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Gralla P. — Windows XP Hacks
Gralla P. — Windows XP Hacks

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Название: Windows XP Hacks

Автор: Gralla P.


Completely revised and updated, this smart collection of insider tips and tricks covers the XP operating system from start to finish, including all the new features that come with Service Pack 2 (SP2). You'll also find timesaving hacks for security, file distribution, digital media, web browsing, and more. An ideal all-in-one resource for XP beginners, as well as more experienced power users.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: second edition

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 572

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
.dbx file extensions (mail messages in Outlook Express)      
.NET alerts (with Windows Messenger)      
.NET alerts (with Windows Messenger), delivery of alerts      
.NET alerts (with Windows Messenger), managing alerts from My Alerts Page      
.NET alerts (with Windows Messenger), signing up for alerts      
.pst file extension (Outlook)      
.Reg files      
.reg files, creating from existing portion of the Registry      
.reg files, double-clicking on, changing default action to protect Registry      
.reg files, editing with word processors, problems with      
.reg files, importing back into Registry      
.reg files, importing back into Registry, double-clicking on      
301 Permanent Redirect message      
4NT command prompt      
802.11x WiFi standard, versions of      
Ad-Aware (spyware detector)      
ad-free surfing      
ad-free surfing, skyscraper ads      
Adult Content Senders list (Outlook)      
Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) path      
Advanced Startup Manager, creating multiple profiles      
alerts, performance      
America Online icon, removing from desktop      
analog, CD, writing      
analog, video, converting to digital      
Animated Bitmap Creator      
animated effects (GUI), controlling      
Anonymizer.com web service      
anonymous email web site      
anonymous proxy server list web site      
anonymous web surfing      
ANSI codes      
antennas for wireless networks      
antennas for wireless networks, building your own for war driving      
antennas for wireless networks, external and booster antennas, use of      
antennas for wireless networks, tips for improving performance      
Anti-Phishing Working Group      
antitrust case against Microsoft      
appearance, customizing      
applets, Control Panel      
applets, Control Panel, displaying in cascading menu      
applets, Control Panel, hiding from newbies      
applets, Control Panel, hiding unused      
applets, Control Panel, hiding with the Registry      
applets, Control Panel, hiding with XP Pro Group Policy Editor      
applets, Control Panel, recategorizing      
applets, Control Panel, running hidden applets      
applications, background, reducing for better RAM use      
applications, command-line shortcuts for launching      
applications, command-line shortcuts for launching, customizing shortcuts      
applications, command-line shortcuts for launching, using with keyboard shortcuts for running      
applications, forcing older programs to use XP common controls      
applications, hidden fields in Word, security risks      
applications, memory-hogging, identifying with Task Manager      
applications, opening and creating Microsoft documents without Office      
applications, OpenOffice.org office suite      
applications, programs      
applications, sharing with Messenger      
applications, uninstalling      
applications, uninstalling, cleaning up after      
applications, uninstalling, removing access to certain Microsoft programs      
applications, uninstalling, removing uninstall entries from uninstalled programs      
applications, XP-incompatible, forcing to run      
applications, XP-incompatible, forcing to run, Application Compatibility Toolkit, using      
applications, XP-incompatible, forcing to run, Compatibility Wizard, using      
ARC (Advanced RISC Computing) path      
archive files      
archive files, Web, single file (.mht)      
arrays of strings      
Ask Jeeves Toolbar      
ASR (Automated System Recovery)      
Attachment Options add-in (Outlook)      
attachments to email (blocked), opening in Outlook/Outlook Express      
attachments to email (blocked), opening in Outlook/Outlook Express, forcing Outlook Express to open blocked file attachments      
attachments to email (blocked), opening in Outlook/Outlook Express, forcing Outlook to open blocked file attachments      
audio bitrate and properties (video setting)      
authenticodesettings for IE, customizing      
AutoEndTasks key (Registry)      
autologon, enabling      
Automated System Recovery (ASR)      
Automated System Recovery (ASR), NTBackup installed on XP Home machine      
Axialis AX-Cursors program      
Back Orifice Trojan, use of ports      
background images, customizing in VDM      
background services and applications, reducing      
Backup and Restore utility      
Backup and Restore utility, ASR, XP Home and      
Backup Plus program      
Backup Utility, installing manually in XP Home      
backups, building better strategy for      
backups, building better strategy for, backup utilities in Windows XP      
backups, building better strategy for, getting a better backup program      
backups, building better strategy for, mapping out backup plan      
backups, building better strategy for, system organization that aids backup process      
backups, cookies (from IE)      
backups, Outlook and Outlook Express data files      
backups, Outlook and Outlook Express data files, add-in software, using      
backups, Outlook and Outlook Express data files, manually backing up Outlook      
backups, Outlook and Outlook Express data files, manually backing up Outlook Express      
backups, Registry      2nd
backups, Registry, using Backup utility      
backups, restoring      
balloon tips, changing for system objects      
batch conversions of image formats      
batch file, creating      
beeps (system), turning off      
binary NOT operator (&!)
binary values (Registry)      2nd
Blocked Senders List (Outlook Express)      
Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing security issues      
Bluetooth      [See wireless Bluetooth]
Boolean operators in Indexing Service queries      
booster antennas for wireless networks      
boot menu, fixing      
boot screen, changing      
boot screen, changing, building startup screen from graphics      
boot screen, changing, choosing from multiple screens      
boot sector, fixing      
boot, BootXP program      
boot, creating a boot menu      
boot, defragmenting      
boot, delay      
boot, editing boot.ini      
boot, files, defragmenting      
boot, fixing      
boot, multiboot startup options      
boot, Safe Mode      
boot, screen, changing      
boot.ini file      
boot.ini file, editing      
boot.ini file, editing, [boot loader] section      
boot.ini file, editing, [operatingsystem] section      
Briefcase, files, information about      
Briefcase, mobile file transfers with      
browsers, Firefox      [See Firefox]
browsers, Internet Explorer      
browsers, Mozilla      [See Mozilla browser]
browsers, Navigator and Mozilla, deleting cookies      
browsers, Opera      
Brushed Panther web site      
buffers (mouse and keyboard), changing size of      
Bugnosis program      
buttons, customizing appearance of      
buttons, user interfaces      
cable modems, resetting to repair TCP/IP connection      
cables and connectors for direct network connections      
cache memory, removing DLLs from      
CacheRight program      
caching, DNS cache settings on XP, adjusting      
caching, improving web site performance with      
calendar backup file (Outlook)      
cantenna (wireless), building, online directions      
Caps Lock, automatically turning on at startup      
cd command to list all files and subfolders on all folders on all local disks      
CDs, burning      
CDs, burning, digital music files that skip and pop      
CDs, burning, skipping in burned music CDs      
CDs, storing backups on      
cipher command      
class definitions of unique objects      
class ID (CLSID) for desktop objects      
class ID (CLSID) for desktop objects, removing icons with      
Classic Internet Search Companion      
CleanUp! disk-cleanup tool      
clear GIFs (web bugs)      
ClearType, fonts displayed before logon      
clients, FTP      
clients, remote      
clients, remote, IP addresses and domain names      
clients, remote, setting up      
collaboration with a whiteboard      
colors, background, customizing for desktop      
colors, changing settings for Java applets      
colors, reducing for better RAM use      
comma-separated (.cvs) log file, viewing in spreadsheet      
command line      
command line, 4NT program      
command line, Command Prompt Explorer Bar      
command line, disk defragmenter, running from      
command line, shortcuts for customized Windows Explorer views      
command line, shortcuts for customized Windows Explorer views, desktop shortcuts      
command line, shortcuts for launching applications      
command line, shortcuts for launching applications, customizing with switches and parameters      
command prompt, opening from Explorer context menu      
comments, adding to HOSTS file      
Commit Charge higher than Physical Memory available      
compact privacy statements      
company name registered as system owner, changing      
Compare Folders feature (PowerDesk)      
compatibility problems with earlier Windows programs      
compatibility problems with earlier Windows programs, Application Compatibility Toolkit, using      
compatibility problems with earlier Windows programs, Compatibility Wizard, using      
components (XP)      
components (XP), hiding to prevent removal      
components (XP), removing      
compression, file      
compression, file, NTFS      
compression, file, NTFS, converting other filesystems to NTFS      
compression, file, NTFS, converting previous filesystems to      
compression, file, NTFS, disk space saved by      
compression, file, NTFS, system or .log files, performance and      
compression, file, NTFS, ZIP files versus      
Connect on Demand setting (residential gateways)      
connecting to web sites, problems with      
connection settings for IE, customizing      
connectors, for wireless antenna      
contacts, Outlook Express, in Windows Address Book      
contacts, Outlook, backup files for      
CONTAINS operator (Indexing Service)      
content ratings, customizing for IE      
context menus      
context menus, shortcut menus      
context menus, Windows Explorer, improving      
context menus, Windows Explorer, improving, command prompt, opening      
context menus, Windows Explorer, improving, copy/move to folder options      
context menus, Windows Explorer, improving, Open With option      
context menus, Windows Explorer, improving, Send To option      
Control Panel      
Control Panel, building customized      
Control Panel, hidden applets, running      
Cookie Manager      
Cookie Pal utility      
cookies, examining and deleting manually      
cookies, exporting, importing or backing up      
cookies, IE cookie handling, customizing      
cookies, IE privacy settings, effects of      
cookies, opting out of cookie-based ad networks      
cookies, related terminology, understanding      
cookies, session      
cookies, third-party cookie managers      
cookies, Windows Media Player, privacy problems with      
Copernic Agent Basic      
Copy To Folder option (Explorer context menu)      
copying files from local drives to removable media in Recovery Console      
copyright laws, themes and      
cordless phones, interference with wireless equipment      
CPU, monitoring use      
Create Shortcut Wizard      
credential agencies, designating as trustworthy      
cryptography, Encrypting File System      
cryptography, PowerDesk utility      
cryptography, WEP encryption      
cursors, creating your own      
cursors, creating your own, Axialix AX-Cursors program (creating from scratch)      
cursors, creating your own, CursorXP Free program      
cursors, creating your own, CursorXP Plus program      
cursors, creating your own, Microangelo program      
cursors, free, download site      
data files (current), backing up      
data types, Registry      
dates and times      
dates and times, expressions in Indexing Service queries      
dates and times, Maximum Idle Time setting (residential gateways)      
dates and times, NTFS date and time stamps, updates of      
dates and times, timeouts for programs, changing      
decrypting files and folders with EFS      
defragmenting, boot      
defragmenting, Diskeeper      
Desktop.ini files      
desktops, command-line prompt on      
desktops, control for current users by Registry hive      
desktops, customizing background, color and system icons      
desktops, deleting unnecessary icons      
desktops, hiding icons that can't be deleted      
desktops, reducing icon numbers to conserve RAM      
desktops, shortcuts, Explorer custom views      2nd
desktops, showing Windows version on      
desktops, Virtual Desktop Manager      
desktops, Virtual Desktop Manager, activating the toolbar      
desktops, Virtual Desktop Manager, customizing      
desktops, Virtual Desktop Manager, switching between desktops      
Destroy File feature (PowerDesk)      
Device manager      
Device Manager, error messages, decoding      
Device Manager, error messages, decoding, error codes, messages, and potential solutions      
Device Manager, hidden hardware, discovering      
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)      
DHCP, IP address assigned by, renewing      
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