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Ray E. — Learning XML
Ray E. — Learning XML

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Название: Learning XML

Автор: Ray E.


Although Learning XML covers XML rather broadly, it nevertheless presents the key elements of the technology with enough detail to familiarize the reader with this crucial markup language. This guide is brief enough to tackle in a weekend.
Author Erik T. Ray begins with an excellent summary of XML's history as an outgrowth of SGML and HTML. He outlines very clearly the elements of markup, demystifying concepts such as attributes, entities, and namespaces with numerous clear examples. To illustrate a real-world XML application, he gives the reader a look at a document written in DocBook — a publicly available XML document type for publishing technical writings — and explains the sections of the document step by step. A more simplified version of DocBook is used later in the book to illustrate transformation — a powerful benefit of XML.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2-nd

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 600

Добавлена в каталог: 05.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
absolute location terms      
absolute measurements      
absolute paths      
abstract rules      
activity, W3C standards process      
actuation (links)      
addressing standards      
aggregate definitions      
ancestry, CSS      
APIs (application programming interfaces)      
APIs, SAX      2nd
APIs, XPath as      
applications      2nd
apply-templates element      
areas      2nd
ASCII character set      
associating stylesheets with documents      
Attributes      2nd
attributes, CSS      
attributes, DTDs      
attributes, elements      
attributes, nodes      
attributes, RELAX NG      
attributes, xml:lang      
attributes, XSLT      
authoring documents      
auxiliary objects      
background properties      
base URLs      
Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP)      
binding data      
block elements      
block elements, box model, formatting with      
block progression direction      
block-level flow objects      
BLOCKS      2nd
blocks, CSS properties      
blocks, narrative documents      
blocks, objects      
blocks, simple      
BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane)      
BOM (Byte Order Mark)      
Boolean expressions      2nd
Borders      2nd
borders, properties      
Boundaries      2nd
Bounding box      
box model      2nd
briefing packages      
Byte Order Mark (BOM)      
call-template directive      
candidate recommendation, W3C standards process      
candidate recommendations      
Cascading Style Sheet      [See CSS]
catalogs      2nd
CDATA (Character DATA)      
CDATA sections      2nd
CDATASection class      
chained xpointers      
Character encoding      
character entities      
Character sets      
CharacterData class      
characters, CDATA sections      
characters, encoding      
characters, encoding, references      
characters, encoding, selecting      
characters, encoding, specifying human languages      
characters, entities      
characters, entity references      
characters, escaping      
characters, points      
characters, PYX      
characters, sets      
characters, Unicode      
Chemical Markup Language (cML)      
child sequences      
class interface reference      
classes, CDATASection      
classes, CharacterData      
classes, DocumentFragment      
classes, DocumentType      
classes, DOM      
classes, EntityReference      
classes, NamedNodeMap      
classes, names      
classes, Node      
classes, NodeList      
classes, nodes      2nd
classes, ProcessingInstruction      
client-side processing      
CML (Chemical Markup Language)      
Code      [See also markup]2nd
code, APIs      
code, DOM      
code, events      
code, JDOM      
code, languages      
code, limitations of      
code, objects      
code, parsing      
code, Perl      
code, pull parsing      
code, PYX      
code, SAX      
code, streams      
code, trees      
colors, backgrounds      
colors, borders      
colors, text      
Comments      2nd 3rd [See also text]4th
comments, nodes      
comments, schemas      
comments, XSLT      
Comparison operators      
compatibility of PYX      
complex data      
complex data, elements      
complex data, MathML      
complex structures, narrative documents      
complex type      
compound property      
conditional sections      2nd
configuration, output element      
configuration, trees      
configuration, trees, searching nodes      
configuration, trees, subtrees      
configuration, trees, types of nodes      
conflicts      [See also troubleshooting]
conflicts, properties      
container element syntax      
container elements      
container nodes, pointers      
containers, markup      
containment, inline formatting without      
content, aggregation      
content, models      2nd 3rd
content, models, mixed      
content, rectangles      
content, XML documents      
context nodes      
contextual selection, CSS      
conversion, Boolean rules      
conversion, numeric expressions      
conversion, PYX      
conversion, string expressions      
core syntax      
counters, CSS      
covering ranges      
cross references      
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      2nd
CSS, box model      
CSS, documents, formatting      
CSS, properties      
CSS, properties declaration      
CSS, properties, blocks      
CSS, properties, display types      
CSS, properties, generated text      
CSS, properties, inheritance      2nd
CSS, properties, matching to elements      
CSS, properties, text      
CSS, properties, units of measurement      
CSS, rules      
CSS, rules, matching      
CSS, rules, troubleshooting      
CSS, specifications      
CSS, stylesheets      
CSS, stylesheets, applying      
CSS, stylesheets, associating      
CSS, stylesheets, combining      
CSS, stylesheets, limitations of      
CSS, stylesheets, need for      
CSS, syntax      
current node      
current node set      
customizing DTDs      
data binding      
data type identifiers      
data typing, RELAX NG      
DCD (Document Content Description)      
DDML (Document Definition Markup Language)      
Declarations      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
declarations, CSS      
declarations, DTDs      
declarations, functions, organizing by      
declarations, namespaces      
declarations, properties, stylesheet rules      
declarations, schemas      
declarations, stylesheets      
declarations, variables      
default rules, XSLT      
defining type      
depth-first searching      
descriptive standards      
Design      [See also formatting]
design, DTDs      
dimensions, area models      
directives, call-template      
display types, CSS      
DocBook, DTDs      
DocBook, narrative documents      
DocBook, XSL-FO      
Document Content Description (DCD)      
Document Definition Markup Language (DDML)      
document elements      2nd
document instance      
document models      
Document object model (DOM)      2nd
document prolog      
document tree      
document type declaration      
Document type definition (DTD)      2nd 3rd 4th
Document Type Definition (DTD), declaration      
Document Type Definition (DTD), importing      
Document Type Definition (DTD), modular      
Document Type Definition (DTD), schemas      2nd 3rd
Document Type Definition (DTD), schemas, customizing      
Document Type Definition (DTD), schemas, declarations      
Document Type Definition (DTD), schemas, document prologs      
Document Type Definition (DTD), schemas, narrative documents      
DocumentFragment class      
documents, area model      
documents, authoring      
documents, character escaping      
documents, CSS      
documents, describing documents      
documents, describing documents, media      
documents, describing documents, templates      
documents, DTDs      
documents, elements      2nd
documents, footnotes      
documents, formatting      
documents, human      
documents, linking      
documents, markup      
documents, MathML      
documents, models      2nd
documents, namespaces      
documents, narrative      
documents, narrative, blocks      
documents, narrative, complex structures      
documents, narrative, DocBook      
documents, narrative, DTDs      
documents, narrative, flow      
documents, narrative, linked objects      
documents, narrative, metadata      
documents, narrative, XHTML      
documents, points      
documents, printing      
documents, prologs      2nd
documents, prologs, declarations      
documents, prologs, schemas      
documents, schemas      2nd
documents, stylesheets      
documents, stylesheets, applying      
documents, stylesheets, associating      
documents, stylesheets, limitations of      
documents, SVG      
documents, transformation      
documents, transformation, default rules      
documents, transformation, elements      
documents, transformation, executing      
documents, transformation, formatting      
documents, transformation, history of      
documents, transformation, matching nodes      
documents, transformation, modularity      
documents, transformation, naming      
documents, transformation, overview of      
documents, transformation, precedence      
documents, transformation, redirecting      
documents, transformation, templates      
documents, trees      
documents, trees, searching nodes      
documents, trees, subtrees      
documents, trees, types of nodes      
documents, viewing      
documents, well-formedness      
documents, XML      
documents, XML-TEI      
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