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Doi M., See H. Ч Introduction to Polymer Physics
Doi M., See H. Ч Introduction to Polymer Physics

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Ќазвание: Introduction to Polymer Physics

јвторы: Doi M., See H.


A polymer is a very large molecule consisting of many atoms covalently bonded like a chain. Polymers take a random coil conformation in solution and entangle each other when the polymer concentration is high. The unique structure gives unique physical properties to polymer solutions. This book is an introduction to the modern theory of polymer physics. It describes basic concepts and methods to discuss the statistical properties of the assembly of chain-like molecules. This involves scaling theory, concentration fluctuation, gels and reptation.

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√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 136

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.04.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
Affine deformation assumption      48 61 110
Bead-spring model      7 66 71Ч75 106
Bead-spring model, Zimm modification      78 (see also УGaussian chainsФ)
Birefringence, effect of stress      54 55 104
Blends (of polymers)      38Ч40
Block copolymers      40Ч41
Block copolymers, microscopic phase separation in      40 41
Block copolymers, microscopic phase separation in domain size estimation      43Ч44
Bonds, meaning of term      2
Bonds, orientation, in stretched chains      51Ч53
Brownian motion and reptation model      96Ч99
Brownian motion in potential field      67Ч68
Brownian motion of harmonic oscillator      70Ч71
Brownian motion of spherical particles      66Ч67
Brownian motion, bead-spring model used      71Ч73
Brownian motion, Einstein relation      68Ч70
Brownian motion, features of Rouse model      73Ч75
Brownian motion, hydrodynamic interactions accounted for      78
Brownian motion, theory      66Ч71
Centre of mass (of polymer)      9
Centre of mass (of polymer), motion in concentrated solutions      96Ч97
Centre of mass (of polymer), motion in dilute solutions      73Ч74
Chemical gels      45
chemical potential      23Ч24
chi $(\chi)$ parameter      14 23
Co-operative diffusion coefficient      90Ч92
Co-operative diffusion coefficient, concentration dependence      92
Coexistence curves      28 29
Coexistence curves, polymer-polymer mixtures      38Ч39
Coil-globule transition      15 16
Concentration fluctuation correlation function      30
Concentration fluctuation correlation function, block copolymer uniform phase      41Ч43
Concentration fluctuation correlation function, miscible systems      39Ч40
Concentration fluctuations      29Ч38
Concentration fluctuations, dynamics      89Ч93
Configuration changes, in lattice model of reptation      100
Constitutive equation      103
Contractual motion (of polymer in tube)      102
Copolymers, block copolymers      40Ч41
Correlation function      see УConcentration fluctuation...; segment pair...; time...; velocity correlation functionФ
correlation length      35
Correlation length, semidilute solutions      37
Critical point      28Ч29
Critical point, polymer-polymer mixtures      39
Critical temperature      28
Crosslinking reaction      46
Cylindrical domains, in block copolymers      40 41
Deformation gradient tensor      47 48
Degree of polymerization      1
Diffusion coefficient, concentrated solutions      90Ч92
Diffusion coefficient, dilute solutions      67 69
Diffusion equation, derivation of      86Ч87
Dilute solution, molecular motion in      65Ч88
Dilute solution, single polymer molecule studied      1
Directional order parameter tensor      51
Directional order parameter tensor and stress tensor      54Ч56
Directional order parameter tensor, calculation of      53
Dynamic light scattering      82Ч86 89
Dynamic scaling law      81Ч82
Dynamic structure factor, concentrated solutions      90 91
Dynamic structure factor, dilute solutions      82Ч83 84
Dynamic structure factor, initial decay rate      92Ч93
Edwards-de Gennes [Сtube'] model      59 94
Effective bond length      6
Einstein relation      68Ч70 71
Elastic free energy, rubber      47Ч48
Elasticity, Kuhn's theory      47Ч48 50
Elasticity, rubber      46Ч50
Elasticity, tube model      61Ч62
End-to-end vector      2
End-to-end vector, probability distribution function      3Ч4 48 97
Energy, Gaussian chain model      7
Energy, polymer-solvent interactions      12Ч13
Entangled polymer systems, molecular motion in      89Ч113
Entanglement effects, and tube model      93Ч94
Entanglement interactions      20 59Ч62 89
Entropy of mixing      38
Entropy, stretched chain      51
Escape time      101 (see also УReptation timeФ)
Excluded volume chain      10
Excluded volume chain, lattice model      12 13
Excluded volume chain, probability distribution function      11
Excluded volume effect      10Ч12 92
Excluded volume interactions      4 56 89
Excluded volume interactions in rubber elasticity      56
Excluded volume interactions, screening of      37
Excluded volume parameter      14 35
Extensional characteristic time      102
Extensional motion [of polymer in tube]      102
First normal stress difference      50
First normal stress difference coefficient, variation with shear rate      104
Flory Ч Huggins theory      21Ч23 38 56 63
Fluctuation-dissipation theorem      69
Fluorescence microscopy      65
Free energy of mixing      23 26Ч28 62Ч63
Free energy, phase-separated system      27
Free energy, rubber elasticity      47Ч48
Free energy, solutions      23 (see also УElastic...; Gibbs...; Helmholtz free energyФ)
Freely jointed chain      51 52
Gaussian chains      6Ч7 (see also УBead-spring modelФ)
Gaussian probability distribution      4 6
Gelation      45 46
Gels      45Ч64
Gels, swelling of      62Ч64
Gibbs free energy      23
Gibbs Ч Duhem relation      24
Harmonic oscillator, Brownian motion of      70Ч71
Harmonic spring      7
Helmholtz free energy      23
Hydrodynamic interactions      75 76Ч82 89
Hydrodynamic radius      16
Hydrodynamic radius, variation with temperature      16
Ideal chain      2Ч7
Ideal chain, meaning of term      5
Ideal chain, tension in      46
Internal motion of polymer chain      74Ч75
Isolated polymer molecule, properties      1Ч19
Kirkwood's equation      85
Kuhn's theory (of rubber elasticity)      47Ч48 50
Lamellar structure      41 43Ч44
Langevin equation      68 70 72 107
Lattice model      2 3
Lattice model, concentrated solutions      21 22 30
Lattice model, elasticity of rubber      46
Lattice model, excluded volume chain      12 13
Lattice model, reptation motion      94Ч96
Light scattering, dynamic effects      82Ч86
Linear viscoelasticity      105
Long-range interactions      6
Mean field approximation      16 21 32
Melts      20Ч21 29
Microscopic phase separation, in block copolymers      40 41
Miscibility parameter      43
Miscible systems, correlation function      39Ч40
Mixing free energy      23
Mixing free energy and gel swelling      62Ч63
Mixing free energy and phase separation      26Ч28
Mobility matrix      70 76Ч78
Molecular motion in dilute solution      65Ч88
Molecular motion in entangled polymer systems      89Ч113
Monomer unit      1
Nematic interactions      57Ч59
Non-ideal chains      10Ч16
Non-linear viscoelasticity      112Ч113
Normal stress difference, first      50
Normal stress difference, second      50
Normalized coordinates      72 74 79 108
Optical anisotropy      54
Orientational order parameter tensor      51
Orientational order parameter tensor and stress tensor      54Ч56
Ornstein Ч Zernike type distribution function      10
Oseen tensor      77 84
Osmotic pressure      24Ч26
Osmotic pressure anomaly      25
Osmotic pressure, semidilute solutions      36Ч37
Overlap concentration      20 89
Pair correlation function      see УSegment pair correlation functionФ
Partial chains      47
Partial chains, interactions between      56Ч62
Partition function      21
Phantom chain models      59
Phase diagrams, polymer solution      28
Phase diagrams, polymer-polymer mixtures      38Ч39
Phase separation (of polymers)      26Ч29
Phase transitions, microscopic, in block copolymers      40 41
Phase transitions, volume change in gel swelling      64
Physical gels      45
Polymer blends      38Ч40
Polymer gels      45Ч64
Polymer melts      20Ч21 29
Polymer melts, stress optical law      56fn. 104 107
Polymer, meaning of term      1
Potential field, Brownian motion in      67Ч68
Preaveraging approximation      78
Radius of gyration      8Ч9
Radius of gyration in semidilute solutions      37Ч38
Random phase approximation      32Ч34
Random walk model      2Ч4
Renormalization theory      16Ч17
Reptation model      89 94Ч96
Reptation model, Brownian motion studied using      96Ч99
Reptation model, fluctuation of tube length      101Ч103
Reptation model, viscoelasticity      109Ч113
Reptation time      99 101
Response function      31
Rotational motion, concentrated solutions      97Ч99
Rotational motion, dilute solutions      74
Rotational relaxation time      74 99
Rouse model      72
Rouse model, comparison with experiments      75
Rouse model, reptation motion      95
Rouse model, viscoelasticity      107Ч109
Rouse theory      71Ч73
Rubber      45
Rubber elasticity      46Ч50
Rubber elasticity, effect of entanglements      59
Rubber elasticity, Kuhn's theory      47Ч48 50
Rubber elasticity, tube model used      61Ч62
Rubber, elastic free energy      47Ч48
Scaling laws      16Ч19
Scaling laws, dynamic scaling law      81Ч82
Scaling laws, examples of application      18 35Ч38
Second normal stress difference      50
Segment pair correlation function      7Ч8 9Ч10 18 84
Segments, distribution in polymer chain      7Ч10
Segments, meaning of term      2
Segments, motion in dilute solution      74Ч75
Self-avoiding walk      10
Self-diffusion constant      91
Self-diffusion constant, calculation for concentrated solutions      93 97
Self-diffusion constant, concentration dependence      92
Self-diffusion constant, factors affecting      97 98
Semidilute solutions      35Ч38
Shape memory function      99Ч101
Shear elastic modulus      49
Shear flow      103 104 108
Shear strain      49
Short-range interactions, effects      4Ч6
Short-range interactions, meaning of term      6
Solutions      see УConcentrated...; dilute...; semidilute solutionsФ
Solvent effects      12Ч14
Spherical domains, in block copolymers      40 41
Spherical particles, Brownian motion of      66Ч67
Spinodal line      28
Spinodal point      43
Spring constant (in bead-spring model)      7 47
Static structure factor      92
Stress optical law      51Ч56
Stress optical law coefficient      58
Stress optical law, applications      54Ч55 104
Stress optical law, formula      54
Stress optical law, range of applicability      54 104 107
Stress relaxation experiment, non-linear      112Ч113
Stress relaxation experiment, stress relaxation function      105 111
Stress relaxation experiment, viscoelastic, polymer liquids      110Ч112
Stress tensor and viscoelasticity      105Ч106
Stress tensor in shearing deformation      49
Stress tensor in uniaxial extension      50
Stress-strain relationship, rubber elasticity      48Ч50
Structural unit      1
Structure factor, dynamic      82Ч83 84 90 91
Structure factor, static      92
Thermal motion, and elasticity of rubber      46Ч47
Theta $(\Theta)$ temperature      15 26
Time correlation function      87Ч88 89Ч90
Tube model      59Ч60
Tube model, entanglement effects      93Ч94
Tube model, rubber elasticity      61Ч62
Uniaxial extension      49 50
van der Waals forces, interactions due to      13 14
Van't Hoffs law      24Ч25 26
Velocity correlation function      66 67
Velocity correlation time      66
Viscoelasticity      103
Viscoelasticity, linear      105
Viscoelasticity, microscopic model of stress used      105Ч107
Viscoelasticity, non-linear      112Ч113
Viscoelasticity, phenomenological theory      103Ч105
Viscoelasticity, reptation model used      109Ч113
Viscoelasticity, Rouse model used      107Ч109
viscosity      104 105 109
Viscosity, relationship with molecular weight      109 111
Viscosity, variation with shear rate      104
Volume phase transition      64
Zimm theory      78Ч81
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