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King R. — Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, Second Edition (10 Volume Set)
King R. — Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, Second Edition (10 Volume Set)

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Название: Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, Second Edition (10 Volume Set)

Автор: King R.


The series of 14 elements from thorium (atomic number
90) through lawrencium (atomic number 103) are commonly
referred to as the actinides. In the current periodic table, the
f-block elements, actinides (5f) and lanthanides (4f) are separated
from the other elements. This modern placement as
well as their name is attributed to Prof. Glenn T. Seaborg,
who in the 1930s proposed the actinide theory. As a result of
this concept, the actinides were removed from their original
placement in the Hubbard Periodic Chart of the Elements
and joined in a new period with their rare earth analogs, the
lanthanides. This arrangement allowed for the transactinide
elements (Z > 103) to be properly placed within the d-block
elements. While other machinations of the periodic table have
been derived, for example, three dimensional with the f-block
extending behind the main table, there remains one fundamental
classification issue. The debate revolves around which
element starts and ends the actinides. Traditionally, actinium
has been considered a group III element and thorium, the
first f-block; however, it has been postulated that lawrencium
should occupy the position as the first group III element.
This has led to a number of different graphical representations;
however, the chemistry tends to be such that all 15
elements, actinium through lawrencium, may be considered
and discussed together, as will be the case in this chapter.

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Издание: 2nd

Год издания: 2005

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