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Niemeyer P., Knudsen J. — Learning Java
Niemeyer P., Knudsen J. — Learning Java

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Название: Learning Java

Авторы: Niemeyer P., Knudsen J.


Part of O'Reilly's definitive set of Java documentation, Learning Java introduces the basics of Java, the object-oriented programming language for networked applications from Sun Microsystems. This book provides a broad survey of the Java 2 Standard Edition and contains everything you need to know to get up to speed quickly. It covers the essentials of hot topics like Swing and JFC; describes new tools for signing applets and other Java classes; and shows you how to write networked clients and servers, servlets, JavaBeans, and state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Java started out as a tool for creating animated Web pages, but it's proved to be much more. Java is now used for everything from sophisticated Web clients to mission-critical enterprise applications. In the future, Java will become the basis for a new generation of distributed software that runs on devices ranging from cell phones to supercomputers. In the practical, hands-on approach characteristic of O'Reilly, Learning Java will show you why Java is now the language of choice for building the next generation of computer software.

Includes CD-ROM containing the complete Java 2 SDK, version 1.3, as well as examples and code from the book.

Part of O'Reilly's definitive set of Java documentation, Learning Java covers:

* History and principles of Java
* How to write simple applets and applications
* How to integrate applets into the World Wide Web
* Java Fundamental Class (JFC) and Swing Libraries
* Using threads
* Using arrays
* Network programming with sockets
* Remote Method Invocation
* Servlets
* Signing applets
* Creating a security policy

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