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Sklar D. — Learning PHP 5
Sklar D. — Learning PHP 5

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Название: Learning PHP 5

Автор: Sklar D.


PHP has gained a following among non-technical web designers who need to add interactive aspects to their sites. Offering a gentle learning curve, PHP is an accessible yet powerful language for creating dynamic web pages. As its popularity has grown, PHP's basic feature set has become increasingly more sophisticated. Now PHP 5 boasts advanced features — such as new object-oriented capabilities and support for XML and Web Services — that will please even the most experienced web professionals while still remaining user-friendly enough for those with a lower tolerance for technical jargon. If you've wanted to try your hand at PHP but haven't known where to start, then Learning PHP 5 is the book you need. If you've wanted to try your hand at PHP but haven't known where to start, then Learning PHP 5 is the book you need. With attention to both PHP 4 and the new PHP version 5, it provides everything from a explanation of how PHP works with your web server and web browser to the ins and outs of working with databases and HTML forms. Written by the co-author of the popular PHP Cookbook, this book is for intelligent (but not necessarily highly-technical) readers. Learning PHP 5 guides you through every aspect of the language you'll need to master for professional web programming results. This book provides a hands-on learning experience complete with exercises to make sure the lessons stick. Learning PHP 5 covers the following topics, and more:

* How PHP works with your web browser and web server
* PHP language basics, including data, variables, logic and looping
* Working with arrays and functions
* Making web forms
* Working with databases like MySQL
* Remembering users with sessions
* Parsing and generating XML
* Debugging

Written by David Sklar, coauthor of the PHP Cookbook and an instructor in PHP, this book offers the ideal classroom learning experience whether you're in a classroom or on your own. From learning how to install PHP to designing database-backed web applications, Learning PHP 5 will guide you through every aspect of the language you'll need to master to achieve professional web programming results.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 368

Добавлена в каталог: 14.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
!= not-equal operator      
# (hash mark), comments in PHP programs      
$ (dollar sign) anchor      
$GLOBALS array      
$php_errormsg global variable      
$_COOKIE auto-global array      
$_FILES auto-global array      
$_GET auto-global array      
$_POST auto-global array      2nd 3rd
$_POST auto-global array, changing values in      
$_POST auto-global array, default values for forms, displaying      
$_POST auto-global array, encrypted passwords and      
$_POST auto-global array, hidden parameters in      
$_POST auto-global array, validating numeric and string elements      
$_SERVER auto-global array      
$_SERVER auto-global array, elements in      
$_SESSION auto-global array      
$_SESSION auto-global array, saving form data in a session      
$_SESSION auto-global array, unset( ) and      
% (percent sign)      
% (percent sign), modulus division operator      2nd
% (percent sign), SQL wildcard      
& (ampersand) logical AND operator
&& (two ampersands) logical AND operator
& (ampersand) HTML entity
> (greater than) HTML entity
< (less than) HTML entity
" (double quote) HTML entity
( ) (parentheses)      
( ) (parentheses), grouping characters together in regular expressions      
( ) (parentheses), WHERE clause operator      
(semicolon), ending PHP programs      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), multiplication operator      
* (asterisk), regular expression quantifier      
+ (plus sign)      
+ (plus sign), addition operator      
+ (plus sign), modifier for formatting strings      
+ (plus sign), regular expression quantifier      
++ (plus signs) incrementing operator      
+= (plus equal), combined assignment and addition operators      
- (minus sign)      
- (minus sign), modifier for formatting strings      
- (minus sign), subtraction operator      
- - (minus signs) decrementing operator      
-> (arrow) operator      
. (period) string concatenation operator      2nd
.(period) string concatenation operator      
.. (two dots) filename special sequence      
.= (dot equal), combined assignment and string concatenation operators      
/ (forward slash)      
/ (forward slash), division operator      
/* and */ (multiline comments in PHP programs)      
// (forward slashes), indicating comments in PHP programs      2nd 3rd
< (less than)      
< (less than), comparing numbers and strings      
< (less than), WHERE clause operator      
<<< (here document syntax)      
<= (less than or equal to)      
<= (less than or equal to), comparing numbers and strings      
<= (less than or equal to), WHERE clause operator      
<? start tags      2nd
<?php start tags      2nd 3rd 4th
<select> menu
<select> menu, displaying in show_form( )
<select> menu, multiple menus
<select> menu, multiple menus, for date input
<select> menu, multiple menus, for time input
<select> menu, printing with for( )
<select> menu, printing with while( )
<select> menu, processing date/time input from forms
<select> menu, setting default values in
<select> menu, single menu with one choice
<[ ]> (not equal to) WHERE clause operator      
= (equal sign)      
= (equal sign), assignment operator      
= (equal sign), assignment operator, assigning return values to variables      
= (equal sign), assignment operator, assigning values to variables      
= (equal sign), assignment operator, combining with arithmetic and string operators      
= (equal sign), assignment operator, truth values and      
= (equal sign), assignment operator, with function call in test expression      
= (equal sign), vs. equality operator (==)      
= (equal sign), WHERE clause operator      
= = = (three equal signs) identical operator      
== (two equal signs) equality operator      
== (two equal signs) equality operator, comparing two strings      
== (two equal signs) equality operator, vs. assignment operator (=)      
=> key/value pair separator      
> (greater than)      
> (greater than), comparing numbers and strings      
> (greater than), WHERE clause operator      
>= (greater than or equal to)      
>= (greater than or equal to), comparing numbers and strings      
>= (greater than or equal to), WHERE clause operator      
? (question mark) quantifier      
? (question mark) quantifier, turning quantifiers from greedy to nongreedy      
?> end tags      2nd 3rd
ab and ab+ modes for fopen( )      
abs( )      
activating sessions      
Adabas D PHP extension      
addresses (email), validating      
affectedRows( )      
allow_url_fopen configuration directive      
anchors and regular expressions      
AND WHERE clause operator      
answers to exercises      
answers to exercises, Appendix B      
answers to exercises, Chapter 10      
answers to exercises, Chapter 11      
answers to exercises, Chapter 12      
answers to exercises, Chapter 2      
answers to exercises, Chapter 3      
answers to exercises, Chapter 4      
answers to exercises, Chapter 5      
answers to exercises, Chapter 6      
answers to exercises, Chapter 7      
answers to exercises, Chapter 8      
answers to exercises, Chapter 9      
Apache, configuring      
Apache, installing on      
Apache, installing on, Linux      
Apache, installing on, OS X      
Apache, installing on, Windows      
Apache, stopping      
Applied Cryptography      2nd
arguments, changing values of      
arguments, default values for      
arguments, mandatory vs. optional      
arguments, multiple, in functions      
arguments, passing to functions      
arithmetic operators in PHP      
array variables in PHP      
array( )      
array( ), arrays, creating      
array( ), multidimensional arrays, creating      
array( ), numeric arrays, creating      
arrays, checking for      
arrays, checking for, elements with particular keys      
arrays, checking for, elements with particular values      
arrays, choosing names for      
arrays, creating      
arrays, creating, using explode( )      
arrays, creating, using preg_split( )      
arrays, finding elements of, using preg_grep( )      
arrays, generating XML from      
arrays, including in debugging output      
arrays, interpolating element values in double-quoted strings      
arrays, looping through      
arrays, modifying      
arrays, multidimensional      
arrays, multidimensional, forms and      
arrays, multiple values in form elements      
arrays, numeric arrays, creating      
arrays, removing elements from      
arrays, returning from functions      
arrays, size of, finding      
arrays, sorting      
arrays, turning into strings      
arrays, with string keys, retrieving rows as      
array_key_exists( )      2nd
array_search( )      
arrow (->) operator
arsort( )      
asort( )      
assignment operator (=)      
assignment operator (=), assigning return values to variables      
assignment operator (=), assigning values to variables      
assignment operator (=), combining with arithmetic and string operators      
assignment operator (=), truth values and      
assignment operator (=), vs. equality operator (==)      
assignment operator (=), with function call in test expression      
associative arrays      
associative arrays, multidimensional, iterating through      
associative arrays, sorting by element values      
asXML( )      
auto-global array variables      2nd 3rd [See also $_POST auto-global array]
automatic error handling      
auto_append_file configuration directive      
auto_prepend_file configuration directive      
backreferences in regular expressions      
backslashes, escaping with      2nd 3rd
BBEdit text editor      
BCMath extension for PHP      
BLOB column type      
bracket matching (debugging feature)      
browscap configuration directive      
browsers, get_browser( )      
browsers, PHP and      
browsers, sending error messages to      
calendars, displaying      
calling functions      
calling functions, with multiple arguments      
capturing return values of functions      
capturing text      
capturing text, preg_match( ) and      
capturing text, preg_match_all( ) and      
capturing text, preg_replace( ) and      
case of strings, manipulating      
case sensitivity      
case sensitivity, comparing strings and      
case sensitivity, in PHP programs      
case sensitivity, in SQL      
case sensitivity, of variables      
changing session idle times      
character classes and regular expressions      
characters and regular expressions      
checkboxes, setting default values in      
checkpoints (debugging feature)      
classes, support for in PHP 5      
CLI (Command-Line Interface) version of PHP interpreter      
CLibPDF extension      
client-side languages      
columns, creating database tables      
columns, inserting values in      
columns, ordering by multiple      
columns, retrieving data from      
columns, returning one      
columns, updating data in      
COM extension for PHP      
command-line PHP      
comments in PHP programs      2nd 3rd
configuration directives, modifying      
confirmation-message strategy      
connect( ) )      [See DB::connect(]
cookies, activating sessions      
cookies, default lifetime of      
cookies, domain, setting      
cookies, expiration times for, setting      2nd
cookies, setting      
cookies, setting paths for      
correct passwords, results of entering      
count( )      2nd
CREATE TABLE command      
cross-platform feature of PHP      
cross-site scripting attacks      
cross-site scripting attacks, preventing      2nd
crypt( )      
CSV files      
curly braces      
curly braces, interpolating with      2nd 3rd
curly braces, making decisions with if( )      
curly braces, usefulness of      
curly quotes vs. straight quotes      
Data Source Names (DSNs)      
database extensions      
database tables      
database tables, adding rows to      
database tables, column types for      
database tables, creating      
database tables, displaying information from      
database tables, errors in, fixing      
database tables, form data      
database tables, form data, inserting safely      
database tables, form data, retrieving safely      
database tables, information from, formatting as XML      
database tables, inserting CSV data into      
database tables, inserting data into      
database tables, organizing data in      2nd
database tables, retrieving data from      
date parts      
date( )      
date( ), format characters for      
date( ), show_form( ) and      
date( ), vs. strftime( )      
dates and times      
dates and times, displaying      
dates and times, in forms      
dates and times, in forms, testing number ranges      
dates and times, parsing      
DATETIME column type      
DB module      [See PEAR DB]
DB++ PHP extension      
DB2 PHP extension      
DB::connect( )      2nd
DB::connect( ), creating new objects      
DB::connect( ), inserting data into databases      
DB::connect( ), mysqli functions and      
DB::isError( )      
DB::isError( ), checking query success      
dbase (db_program option)      
DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC constant      
DB_FETCHMODE_OBJECT constant      
db_program options      
debugging programs      2nd [See also errors]
debugging programs, inspecting program data      
debugging programs, PHP-aware text editors      
debugging programs, syntax highlighting      
DECIMAL column type      
declaring functions      
decrementing variables      
decrypting data with mcrypt extension      
default values      
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