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Tedder D., Pohland F. — Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management IV
Tedder D., Pohland F. — Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management IV

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Название: Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management IV

Авторы: Tedder D., Pohland F.


Content: Emerging technologies for hazardous waste management : an overview / D. William Tedder and Frederick G. Pohland —
Heterogeneity and vapor extraction performance / Dwayne A. Chesnut —
Electrokinetic remediation of unsaturated soils / E.R. Lindgren, E.D. Mattson, and M.W. Kozak —
Determination of bioavailability and biodegradation kinetics of phenol and alkylphenols in soil / Henry H. Tabak, Chao Gao, Lei Lai, Xuesheng Yan, Steven Pfanstiel, In S. Kim, and Rakesh Govind —
Mobilization of Bi, Cd, Pb, Th, and U ions from contaminated soil and the influence of bacteria on the process / K.W. Tsang, P.R. Dugan, and R.M. Pfister —
Artificial intelligence approach to synthesis of a process for waste minimization / T.F. Edgar and Y.L. Huang —
Crystallization of mechanical pulp mill effluents through hydrate formation for the recovery of water / Cathrine Gaarder, Yee Tak Ngan, and Peter Englezos —
Extraction of mercury from wastewater using microemulsion liquid membranes : kinetics of extraction / Karen A. Larson and John M. Wiencek —
Removal of gasoline vapors from air streams by biofiltration / W.A. Apel, W.D. Kant, F.S. Colwell, B. Singleton, B.D. Lee, G.F. Andrews, A.M. Espinosa, and E.G. Johnson —
Production of low-SO?-emitting, carbon-based fuels by coagglomeration of carbonaceous materials with sulfur sorbents / Abdul Majid, C.E. Capes, and Bryan D. Sparks —
Removal of nonionic organic pollutants from water by sorption to organo-oxides / Jae-Woo Park and Peter R. Jaffe? —
Kinetic modeling of trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride removal from water by electron-beam irradiation / L.A. Rosocha, D.A. Secker, and J.D. Smith —
Enhancement of pentachlorophenol biodegradation by Fenton's reagent partial oxidation / Judith Bower Carberry and Sang Ho Lee —
Oxidation of s-triazine pesticides / Cathleen J. Hapeman —
Cyclic gas releases in Hanford site nuclear waste tanks / D.A. Reynolds and H. Babad —
Mechanistic studies related to the thermal chemistry of simulated nuclear wastes that mimic the contents of a Hanford site double-shell tank / E.C. Ashby, E. Kent Barefield, Charles L. Liotta, H.M. Neumann, Fabio Doctorovich, A. Konda, K. Zhang, Jeff Hurley, David Boatright, Allen Annis, Gary Pansino, Myra Dawson, and Milene Juliao —
Factors affecting the rate of hydrolysis of phenylboronic acid in laboratory-scale precipitate reactor studies / Christopher J. Bannochie, James C. Marek, Russell E. Eibling, and Mark A. Baich —
Sulfur polymer cement as a final waste form for radioactive hazardous wastes / G. Ross Darnell.

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Год издания: 1994

Количество страниц: 318

Добавлена в каталог: 04.11.2017

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