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MacDonald M. — Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual
MacDonald M. — Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual

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Название: Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual

Автор: MacDonald M.


This fast-paced book teaches you the basics of Access 2007 so you can start using this popular database program right away. You'll learn how to work with Access' most useful features to design databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry.

The new Access is radically different from previous versions, but with this book, you'll breeze through the new interface and its timesaving features in no time with:

Clear explanations

Step-by-step instructions

Lots of illustrations

Larger type

Plenty of friendly advice

Ideal for small businesses and households, Access runs on PCs and manages large stores information, including numbers, pages of text, and pictures — everything from a list of family phone numbers to an enormous product catalog. Unfortunately, each new version of the program crammed in yet another set of features — so many that even the pros don't know where to find them all. Access 2007 breaks the mold: Microsoft changed the user interface by designing a tabbed toolbar that makes features easy to locate.

One thing that hasn't improved is Microsoft's documentation. Even if you find the features you need, you still may not know what to do with them. Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual is the perfect primer for small businesses with no techie to turn to, as well as those who want to organize household and office information.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 394

Добавлена в каталог: 04.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
# (pound sign)      
( ) (parentheses)      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), delete queries      
* (asterisk), inserting records      
* (asterisk), selecting fields for queries      
* (asterisk), validating text      
.accdb file extension      
.accdb file extension, information in      
.laccdb file extension      
.mdb file extension      
? (question mark)      
Access (Microsoft)      
Access (Microsoft), exportable file type support      
Access (Microsoft), importable file type support      
Access Developer's Toolkit      
Access Options window      
Access Options window, action query warnings      
action queries      
action queries, append queries      
action queries, delete queries      
action queries, find-and-replace feature vs.      
action queries, testing      
action queries, viewing without running      
adding, attachments      
adding, descriptions for fields      
adding, fields between existing fields      
adding, fields in forms      
adding, fields to end of tables      
adding, fields to reports      
adding, fields via Form wizard      
adding, lookups to fields      2nd 3rd
adding, math operations for      2nd
adding, pictures to reports      
adding, records to forms      
adding, values to lookup lists      
Adobe Reader      2nd
Allow Multiple Values option      
Allow Zero Length property      
and operator      
And operator, field validation      
And operator, table validation      
Append or Make Table dialog box      
Append queries      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
arithmetic operators      
Attachment control      
Attachment data type      
Attachment data type, copying      
Attachment data type, lookup support      
Attachment data type, one-to-one relationships and      
Attachment data type, showing pictures from databases      
Attachments dialog box      
AutoFormat feature      2nd 3rd
AutoFormat wizard      
automatic save feature      2nd
AutoNumber data type      
AutoNumber data type, append query guidelines      
AutoNumber data type, changing values in fields      
AutoNumber data type, creating primary key field      
AutoNumber data type, filtering support      
AutoNumber data type, forms and      
AutoNumber data type, linking with ID number      
AutoNumber data type, parent-child relationships and      
AutoNumber data type, sorting options      
AutoNumber data type, validation support      
backups, before action queries      2nd
backups, changing data types and      
blank fields      
blank fields, importing Excel files      
blank fields, preventing      
blank values      
blank values, empty text vs      2nd
blank values, filtering queries for      
blank values, unlinked records      
Borders      2nd
Byte option (Field Size property)      
Calculated fields      
calculated fields, defined      
calculated fields, simple math with      2nd
calculated fields, text expressions      
calculations, queries performing      
calculations, reports and      
calendar smart tag      
Caption property      
cascading deletes      2nd
cascading updates      
circular references      
Clear All Sorts command      2nd
Clear Filter command      
clipboard, shortcut keys      
Close Print Preview command      
column headers      
column headers, formatting for reports      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Column Width dialog box      
Columnar option (layouts)      
Columns button      
columns, exporting considerations      
columns, filtering      
columns, fine-tuning printouts      
columns, freezing      
columns, hiding      
columns, naming      
columns, ordering for reports      
columns, rearranging      2nd
columns, rearranging for queries      
columns, removing filters from      
columns, resizing      
columns, resizing in forms      
compacting databases      
compound indexes      2nd 3rd
Conditional formatting      
converting, information to other types      
converting, versions of databases      
copy-and-paste operation      2nd
copying, attachments      
copying, cells from Excel      2nd 3rd
copying, data types      
copying, tables elsewhere      2nd
creating, calculated fields      2nd 3rd
creating, databases      2nd
creating, forms      2nd 3rd 4th
creating, lookups      
creating, one-to-one relationship      
creating, primary key field      
creating, queries      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
creating, reports      
creating, simple reports      2nd 3rd
creating, tables      2nd
creating, tables while importing      
Crosstab Query Wizard      
Ctrl+" key combination
Ctrl+; key combination      
Ctrl+Alt+Space key combination      2nd
Ctrl+C key combination      
Ctrl+End key combination      
Ctrl+F key combination      
Ctrl+F1 key combination      
Ctrl+Home key combination      
Ctrl+K key combination      
Ctrl+S key combination      
Ctrl+V key combination      
Ctrl+X key combination      
Ctrl+Z key combination      2nd
Currency data type      
Currency data type, custom string      
Currency data type, description      
Currency option      
Currency option, Format field property      2nd
Currency option, formatting numeric fields      
cut-and-paste operation      
cut-and-paste operation, import/export and      
Data types      
data types, considerations when changing      
data types, copying      
data types, filtering support      
data types, lookups support      
data types, overview      
data types, Required field property support      
data types, text-based      2nd
Data validation      
data validation, applying rules      2nd
data validation, creating table rules      2nd
data validation, Design view      
data validation, input masks      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
data validation, lookups      2nd 3rd
data validation, preventing blank fields      2nd 3rd
data validation, preventing duplicate values      2nd 3rd 4th
data validation, setting default values      2nd 3rd
data validation, writing rules      2nd
database design      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
database diagram      
database diagram, defined      
database objects      
database objects, defined      
database objects, managing      
database objects, reports as      
database objects, types of      
databases, Attachment data type      
databases, compacting      
databases, consistency and      
databases, copying      
databases, creating      2nd 3rd 4th
databases, creating in previous versions      
databases, front end to      
databases, importing consideration      
databases, linking      
databases, opening      2nd
databases, opening previous versions      2nd
databases, planning      
databases, saving      
databases, saving as previous version      
databases, saving with different names/formats      
databases, shrinking      
databases, tables and      
databases, templates for      
databases, transferring records to      
databases, using someone else's      
Datasheet option (layouts)      
Datasheet view      
Datasheet view, copying rows in      
Datasheet view, hyperlink support      
Datasheet view, primary key and      
Datasheet view, running queries      
Datasheet view, switching views      2nd
Datasheet view, tables and      
datasheets, customizing      
datasheets, filtering records      2nd 3rd 4th
datasheets, find-and-replace feature      
datasheets, formatting      2nd
datasheets, forms and      
datasheets, forms vs.      
datasheets, moving around      
datasheets, printing      2nd
datasheets, query results as      
datasheets, searching records      2nd 3rd 4th
datasheets, sorting records      2nd 3rd 4th
Date data type      
Date data type, filtering support      
date expressions      
date expressions, queries and      
date expressions, validation rules and      2nd
Date( ) function      2nd 3rd
Date/Time data type      
Date/Time data type, description      
date/time information      
date/time information, arranging for reports      2nd
date/time information, copying      
decimal numbers      2nd
Decimal option (Field Size property)      
Decimal Places field property      
Default Value property      
default values      
default values, dynamic      
deleting, attachments      
deleting, cascading deletes      2nd
deleting, fields      
deleting, fields from reports      
deleting, records      2nd 3rd
deleting, records from forms      2nd
deleting, relationships      
Design view      
Design view, accessing data types      
Design view, creating queries      2nd 3rd
Design view, data validation      
Design view, field validation rules      
Design view, for forms      
Design view, lookup lists      
Design view, ready-made masks      
Design view, setting primary key in      
Design view, switching to      2nd
Design view, updates in      
Disabled Mode      
Disaster recovery      
Double option (Field Size property)      
double-clicking, collapsing ribbon      
double-clicking, Edit mode toggle      
double-clicking, expanding columns      
double-clicking, launching queries      
double-clicking, opening tables      
Down Arrow key      
duplicate records      
duplicate records, preventing      
dynamic default values      
Edit Hyperlink window      
Edit Mode      
Edit Relationships dialog box      2nd
editing, attachments      
editing, records      
editing, records in forms      2nd
editing, relationships      
editing, sorted columns      
editing, tables      
ellipsis (…)      
empty text      2nd
Enable Referential Integrity option      
Enforce Referential Integrity option      2nd
Error handling      
error messages      
Esc key      
Esc key, adding records to forms      
Esc key, editing records      
Euro option      
Euro option, formatting numeric fields      
Excel (Microsoft)      
Excel (Microsoft), Attachment data type support      
1 2 3
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