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Ayers J., Davis J., Rudolph A. — Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots (Bradford Books)
Ayers J., Davis J., Rudolph A. — Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots (Bradford Books)

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Название: Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots (Bradford Books)

Авторы: Ayers J., Davis J., Rudolph A.


What is neurotechnology? We submit that neurotechnology is the pro- process of engineering devices that confer the performance advantages of
animal systems on a new class of biomimetic machines. Thus neuro-
neurotechnology is a concept that applies both to processes as well as to
devices. As such, it requires a rather complete understanding of the
biological systems both at the biomechanical and the physiological
What is new about these robots? First, when compared to traditional
robots, they are relatively small and agile. Second, in most cases, they
are relatively cheap, relying on small processors and novel actuators.
Third and most important, they have capabilities for dealing with novel
real-world environments such as the woods, the sea bottom, and the
air. In other words, they exhibit a behavioral set based on that of an
animal model. Animals have evolved to occupy almost any environ-
environment in which we might want to operate a robot, save outer space.
Thus the behavioral set of model animals provides a blueprint of how a
biomimetic robot might operate in any environment.
Neurotechnology is a nascent field and most of the enabling

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 650

Добавлена в каталог: 07.04.2018

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