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A. Doicu, T. Wriedt, Y.A. Eremin — Light Scattering by Systems of Particles
A. Doicu, T. Wriedt, Y.A. Eremin — Light Scattering by Systems of Particles

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Название: Light Scattering by Systems of Particles

Авторы: A. Doicu, T. Wriedt, Y.A. Eremin


Since the classic paper by Mie [159] or even the papers by Clebsch [37] and
Lorenz [146] there is a permanent preoccupation in light scattering theory. Mie
was interested in the varied colors exhibited by colloidal suspensions of noble
metal spheres, but nowadays, the theory of light scattering by particles covers
a much broader and diverse field. Particles encountered in practical applications are no longer considered spherical; they are nonspherical, nonrotational
symmetric, inhomogeneous, coated, chiral or anisotropic.
Light scattering simulation is needed in optical particle characterization,
to understand new physical phenomena or to design new particle diagnostics
systems. Other examples of applications are climatology and remote sensing of Earth and planetary atmospheres, which rely on the analysis of the
parameters of radiation scattered by aerosols, clouds, and precipitation. Similar electromagnetic modeling methods are needed to investigate microwave
scattering by raindrops and ice crystals, while electromagnetic scattering is
also encountered in astrophysics, ocean and biological optics, optical communications engineering, and photonics technology. Specifically, in near-fieldor nano-optics and the design of optical sensor, biosensors or particle surface
scanners, light scattering by particles on or near infinite surfaces is of interest.

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 333

Добавлена в каталог: 06.10.2022

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