA (Independent Computing Architecture)      
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)      
IMAP servers      2nd
IMAP servers, authentication      
IMAP servers, launching      
incremental backups      
inetd super server      
init command      
Internet Software Consortium      
IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)      
KDCs (key distribution centers)      
KDCs, startup and operation      
KDE (K Desktop Environment)      
KDM (KDE Display Manager)      
Kerberized Telnet      
Kerberos      2nd
Kerberos, account maintenance      
Kerberos, ACLs (access control lists)      
Kerberos, application servers      2nd
Kerberos, application servers, configuration      
Kerberos, application servers, keytabs      2nd
Kerberos, application servers, options      
Kerberos, application servers, principals      
Kerberos, application servers, startup and operation      
Kerberos, available versions      
Kerberos, centralized single-authentication logins      
Kerberos, clients      
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