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Morkoc H. — Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques
Morkoc H. — Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques

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Название: Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques

Автор: Morkoc H.


  • Materials Scientists, Physicists, Engineers.

Preface for Volume I, Pages xiii-xv, Hadis Morko?
List of Contributors for Volume I, Page xvii
Preface for Volume II, Pages ix-xiii, Hadis Morko?
List of Contributors for Volume II, Pages xv-xvi
Preface for Volume III, Pages xi-xvii, Hadis Morko?
List of Contributors for Volume III, Pages xix-xx
Chapter 1 - Emerging Advances in Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Bioelectronics, Pages 1-145, H. Morko?
Chapter 2 - The Challenge of Developing a Roadmap from Microelectronics to Nanoelectronics, Pages 147-209, R. Doering
Chapter 3 - CMOS Scaling to Nanometer Lengths, Pages 211-238, Y. Taur
Chapter 4 - Sub-20-nm Electron Devices, Pages 239-302, K. Likharev
Chapter 5 - Applications of Single Electron Tunnelling, Pages 303-324, J.P. Pekola
Chapter 6 - Silicon on Insulator: Technology and Devices, Pages 325-365, S. Cristoloveanu, F. Balestra
Chapter 7 - Quantum Dot Lasers, Pages 367-410, D.G. Deppe, H. Huang
Chapter 8 - Nanotechnology and Magnetic Memories, Pages 411-439, A.V. Pohm
Chapter 9 - Quantum Information Science from the Perspective of a Device and Materials Engineer, Pages 441-502, S. Bandyopadhyay
Chapter 1 - Engineering the Electronic Structure and the Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dots, Pages 1-50, M. De Giorgi, R. Rinaldi, T. Johal, G. Pagliara, A. Passaseo, M. De Vittorio, M. Lomascolo, R. Cingolani, A. Vasanelli, R. Ferreira, G. Bastard
Chapter 2 - GaN-Based Modulation Doped FETs and Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors, Pages 51-145, H. Morko?
Chapter 3 - Ultraviolet Photodetectors based on GaN and AlGaN, Pages 147-190, H. Temkin
Chapter 4 - Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Large-Area Electronics, Pages 191-240, C.D. Dimitrakopoulos
Chapter 5 - Organic Optoelectronics: The Case of Oligothiophenes, Pages 241-291, G. Gigli, M. Anni, R. Cingolani, G. Barbarella
Chapter 6 - Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Nanoelectronics, Pages 293-343, M.S. Fuhrer
Chapter 7 - Short Wavelength III-Nitride Lasers, Pages 345-405, A.V. Nurmikko
Chapter 1 - Electrical Conduction through Molecules, Pages 1-41, F. Zahid, M. Paulsson, S. Datta
Chapter 2 - Molecular Electronic Devices, Pages 43-187, J. Chen, M.A. Reed, S.M. Dirk, D.W. Price, A.M. Rawlett, J.M. Tour, D.S. Grubisha, D.W. Bennett
Chapter 3 - Fabrication of Nanoscale Structures using STM and AFM, Pages 189-224, A.A. Baski
Chapter 4 - Optical Nanosensors for Biological Applications—Spectroscopic Techniques at the Cellular Level, Pages 225-250, B.M. Cullum, T. Vo-Dinh
Chapter 5 - Current Issues and Advances in Dissociated Cell Culturing on Nano-and Microfabricated Substrates, Pages 251-318, H.G. Craighead, C.D. James, A.M.P. Turner
Chapter 6 - Electrical Fields: Their Nature and Influence on Biological Systems, Pages 319-346, R.J. Colello, J.K. Alexander
Chapter 7 - DNA Chips Come of Age, Pages 347-370, G. Ramsay
Chapter 8 - Biological Computation: From DNA to Cells, Pages 371-405, C.C. Maley
Chapter 9 - Cellular Manipulations, Pages 407-482, C. Gonz?lez, S.D. Collins
Chapter 10 - Fluidics in Microchannels, Pages 483-504, P.M.St. John, M. Deshpande
Chapter 11 - Hybrid Biological Nanomachines, Pages 505-540, J.J. Schmidt, C.D. Montemagno
Index for Volume I, Pages 503-519
Index for Volume II, Pages 407-421
Index for Volume III, Pages 541-555

Язык: en

Рубрика: Разное/

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 1504

Добавлена в каталог: 15.10.2017

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