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Riehl M., Sterin I. — XML and Perl
Riehl M., Sterin I. — XML and Perl

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Название: XML and Perl

Авторы: Riehl M., Sterin I.


If you are a Perl programmer looking to explore Perl's XML capabilities or an XML developer with a basic understanding of Perl, this book will provide you with all the tools required for XML processing with Perl. XML and Perl teaches you to create portable, powerful, and extensible applications when you use XML and Perl together. You'll also learn to customize your XML processing facilities to accomplish unique tasks.

Authors Mark Riehl and Ilya Sterin, who have written Perl XML modules and administer the official Perl XML web site (www.perlxml.net), have filled this book with practical code samples and exercises that will help you test drive your new knowledge. With this book, you'll quickly see the advantages of using XML and Perl together, and you'll be able to perform even complicated tasks more easily with powerful Perl XML modules.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 400

Добавлена в каталог: 13.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
(Cascading Style Sheet)      
(Document Type Definition)      
(eXtensible Markup Language)      
(eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations)      
(eXtensible Stylesheet Language)      
(Practical Extraction and Reporting Language)      
(Simple Object Access Protocol)      2nd
(Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration)      
(Web Services Description Language)      
(XSL Transformation)      
accessing web service      2nd
accounts receivable XML example      2nd
ActiveState Perl distribution      
advantages and disadvantages      2nd
advantages for server-side processing      2nd
advantages of      2nd
advantages of event-driven parsers      2nd
advantages of XML      2nd
and XPath      
and XSLT      
Apache web server      
Apache web server with mod_perl      
Apache web server with mod_perl configuration      2nd 3rd
Apache web server with mod_perl installation      
applications of      2nd
as plain text files      
attribute node (XPath)      
attribute nodes      
attribute nodes (XPath)      
attribute nodes, retrieving      2nd
Attributes      2nd
attributes (XML)      2nd
AxKit      2nd 3rd
browser support for      
callback functions      2nd
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)      
case sensitivity      
CDATA sections (XML)      
character references (XML)      
characteristics of      2nd
client implementation      2nd 3rd
client/server example      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
clients (SOAP)      
column headings      
column headings in      
Comma Separated Value      [See CSV files]
command-line utility      
comment node (XPath)      
comments (XML)      
complex types (XML schemas)      
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) web site      
configuration file DTD      
configuration file example      
configuration file XML schema      2nd
Configuring      2nd 3rd
Content delivery      
contents of data structures      
converting CSV input file to XML      2nd
converting CSV to XML documents      2nd
converting data formats to XML      [See generating XML documents]
converting Excel to XML      2nd
converting into XML documents      
converting to XML      
converting XML documents      [See XML transformation]
converting XML documents for      2nd
converting XML documents to      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
converting XML to HTML example      2nd
course catalog XML example      2nd
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) web site      
CPAN.pm module      
Creating      [See generating XML documents]
creating custom event handlers      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
CSV files      
CSV format example      
CSV to XML conversion program      2nd
CSV to XML conversion results      2nd
custom event handlers      
customized event handler package      2nd
Data exchange      [See web services]
Data structures      
Data::Dumper      2nd 3rd 4th
Data::Dumper Perl module      2nd 3rd 4th
Data::Dumper Perl module example      
Data::Dumper Perl module output      2nd
Database Dependent (DBD) drivers      
database interface      [See Perl DBI]
Database Interface module      [See DBI module]
dataElement method (XML::Writer module)      
DBD (Database Dependent) drivers      
DBI      [See Perl DBI]
DBI module      
DBMS data to XML files      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th
declarations (XML)      
development stage (XML process)      2nd
disadvantages of      2nd
disadvantages of event-driven parsers      2nd
DOCTYPE declaration (XML)      
Document Object Model      [See DOM]
Document object model (DOM)      
Document Type Definition      [See DTD]
documents (XML)      [See XML]
DOM (Document Object Model)      2nd 3rd
DOM-based parsers      [See tree-based parsers]
DTD development stage      2nd
DTD example      
DTD for accounts receivable example      
DTD for ATM transaction log XML example      
DTD for book inventory example      
DTD for course catalog XML example      
DTD for network sniffer log example      
DTD for network sniffer XML log file      
DTD for online retailer catalog example      
DTD for shipping orders XML example      
DTD for software inventory XML example      
DTD for timecard report XML example      
DTD for XML annual report      
DTD for XML example      
DTD for XML library document      
DTD information      
DTD to describe a resume      2nd
DTDs      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
dynamic generation      
dynamically      2nd 3rd
dynamically generated HTML file contents      2nd
dynamically generating XML documents      2nd 3rd
early data exchange methods      2nd
element node (XPath)      
element nodes      
element nodes (XPath)      
element nodes, retrieving      2nd
Elements      2nd 3rd
elements (XML)      2nd 3rd
empty element tags (XML)      
empty elements (XML)      
encoding parameter (XML)      
end tags (XML)      
endTag method (XML::Writer module)      
entity references (XML)      
event handlers      
event handling      
event-driven parsers      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
example      2nd 3rd 4th
example of      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th
example)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Excel files      
exchanging data      [See web services]
expat parser      
expressions (XPath)      2nd
extending Perl with      2nd
extending with modules      2nd
extensibility of      2nd
extensibility of XML      2nd
Extensible Markup Language      [See XML]
eXtensible Server Pages (XSP)      2nd 3rd 4th
eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSLT)      
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations      [See XSLT]
facets (XML schemas)      
for downloading Perl      2nd
for Perl      
for XML::DOM      
for XML::LibXML      
for XML::Parser Perl module example      2nd 3rd 4th
for XML::Parser::PerlSAX example      2nd 3rd
for XML::SAX::Expat      
for XML::SAX::PurePerl example      2nd
for XML::Twig      
for XML::Xerces      
for XML::XPath module      2nd
formatting stage      
formatting stage (XML process)      
from CSV files      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
from databases      2nd
from other data formats      
functions (Perl)      
generated HTML document with local time      2nd
generated XML book inventory example      2nd
generated XML file from input CSV file      
generating      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
generating documents stage      2nd
generating documents stage (XML process)      2nd
generating from databases      2nd
generating from other data formats      
generating Perl DBI configurationi file in XML      2nd
generating XML documents      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
generating XML documents from      2nd
gzip utility      
history of      2nd
history of XML      2nd
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)      2nd
HTML document generated (statistics example)      
HTML documents      
HTML file generated by XSLT transformation      2nd
HTML generated from XSLT transformation      
HTML resume document generated by AxKit      2nd
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)      
Hypertext markup language (HTML)      2nd
Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)      
in CSV files      
in-memory parsers      [See tree-based parsers]
input CSV file source data      
input file for ATM transaction log XML example      2nd
input source data for XSP-based application      
input XML document (for transformations)      
input XML document for annual report      2nd
input XML document for XSLT transformation      2nd
Installing      2nd
installing Perl modules      
installing Perl modules with      2nd
installing web service      2nd
into XML documents      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th
IO::File module (Perl)      
leading and trailing spaces      2nd
leading spaces      
LibXML2 and LibXSLT2 libraries      2nd
LibXML2 and LibXSLT2 library installation      2nd
libxml2 library      
LibXSLT2 library      
mailing lists      
make utility      
manually      2nd 3rd
manually installing Perl modules      2nd 3rd
mapping between two databases example      2nd
markup (XML)      
message format      2nd
message format (SOAP)      2nd
Microsoft Excel files      [See Excel files]
Microsoft Windows      [See Windows]
misconceptions about      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
modules (Perl)      
modules (Perl) AxKit      [See AxKit]
MySQL information      2nd
namespace node (XPath)      
nested elements (XML) in the XML document must be properly nested. If an element contains child elem      
network traffic sniffer log example      2nd
node types      2nd
node types (XPath)      2nd
notational tree-based parsers      
notional event-based parsers      
of XML      
of XML documents      
OHereO document      2nd
OHereO document (Perl)      2nd
on Unix      2nd 3rd
on Windows      2nd
online order transactions XML example      
online retailer catalog XML example      2nd
open distribution policy      
open distribution policy (Perl)      
output filtered XML document      2nd
output for XML::LibXML example      2nd
output from XML::Simple example      2nd
output from XML::Twig example      
output report for ATM transaction log example      2nd
output report for order and shipping information example      2nd 3rd
output report for XML::Parser::PerlSAX example      2nd
output software inventory report      2nd
output timecard report      
output timecard report, formatted      
output XML generated by Excel-to-XML conversion      2nd
overview      2nd 3rd
packages (Perl)      
parsed character data      [See PCDATA]
Parsing      2nd 3rd 4th
parsing documents stage      
parsing documents stage (XML process)      
parsing XML documents      2nd 3rd 4th
Perl      2nd
Perl DBI      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Perl DBI example      2nd
Perl module with getInfo method (book inventory example)      2nd
Perl modules      
Perl modules AxKit      [See AxKit]
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