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Pogue D. — Windows Vista for Starters: The Missing Manual
Pogue D. — Windows Vista for Starters: The Missing Manual

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Название: Windows Vista for Starters: The Missing Manual

Автор: Pogue D.


Fast-paced and easy to use, this concise book teaches you the basics of Windows Vista so you can start using this operating system right away. Written by "New York Times" columnist, bestselling author, Emmy-winning CBS News correspondent and Missing Manuals creator David Pogue, the book will help you:

Navigate the desktop, including the fast, powerful and fully integrated desktop search function

Use the Media Center to record TV and radio, present photos, play music, and record all of these to a DVD

Breeze across the Web with the vastly improved Internet Explorer 7 tabbed browser

Become familiar with Vista's beefed up security, and much more

Windows Vista is a vast improvement over its predecessors, with an appealing, glass-like visual overhaul, superior searching and organization tools, a multimedia and collaboration suite, and a massive, top-to-bottom security-shield reconstruction. Every corner of the traditional Windows operating system has been tweaked, overhauled, or replaced entirely.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 408

Добавлена в каталог: 04.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
"not responding" dialog box
"three-fingered salute"
"Windows needs your permission" box
accounts, administrator vs. standard      
accounts, changing type      
accounts, creating      
accounts, defined      
accounts, deleting      
accounts, editing      
accounts, Fast User Switching      
accounts, logging in      
accounts, parental controls      
accounts, passwords      
accounts, pictures      
accounts, renaming      
accounts, Users folder      
Add/Remove Programs      
Address Bar      
Address bar, Back button      
Address bar, contents list      
Address bar, Forward button      
Address bar, Internet Explorer      
Address bar, recent folder list      
Address bar, recent pages list      
Address bar, Refresh button      
Address bar, Search box      
Address bar, triangles in      
Administrator accounts      2nd
Aero (advanced visual design)      
Aero (advanced visual design), defined      
Aero (advanced visual design), thumbnail taskbar buttons      
Aero (advanced visual design), turning off      2nd
Aero (advanced visual design), Windows Flip 3D      
All Programs menu      2nd
alphabetizing icons      
animations, turning off      
Any Folder sharing      
archived Web pages      
arrow notation      
attaching files      
AutoComplete/AutoFill, erasing      2nd
AutoComplete/AutoFill, in Address bar      
AutoComplete/AutoFill, Internet Explorer      2nd
AutoPlay dialog box      
AutoPlay dialog box, music CDs      
AutoPlay dialog box, ReadyBoost      
Back button      
Back button, Internet Explorer      
Back button, Windows Explorer      
backing up your PC      
backing up your PC, automatic backups      
backing up your PC, burning CDs and DVDs      
backing up your PC, restoring from a backup      
backing up your PC, Windows Complete PC Backup      
battery power      
blind carbon copies (BCC)      
blocking pop-up ads      
Blue Screen of Death      
bookmarks (favorites)      
bottom of the screen (taskbar)      
broadband connections      
broadband connections, sharing Internet connection      
burning CDs and DVDs      
burning CDs and DVDs, Mastered vs. Live File System Format      
Business edition      
Business edition, faxing      
buttons see also Minimize button; Maximize button; Close button      
buttons, default button      
buttons, on taskbar      
cable modems      
calendar, gadget      
calendar, search      
CDs, burning      
CDs, burning your own      
CDs, CD drives in Computer window      
CDs, erasing      
CDs, playing music CDs      
CDs, ripping to hard drive      
checkbox selection      
clicking, left-handed      
Clock gadget      
Close button      
Close button, lights up      
Closing Documents      
closing windows      
Color schemes      
column headings      
column headings, sorting      
command prompt      
Computer window      2nd
Computer window, properties of      
Connect To dialog box      
Contacts, gadget      
Contacts, in Windows Mail      
contents list (Address bar)      
contextual menus      
Control Panel      
Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs      
Control Panel, Classic view      
Control Panel, Date and Time      
Control Panel, Device Manager      
Control Panel, Home view vs. Classic view      
Control Panel, Internet Options      
Control Panel, Keyboard      
Control Panel, Mouse      
Control Panel, Network      
Control Panel, Personalization      
Control Panel, Power Options      
Control Panel, Problem Reports      
Control Panel, Programs and Features      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, Regional and Language options      
Control Panel, Sound      
Control Panel, System      
Control Panel, System control panel      
Control Panel, User Account Control      
Control Panel, Windows Firewall      
Control Panel, Windows Update      
cookies, defined      
cookies, managing      
Copy and Paste      
Copy and Paste, icons      
Copy and Paste, text and graphics      
CPU Meter gadget      
Ctrl+Alt+Delete, at login      
Currency gadget      
cursor, blink rate      
cursor, changing size and shape      2nd
cursor, hiding while typing      
cursor, pointer trails      
cursor, scroll wheel settings      
cursor, Snap To      
cursor, speed of      
customizing Windows Vista      
date and time      
deleting, accounts      
deleting, email messages      
deleting, icons      
deleting, photos      
deleting, startup items      
Desktop see also wallpaper      
Desktop, defined      
Desktop, Desktop button      
Desktop, Quick Launch toolbar      
Desktop, restoring traditional icons to desktop      
Details pane      
Details view      
Device manager      
dial-up connections      
dial-up connections, with broadband service      
Dialog boxes      
dialog boxes, Open dialog box      
dialog boxes, Save As dialog box      
dialog boxes, Tabbed      
dialog boxes, User Account Control      
disks see also hard drives      
disks, properties of      
disks, sharing on the network      
Documents folder      2nd
documents, backing up      
documents, closing      
documents, Copy and Paste      
documents, drag and drop      
documents, file associations      
documents, file formats      
documents, importing and exporting      
documents, Open dialog box      
documents, printing      
documents, saving      
documents, sharing on the network      
domain network      
double-clicking, mouse button speed      
Drag and Drop      
drive letters      
drivers, defined      2nd
drivers, Device Manager      
drivers, driver rollback      
drivers, driver signing      
drivers, updating      
DVDs, burning      
DVDs, erasing      
DVDs, watching video DVDs      
DVI ports      
Enterprise edition      
Enterprise edition, faxing      
erasing CDs and DVDs      
error messages      
error messages, driver signing      
error messages, not responding" dialog box
error messages, User Account Control      
Exiting Programs      
expansion cards      
exporting files      
exporting files, save dialog box      
Fast User Switching      
faxing, faxes by email      
faxing, from within a program      
faxing, receiving faxes      
Feed Headlines gadget      
file associations      
file attachments      
file attachments, receiving      
file attachments, sending      
file name extensions      
file name extensions, hiding and showing      
file names      
file names, changing      
file names, file associations      
file permissions      
file sharing (on the network)      
file sharing (on the network), accessing the shared folders      
file sharing (on the network), Any Folder sharing      
file sharing (on the network), permissions      
file sharing (on the network), Public Folder method vs. Any Folder method      
file sharing (on the network), Public Folder sharing      
files see also icons      
files, file formats      
files, importing and exporting      
files, Open dialog box      
files, properties of      
files, saving      
files, search      
files, sharing on the network      
flash drives      
flash drives, Computer window      
flash drives, ReadyBoost      
Flip 3D      
Flip 3D, Quick Launch toolbar      
folder path notation      
folders, creating      
folders, permissions (sharing)      
folders, properties of      
folders, search      
folders, sharing on the network      
fonts, adding and removing      
fonts, enlarging in Internet Explorer      
fonts, enlarging onscreen      
fonts, for menus      
Forgotten Password Disk      
Forward button      
Games folder      
games, parental controls      
graphics, Copy and Paste      
graphics, drag and drop      
grouping icons      
hard drives      
hard drives, backing up      
hard drives, Computer window      
hard drives, properties of      
hard drives, sharing on the network      
hard drives, System Restore      
hardware, Add Hardware Wizard      
hardware, Bluetooth      
hardware, driver rollback      
hardware, DVI ports      
hardware, expansion cards      
hardware, ExpressCards      
hardware, FireWire      
hardware, installing new      
hardware, PC cards      
hardware, troubleshooting new installations      
hardware, turning off components      
hardware, updating drivers      
hardware, USB explained      
hardware, USB hubs      
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