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Mather P. — Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images: An Introduction
Mather P. — Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images: An Introduction

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Название: Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images: An Introduction

Автор: Mather P.


Environmental remote sensing is the measurement, from
a distance, of the spectral features of the Earth’s surface
and atmosphere. These measurements are normally made
by instruments carried by satellites or aircraft, and are used
to infer the nature and characteristics of the land or sea
surface, or of the atmosphere, at the time of observation.
The successful application of remote sensing techniques
to particular problems, whether they be geographical, geological,
oceanographic or cartographic, requires knowledge
and skills drawn from several areas of science. An
understanding of the way in which remotely sensed data
are acquired by a sensor mounted onboard an aircraft or
satellite needs a basic knowledge of the physics involved,
in particular environmental physics and optics. The use
of remotely sensed data, which are inherently digital, demands
a degree of mathematical and statistical skill plus
some familiarity with digital computers and their operation.
A high level of competence in the field in which the
remotely sensed data are to be used is essential if full use
of the information contained in those data is to be made.
The term “remote sensing specialist” is thus, apparently, a
contradiction in terms, for a remote-sensing scientist must
possess a broad range of expertise across a variety of disciplines.
While it is, of course, possible to specialise in some
particular aspect of remote sensing, it is difficult to cut oneself
off from the essential multidisciplinary nature of the

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Издание: 3rd

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 350

Добавлена в каталог: 03.03.2018

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