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Mix D.F., Olejniczak K.J. — Elements of Wavelets for Engineers and Scientists
Mix D.F., Olejniczak K.J. — Elements of Wavelets for Engineers and Scientists

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Название: Elements of Wavelets for Engineers and Scientists

Авторы: Mix D.F., Olejniczak K.J.


An indispensable guide to understanding wavelets Elements of Wavelets for Engineers and Scientists is a guide to wavelets for "the rest of us" practicing engineers and scientists, nonmathematicians who want to understand and apply such tools as fast Fourier and wavelet transforms. It is carefully designed to help professionals in nonmathematical fields comprehend this very mathematically sophisticated topic and be prepared for further study on a more mathematically rigorous level. Detailed discussions, worked-out examples, drawings, and drill problems provide step-by-step guidance on fundamental concepts such as vector spaces, metric, norm, inner product, basis, dimension, biorthogonality, and matrices. Chapters explore . . . Functions and transforms The sampling theorem Multirate processing The fast Fourier transform The wavelet transform QMF filters Practical wavelets and filters . . . as well as many new wavelet applications image compression, turbulence, and pattern recognition, for instance that have resulted from recent synergies in fields such as quantum physics and seismic geology. Elements of Wavelets for Engineers and Scientists is a must for every practicing engineer, scientist, computer programmer, and student needing a practical, top-to-bottom grasp of wavelets.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 241

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
Aliasing      82
Allpass networks      170ff 174
Argand diagram      99
Banach space      25
Basis      51ff
Beagle, the      16
Biorthogonality      210ff
Boltzmann, Ludwig      17
Brown, Robert      16
Brownian motion      17
CBS inequality      45
Codomain      5
companding      93ff
Conjugate QMF      182
Convolution      116
coordinates      53 66
Correlation      110
Darwin, Charles      16
Data compression      232ff
Daubechies filters      208
Daubechies, Ingrid      192
Decimation      95
Deterministic signal      16ff
Direct sum      151
Discrete metric      32
Discrete wavelet transform      162ff
Domain      5
Dot product space      31
Downsampling      95ff
Einstein, Albert      17
Energy      10
Energy signal      9ff
entropy      17
FFT      12lff
FFT as downsampling      139ff
FFT as matrix decomposition      125ff
Fields      7ff
Filter banks      186ff
Finite impulse response      170
Fourier transforms      18ff
Fractional rate change      104ff
Function      5
Gali, Wayne      230
Geometric series      15
Haar functions      149
Haar transforms      21ff
Hermitian      40
Hidden singularities      230ff
High-pass filter      173
Hilbert space      25
Independence      48
Inner product      39ff
Inner product space      31
Interpolation      95
Johnson noise      18
Linear independence      48ff
Linear phase      184
Low-pass filter      171
Magic part      201ff
MAP      6
Mapping      6
Matrix (definition)      69
Matrix of transformation      70 213
Maximum phase      180
Metric space      31ff
Minimum phase      179
Mirror image      178
Multiresolution analysis      167
Nielson, Ole      230
Nonperiodic sampling      88ff
Norm      36ff
Nyquist rate      80ff
Orthogonal complement      150
Orthogonality      45ff
Pattern recognition      227ff
Perfect reconstruction      186
Power      9
Power signal      9
Pulse Code Modulation      90ff
QMFs      181ff
Quantization      90ff
Quantization noise      91
Random signals      16ff
Random variable      25
RANGE      6
Rank      51
Reciprocal basis      56ff
RMS value      11
Sampling      80ff
Scaling function      21
Signal classification      9
Signal flow graph      21
span      54
subspace      29
Themal noise      17
transforms      54ff
Two-scale relationship      167
Upsampling      95 103ff
Vector space      27
Vectors      25ff
von Neumann, John      25
Wavelet      21
Wavelet transform      1 154ff
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