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Okuda S., Imberge J., Kumaga M. — Physical Processes in a Large Lake: Lake Biwa, Japan
Okuda S., Imberge J., Kumaga M. — Physical Processes in a Large Lake: Lake Biwa, Japan

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Название: Physical Processes in a Large Lake: Lake Biwa, Japan

Авторы: Okuda S., Imberge J., Kumaga M.


About The Product

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies Series.

Lake Biwa is very important in a social context. It is the largest lake in Japan and presently supplies some 15 million people in four prefectures, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo with drinking water, making it the single most important source of water in Japan.

It is also important from a geographical perspective. It is a natural lake born some five million years ago and is therefore geologically one of the oldest lakes in the world.

Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–6): S. Okuda and M. Kumagai
Chapter 2 Review of Geostropic Gyres (pages 7–13): S. Endoh
Chapter 3 Field Observation in the North Basin (pages 15–29): S. Endoh, Y. Okumura and I. Okamoto
Chapter 4 Water Mass Exchange Between the Main Basin and Shiozu Bay (pages 31–42): I. Okamoto and S. Endoh
Chapter 5 Field Observations of the Dense Bottom Current Between The North and South Basins (pages 43–51): K. Okubo
Chapter 6 Numerical Simulation of Density?Induced Currents Between the North and South Basins of Lake Biwa (pages 53–64): Y. Oonishi
Chapter 7 Spectral Irradiance and Optical Properties (pages 65–76): R. Tsuda and M. Nakanishi
Chapter 8 Turbidity in the North and South Basins (pages 77–85): R. Tsuda
Chapter 9 Dynamics of the Turbid Benthic Boundary Layer (pages 87–99): M. Kumagai, R. Tsuda and K. Fukagae
Chapter 10 Distribution and Mixing of the River Seri Water (pages 101–118): I. Okamoto, S. Endoh and M. Kumagai
Chapter 11 Sedimentation of Suspended Matter in the Mouth of the Ane River (pages 119–127): Y. Okumura
Chapter 12 Inflows Due to Snowmelt (pages 129–139): M. Kumagai and H. Fushimi
Chapter 13 Recent Sedimentation Rates and Sedimentary Anomalies (pages 141–152): H. Taishi
Chapter 14 Bottom Sediments and Paleo?Hydrological Processes (pages 153–167): A. Yamamoto
Chapter 15 Global Paleo?Hydrological Processes and Lake Biwa (pages 169–180): K. Kashiwaya and K. Fukuyama
Chapter 16 Thermal Infrared Mapping (pages 181–193): Y. Itakura
Chapter 17 Laser Sensing of Phytoplankton Size (pages 195–201): R. Tsuda, Y. Kakui and M. Kumagai
Chapter 18 New Measurement Techniques and Some Depositional Problems at the Lake Bottom (pages 203–213): K. Yokoyama and S. Okuda

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Год издания: 2000

Количество страниц: 213

Добавлена в каталог: 10.10.2017

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