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Robinson S. — Advanced .NET Programming
Robinson S. — Advanced .NET Programming

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Название: Advanced .NET Programming

Автор: Robinson S.


Advanced .NET Programming is the perfect next step for developers who have learned a .NET language and the basic workings of the Common Language Runtime, and who now want to move to the next level. Although we look in some detail at the workings of the CLR, the focus throughout the book is on the practical information that you need to know to write applications that really get the most out of .NET.

In this book, Simon Robinson - the author of the best-selling Professional C# 2nd Edition - fills in the holes with the topics that most .NET books don't cover. Because we assume that you're already a competent .NET programmer, this is one .NET book that doesn't waste time telling you what you already know. Instead, we dive straight into the details that you need to write applications that make the best use of the CLR, and also look at many aspects of .NET programming that aren't covered in introductory books.

Topics covered include:

* Intermediate Language - the native language of .NET, and dynamically generating code
* In-depth coverage of how the CLR works
* Optimizing the performance of your applications and profiling their usage of system resources
* Thread synchronization in .NET
* Advanced Windows applications
* Managing resources on a machine using WMI
* Security and cryptography in .NET

Язык: en

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 500

Добавлена в каталог: 03.03.2007

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